EXO “Love Me Right” Music Video Review

Whoa. I meant to have this up two days ago. My apologies.

I read this somewhere online recently and it’s kind of perfect: “Love Me Right is what Call Me Baby was supposed to be.” Do you agree?


I was worried about what they described as an “upbeat summer song” because I usually find those redundant and boring, but this one is actually really fun! In general, the composition is pretty good. All of the lines flow in and out of each other so well that it really sounds like one extended tune instead of a bunch of broken up lines, which is very hard to do. From beginning to end this song is one fun ride. They took a risk in doing a different type of song from their usual, but it was a risk well-taken.

I will say that it does take a while to get into the song. Those very first lines in the beginning sound a little offbeat to me. However, once the chorus begins the rest is near perfect.

D.O. sounds fabulous in this song. That short line he does before the last chorus is probably my favorite part of the whole song.

Score: 4.5/5


lovemeright8Song aside, this video was just one hot mess. It feels like there are three music videos here instead of one. We have the misfit friends storyline, the carefree dancing in your room video, and an episode of Friday Night Lights. I really like all of the scenes of Kai dancing in his room and the rap line playing video games because those scenes actually fit the sound of the song. The colors in those scenes are funky and fun, which is a very refreshing change for EXO.

lovemeright2However the story with Sehun and Kai walking around outside doesn’t seem to fit at all. They are nice scenes and would make a nice video (*cough*like BTS’s I Need U*cough*), but there are so few of those scenes and they don’t seem lovemerightrelated to the other scenes of the video at all.

Finally, the American football scenes. *shudder* This concept needs to go. Period. Not one member suits this concept at all. Nope.

Score: 2.5/5


Since the video was all over the place, it was hard to find one score for the entire variety of outfits in this video. As I said, the American football concept needs to go. That part is easy.

lovemeright7Other than that, everyone generally looks okay, but there are a few looks that stand out as really good in this video that makes me want to give them a more positive score for wardrobe. I am very happy to see Chanyeol sporting Suho’s mad-scientist hair from Overdose that I loved! Baekhyun looks pretty good throughout the whole video, especially in the dance scenes, and I absolutely love Kai’s “awesome awesome” shirt. The one member who I think just looks amazing lovemeright6from beginning to end is D.O.. Even his facial expressions are on point in this video.

Those nerd-meets-jock outfits in the dance scene are alright. I’m not crazy about them, but they pull off the look well enough.

Score: 3.5/5


This dance, while it does have a lot of nice choreography points, suffers from something that many groups before EXO have done: rather than be one unified dance, it just looks like a bunch of disjointed dance moves. I like all of the lovemeright5movement going on throughout the song, but none of the moves seem to flow into each other. The difference between this dance and other truly good dances is that there are small, but definite pauses in between each dance move.

It just isn’t that interesting to me. It is one of those dances that are there because the song needed choreography, but I wouldn’t call this a unique dance piece.

I can’t take that window-washing move seriously. EXO managed to stay away from cheesiness for the most part in this video, but they lost me there.

Score: 3.9/5

Overall, I did really like this comeback. I know, I made a lot of criticisms, but I definitely came out of this video very happy. I think part of that may be because I so much disliked Call Me Baby, and this video is just so much better. It is so different from EXO’s other music videos, and typical SM videos as well, so the change was very nice to see. From an objective standpoint, I don’t think anything in this comeback is worth receiving a big end of the year award (but we all know it’s going to happen anyway :/ ), but it is a nice summer song to enjoy for now.

Overall Final Score: 3.6/5


Thoughts on Love Me Right? Did you hear my Lay rapping in the Chinese version?!

#NowPlaying: Promise by EXO. This song makes me cry, and that rarely happens with EXO. Seriously, I think this is one of my new favorite songs of all time.

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3 thoughts on “EXO “Love Me Right” Music Video Review

  1. And is it a typical thing for them to appear in couples or is it just here? I’m new to K-pop, btw. Yeah, you are right about the running scenes along the hallway, and what about the frame right in between 3:15 and 3:16? People don’t want to talk. Maybe it’s me who’s wrong.
    And the reflections on water. Very fleeting though. (00:03, 01:00 and 03:22 if you want.)


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