Big Bang “Bang Bang Bang” Music Video Review

Now this was the Big Bang comeback I was waiting for!


For the most part, this is a pretty epic song. From the very first couple of seconds, you know that this is going to be a thrill from beginning to end. Taeyang completely nails all of his parts. I also really like Seungri’s part in the song.

In most cases, the chorus can make or break a song. In my opinion, this one breaks the song. There is such an epic feel to this song, but then we get a drop that slows the song down rather than bring it up. If the drop was more exciting, the song would be perfect.

Everyone is playing the comparison game, so here are my two cents: This isn’t as good as Fantastic Baby, but few things in this world are.

Score: 4.5/5


bbang3Like the song, most of the video is amazing. I love that each member gets his own unique scene. TOP rapping to himself is funny, but in the end pretty cool. Seungri’s scene is probably my favorite. Him rising out of the ashes is symbolic of Big Bang themselves, coming back into the music world as a whole group.

There is one scene however that makes me really uncomfortable, and that is when G-Dragon comes out of his castle holding a woman chained by her neck. He is playing king while she acts like an animal on the ground. I don’t mean to bbbang5get political…but isn’t that slavery? Or at least misogyny? I don’t care what kind of symbolism they are trying to portray. Having a darker-skinned woman chained and crawling around at your feet while you rap about how awesome you are is just wrong on so many levels. I appreciate creative freedom and pushing the limits every once in a while, but this one crossed the line for me.

bbbang9A lot of this video is really epic, like the scene of them in a car shooting smoke and fire, but then we get some lackluster scenes of them sitting in stationary motorcycles or standing in plain rooms. However, when taking into account that beautiful ending, the good makes up for the bad. In the end, they definitely go out with a bang (pun intended).

Score: 4/5


I think Daesung is catching Taeyang syndrome. I counted. It’s been 4 years since bbbang8Taeyang went a whole music video without taking off his shirt. I think it’s time for an intervention.

Shameless skin-flaunting aside, I love Taeyang’s look in this video. The pink hair looks surprisingly good on him, and that gray hoodie is perfect.

There are a lot of different outfits in this, so instead of trying to include each one, I’ll just list what stood out most to me from each member:

G-Dragon looks pretty cool throughout this video. bbang5I don’t think red hair is his best look, but it’s alright.

Seungri would look really cool if it weren’t for those giant shoulder pads.

I personally am not a fan of Daesung’s hair, but I won’t hold it against him. I bbbang2guess it suits this concept.

Surprisingly, I am really digging TOP’s cowboy look. It makes no sense, but in some weird way it fits. Props to him for pulling it off.

Score: 3.5/5


bbbang6I think this is one of the best dances of the year so far. It is so energetic and matches the pace of the song perfectly. Like the cinematography, the choreography changes it’s style based on who is singing, which I think is really creative. All of Taeyang’s parts are my favorite, but I also like Seungri’s robot moves and the whole ending sequence. I didn’t expect such a skillful dance from Big Bang, since they aren’t exactly known for dancing, so this is definitely a nice surprise.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I love this video. That G-Dragon scene does make it a little hard for me to watch, but the song and dance are definitely worth it. I didn’t think I was that much of a Big Bang fan anymore, but this comeback threw that idea far far away.

After watching that dance practice, now I remember why Seungri was my bias. 🙂 I’ve totally been cheating on him with G-Dragon for the past two years.

Overall Final Score: 4.1/5

Wow, I think this my first time reviewing a Big Bang music video.


Did this MV live up to your expectations?

#NowPlaying: Rockstar by Super Junior. It may not be quite as powerful of an anthem as Bang Bang Bang, but it is definitely one of Super Junior’s most fun songs. I forgot how much I loved it.

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4 thoughts on “Big Bang “Bang Bang Bang” Music Video Review

  1. I loved the song until it gets to the chorus. thats when i start disliking it. The craziness of the music video could be compared to “Fantastic Baby” but the song itself does not compare. But i think there are few music videos/songs as epic as “Fantastic Baby”. But i love GD with red hair and also love Seungri as a blonde.

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  2. I love the song! I do agree that the chorus could have been a little more epic, but I still think this is a really impactful song. And video, the video is flawless.

    Oh, and about the chained woman… I thought that was problematic too when I first saw it but after finding out that she actually choreographed the whole thing, I feel a lot better. It was a creative choice she herself made to make an impact, and I think it worked.

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  3. First and foremost I feel the Chorus was the best thing in the whole sng .. why ? simply becuz it shows that upbeat song can go alil but off ur expectation .. they tried something new .. thus many people took few time to get used to this .. instead of energizing u they kind of giving u a pause after building the things and u feel trolled .. which for me was a funny yet creative move from them ! I can’t even compage BBB to FB cuz each of the two songs was perfect in its own way .. for me they were totally different in a cool way .. BBB gives the electro Vibe FB is more Popish with Upobeat things .. so BBB was for me Up To FB’s level and even slightly better !! cuz the msg in BBB is more intense tho .. abt the woman thing first he is not pulling her in the ground or humiliating her .. he is on loach too and if u watch carefully sh ekind of controls him and at some point she stands up and shows equality .. second he is not rapping abt how Cool he is xD u’d better check the lyrics he says M holding this black poison in my hands and other thing so I guess there are hidden stuffs there tho she is the choreographer By the way and she made it even more intense by acting this herself !! and that was cool tho .. if udn’t let morals blind ur vision cuz yeah what us see at first is her being like animal but if u look carefully that’s not the case ^^


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