Zion.T “Eat” Music Video Review

My first every review of Zion.T! This is not my type of song or video, but I’m glad I gave it a chance because I really like it a lot.


I really like this song. Zion.T doesn’t have the typical singing voice that we hear in K-pop, but this particular song and melody suits his voice very nicely. It is simple and sweet. I can imagine myself laying back and snapping along to this song. It isn’t my style, but he pulls it off very well and it is just pleasant to listen to. However I do think the ending drags on for too long.

Score: 3.5/5


eat8Sometimes the best stories are those that take a bit of time to fall into place, but once the meaning is clear, the plot is very easy to understand. This story is just that. It is about Zion.T and his girlfriend – or former girlfriend. She is living her post-breakup life, listening to his song and bitterly remembering her past relationship. In reference to the lyrics, initially she can only eat eat7apples because that is the one food that reminds her of Zion.T, but eventually she moves on to other foods as well. Her sitting in the kitchen with all different kinds of foods show that even though she is still listening to his song, she is finally moving on.

It is simple, subtle, but ultimately sweet.

Score: 4/5


eat10As often happens, it is the perfectly planned cinematography that makes the story so good. For the entire first half of the video, we simply see Zion.T sitting or lying around the girl, lipsyncing to his song, for no apparent reason. Once he says the line about her listening to his song, we then realize that he is not actually in the room with her, rather he represents his song and memories that are currently in her head. To make it more clear, in the second half of the video, we see the exact same scenes, however with eat4Zion.T replaced with an iPhone.

I love that he is used as a symbol of himself in her head. The way he sits around her is commendable too. Even though they don’t ever directly interact, you can tell that there is something special between them, such as when he sits on her fridge and moves out of the way so that she can open it, looking at her with loving eyes.

The use of the foods as other symbols of her memories of him and her way of moving on are also great in conveying the meaning of the song. eat9To add even more meaning, I like how at the end, while she is eating all of the food in her fridge, once the song ends we see a low battery notification on her phone, indicating that her time repeatedly listening to his song is almost over and that she really is moving on.

Score: 5/5


eat5Zion.T definitely has some outrageous outfits in this video, but surprisingly, I like it. He is portraying himself as the singer of the song, so it isn’t totally inappropriate for him to be dressed so differently from the girl. I can’t say I love it, but it works for the video. It is nonverbal way of portraying his personality.

One aspect of the wardrobe that I was initially very curious about was Zion.T’s glasses. Throughout the video they are cracked, and I didn’t understand why, however once I figured it out, I was mindblown at the producer’s attention to detail. eat2The girl’s phone is cracked, so just to make the connection between Zion.T and the phone even clearer, they made his glasses cracked as well. If that isn’t going all out I don’t know what is.

Sidenote: What’s with the giant shoes??

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I like this video a lot. I have never been that interested in Zion.T, and I watched this video simply because the thumbnail looked interesting, and was very happily surprised with what I found. He did a really great job!

Overall Final Score: 4.3/5


What did you think of this video? Any other interpretations out there?

#NowPlaying: Farewell My Love by SHINee. I finally gave their new album a listen and I think this is my favorite song on there! I know, it’s a ballad. How could I pick a ballad as my favorite song on the album? They all sing this really well. Sometimes it is the really touching ballads steal my attention more than any of the upbeat songs.

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One thought on “Zion.T “Eat” Music Video Review

  1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsInteresting interpretation. However, i don’t think it’s about breaking up or trying to get over someone. If you read the lyrics, you’ll find that this song is a form of comfort to people who are going through a hard time, and often forget to take care of themselves (hence he’s telling us to eat, even if it’s just an apple, even though we’re feeling down.) In the video where zion can be seen in almost like a “ghost-like fashion” and later see the phone (with his music playing) in all the spot he’s been in, it’s like he’s personally trying to comfort us whenever we listen to his music, wherever that may be. It’s a really comforting song to thise whi may be going through depression, if you really look beyond the surface level of the music video/song. Cheers


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