Kim Sung Kyu “Kontrol” Music Video Review

If the story was a little clearer, I would say that this is one of the best music videos of the year.


This is a really nice and beautiful song. Both the intro and chorus are stimulating with great instrumental. The background instrumental of the whole song is just amazing. I also really like Sung Kyu’s voice in this song. He sounds very natural, and not at all strained or forced as in some other songs.

This is definitely a song I will be playing over and over again.

Score: 5/5


kontrol1I had a bit of struggle trying to piece together this story. I might be totally wrong, but this is my current interpretation: Sung Kyu and the girl were together. She was obsessed with fish and the ocean, and they would go around and collect things that reminded her of the water. Eventually, Sung Kyu breaks up with her and leaves her. He wakes up and realizes that he made a mistake and goes back to their hideout to find her, but she isn’t there anymore. He feels terrible, but he sees the fishbowl and realizes that she must have really gone to the ocean. In her heartbreak, she was going to kontrol4go into the ocean, the only thing she has left now, basically killing herself. He stops her and gives her one of the things from the fishbowl, reminding her that she still has him.

If that is what the plot is actually about, I think it is really sweet. A little unrealistic, but sweet. I just wish it was told better. While it does have a happy ending, the whole thing seems disconnected and unnecessarily complicated.

Score: 3.5/5


Even if I could not fully understand the story, this is one pleasing video to watch. kontrol3The lighting and colors is perfect. It is vivid, but in a realistic way. The whole look of this video is pretty unique compared to others. When watched with subtitles, the scenes also go along very well with the lyrics.

While the video is pleasing to the eye, I have to lower the cinematography score because of how they chose to tell the story. There are so many cut scenes that the video looks too complicated and makes the story difficult to understand.

Score: 3.5/5


kontrol2Sung Kyu looks amazing in this video. I absolutely love all of his outfits. Both he and the girl looks like misfit kids who found a friend n each other. The combination of all of the different pieces of clothing and colors give both of them more personality than is portrayed in their acting.

Green is definitely his color.

Score: 5/5

Overall, I am really happy with this video. Sure, I didn’t totally understand the story, but the song and imagery makes up for it. It is about two misfit kids who only have each other, and that is good enough for me. As a whole, I have been so pleasantly surprised with Sung Kyu’s solo comeback. He really impressed me.

Overall Final Score: 4.3/5


What do you think of Sung Kyu’s two videos? Which one did you like better?

#NowPlaying: Paper Heart by f(X). Another really nice, light song. It reminds me a lot of Taylor Swift, before the intense fame when she was singing about Lovestories and Teardrops on her Guitar.

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2 thoughts on “Kim Sung Kyu “Kontrol” Music Video Review

  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing your views and opinions regarding Sunggyu’s Kontrol MV.
    Actually, the girl’s role in the MV is to be Sunggyu’s younger sister. 🙂
    I also appreciate you trying to decipher the “story”. I agree it’s not easy to grasp, I eventually ended up reading interpretations of other fans that may come close to what it may mean even. Heheheh Ultimately, when Sunggyu was asked, he said that that was what the director wanted and didn’t explain further. Regardless, thanks for this again! 🙂


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