BTS “I Need U” Music Video Review

Despite not having the dancing that BTS is known for, I think this is BTS’s best music video yet.

Beware, I get a little philosophical at the end of this one.


This song is beautiful. The composition of all of the singing parts is perfect. Jungkook and Jimin’s high notes in the chorus are wondrous give the chorus just that little something to make it unforgettable. I also really like how V’s and Jin’s singing parts lead up to the chorus. Everything about this song just pulls you in and refuses to let you go until the final second. The transitions are perfect.

The only reason why I am not saying that the song is perfect is because the way the song begins with Suga’s rap is a little slow. I don’t really get drawn in until J-Hope’s lines right afterwards.

I could listen to this song on repeat for days. Heck, that is what I’ve been doing since it came out. This is, in my opinion, BTS’s best song.

Score: 4.9/5


This whole video focuses on each of the BTS members at their worst, as they struggle with pain, depression, and anger. While they may be fine when with their friends, each of the members are completely miserable and vulnerable when alone. All of their stories were so real, that I can’t help but be so touched by each one. This video is so moving, and it portrays the raw emotions of each member so well.

A quick rundown of each character:

Jungkook walks around alone at night, basically asking for trouble as he passes by a bunch of thugs without a care in the world.

ineedu5V storms into a man’s apartment and kills him in anger.

Jimin lies in a bathtub and literally erases and drowns out his sorrows.

J-Hope is so down that he overdoses on his pills and wanders around outside until he collapses.

Rap Monster works at a job that he hates and where he is unappreciated.

Suga contemplates burning his apartment down, killing himself in the process.

Finally, Jin throws away his flower petals, the last images of beauty that he owns.

Some of the stories, like Rap Monster and Jin, are harder to understand than others, and even now I am still not sure exactly what Jin’s story is. The 19+ version of the music video explains everything a lot better, which is understandable because that contains a lot more of the dark and violent scenes.

Score: 4.5/5


Where to even begin with the cinematography? It is so beautiful and dramatic. There are moments in this video that just give me the chills, and at the same ineedu4time, other moments that make me smile uncontrollably.

The juxtaposition between the members’ happy moments with each other and sad moments alone is really what makes this such an impactful video. In one moment, we see Suga and Jungkook cuddling in front of a fire, and in the next we get the image of Jimin submerging himself underwater. The most chilling moment for me: right after watching the boys run through the subway, the video flashes to a panning of Jin lying alone on his bed in a fetal position.ineedu2

It is dramatic changes like this that make the meaning of the video so vivid: when they are together, they can be as happy and carefree as they want, but once they are alone and behind closed doors, their worlds come crashing down.

The scenes that they chose to include portray these contrasting feelings perfectly. I absolutely love the scene of the members driving around in the car. They look so happy.

ineedu6As heavy and sad as this video is, I like that it ends on a happy and uplifting tone. Rather than ending alone, the final image is of all of the members sleeping together by the fire. To make it even more impactful, in one of the final scenes, we see J-Hope dumping his pills into the fire. It shows that even though each of them have these inner demons, as long as they are all together, they are okay.

Score: 4.9/5



BTS suits the misfit profile perfectly in this video. The scenes with all of the boys together are perfect. I really like how they each have their own characters and personas, even in the outfits. While I wouldn’t say all of the outfits are the most fashionable, take Rap Monster’s gas station outfit for example, they are perfectly appropriate for their character. They don’t all look good per say, but that’s the point of the video. The story is about them at their lowest point, and the wardrobe reflects that.

Sidenote: I am so glad the wardrobe from their live performances didn’t make it to the music video. I don’t know what the stylists are thinking. I cannot stand those schoolboy themed outfits from the live stages. The shorts are way too short and it just doesn’t fit this concept at all.

Score: 5/5

Overall, I am just so impressed with this entire comeback. This is one special video. Every time I watch it I get emotional. I think one big reason why this video is making so many people so emotional is because it is so painfully relatable. It is easy to have fun and be carefree when you’re with your friends, but when it’s just you by yourself, that is when all the demons come out and you can feel completely terrible and alone. Everyone has their struggles that only come out behind closed doors.

I think it touches K-pop fans in particular because we are all so happy and excited publically, but at the same time we hurt, and K-pop is what makes it feel better. I know this isn’t true for all K-pop fans, but I’ve been noticing this in myself and other fans: we keep this whole part of ourselves locked up and in not being able to relate to others, we are alone. Seeing the members of BTS, the source of comfort for many of us, going through similar pains is touching in a way that is beyond words.

Overall Final Score: 4.8/5

Sidenote: I love the choreography for this song. It isn’t BTS’s best dance per say, but there are a couple of moments that just take my breath away.



What do you think Jin’s storyline is?

#NowPlaying: Hold On by Jung Joon Young. I love every single song on JJY’s Teenager album. This one, similar to I Need U, is that type of song that is perfect for when you’re in a mood.

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13 thoughts on “BTS “I Need U” Music Video Review

  1. jin’s storyline i believe represents all of the member’s lives. i’m unsure whether he went through suicidal thoughts and downfalls in the MV like the other members but im pretty sure he represents the other members as well. the flower in the MV that jin is holding is a white chrysanthemum which usually represents death. in korea, it is common to wear white (in contrast to america where we wear black) to funerals and to bring white chrysanthemums in honor of the dead. the petals that jin held in his hands represented each of the members. at the end of the MV, you see the flower petals on fire which then obviously represents the lives of the bts members going to an end.

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      1. actually i dont think its chrysanthemums…LOL but it’s WHITE and that’s all that matters! LOL ^^;;;;


  2. what i only know is that white lilies take up a lot of oxygen than other flowers, and they have a suffocating scent, which can ’cause death to a person sleeping in a room with white lilies on them. and the one who was sleeping on a fetal position was jin, not jhope. 🙂


  3. So basically, the story of the music video, is that all of the members are at their worst moments in life. Jungkook is portrayed to be a homeless boy strolling around at night. He accidentally brushes shoulders with a gang member from a group of thugs, but He ignores them, maybe hoping that they’ll ignore him, or maybe he’s just too tired or sad to do anything. He then gets beaten up by the thugs, and is left crying in pain. Finally, Jungkook walks around after getting beaten up, and while he crosses a street, he gets hit by a car. For J-Hope, he was down, and didn’t exactly think that he could do anything about it. He decides to take drugs to comfort himself, but he ends up overdosing, and while he’s walking on the sidewalk of a bridge, he passes out, and collapses as cars pass by. Rap Monster works at a gas station where he’s not really thought of as a helpful person. When the customer he just served throws their money at him instead of giving it to him like a civilized person, Rap Monster decides to drop his cigarette onto the pile of money, lighting him and the gas station on fire. V is most likely an abused child, and when we first see him, he’s running out of his house while putting his hood up. He decides to run away for a bit, so that he can escape abuse from his father. He then comes home to find his father beating his mother. V grabs a bottle, breaks it, and stabs his dad in the stomach over and over again, so that he dies. He can then be reported to the police, where he’ll be put to death, although it doesn’t show in the music video. Suga holds a lighter in his hands, and turns it on and off, as if thinking about what to do with it. He grabs a large bottle of oil, and dumps it all over his room, and bed. He proceeds to light up the room, and stays inside, letting himself burn to death. Jimin is in the bathroom, sitting in a bathtub filled to the brim with water. He sinks into the water after burning pieces of paper, maybe pictures or documents that brought back bad or good memories. He stays in the water, and most likely drowns. Finally, Jin. Now for Jin, I think that his death is the most deep, because it’s said that if you burn lilies, or sleep with lilies in your room with all the windows closed, and with the door shut, you can die, because lilies can suck out all of the oxygen in a room. Jin also puts the lilies into a patch of sun in his room, maybe hoping to burn them so that he can suffocate, and die. After doing so, Jin curls up into a fetal-like position on his bed, maybe because his body is deprived of oxygen. But this is based off of the rated 19+ version of the music video, which shows more of each member’s story. But there could be a chance that they didn’t die, because the car could’ve stopped before it hit Jungkook. J-Hope’s eyes opened the tiniest bit on the bridge. It never shows the money that Rap Monster dropped his cigarette on lighting on fire. V could’ve escaped, and he could’ve ran away to avoid the police. The music video shows Jimin sobbing while his body is completely out of the water, so he could’ve gotten out of the tub. And Jin pulled back the curtains in the room, and looked at the window, as if considering the choice of opening the window. But if they did die, in the parts of the music video where BTS was free and they were running around, they were all supposedly in heaven, where they could have a good time, and they could spend the rest of their lives together. But overall, to understand the story of this music video, you’d have to think outside of the box, because in general, kpop music videos are deep. Sorry for ranting!

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    1. I really like your explanation for the MV the best out of the man I’ve seen floating around online.I like that you gave us this whole entire explanation AND then basically taking it all back because there can be so many meanings to their video. Like they said, fans can sometimes interpret things how they want. So any of our theories could be true. I just wish they would give us the actual meaning that they were going for!!! haha cx


  4. I think this whole video will be a lot clearer when Butterfly comes out. ^^ Since I have seen a really good interpretation video on I Need U and the Butterfly prologue, it would not be fair to give my thoughts on this MV due to having a biased view–as in, I can not remember my own, original interpretation of I Need U by itself. I love it though, it is one of my favourite songs


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