Blogging from A to Z Day 26: Zhang Yixing

Z is for Zhang Yixing


Zhang Yixing, aka Lay from EXO. I love him. From the moment I saw his teaser before EXO even debuted I loved him. He is becoming one of my ultimate biases. I’m not sure yet exactly what number, but he could possibly be number 4.


Does “I liked that song before it was popular” translate to people? Because that is happening with Yixing right now. With these Call Me Baby promotions, suddenly everyone is paying attention to Lay. I don’t know where you all were when EXO debuted, because Lay has been fantastic from the very beginning.

SM is known for their strong dancers, and Lay is definitely one of the best. His dance performances, even if it is just a little impromptu dance, are always so entertaining. He is a natural-born dancer. Even if Kai is the main dancer of EXO, while he may be the best at following choreography, I think Lay is the best as a true dancer.

Lay also has a beautiful voice. I was always so sad at how little he gets to sing in EXO’s songs, but now that Luhan is gone, Lay has been bumped up to second lead vocal in EXO-M, which he really deserves. While it is weird and sad to hear all of the EXODUS songs with only four voices, I love how much Lay sings. He is the first to sing here:

Another clip of Lay and Kris singing a duet together. His voice is so precious. Lay is the shorter one:

In everything that he does, Lay impresses me over and over again. I watched a recent interview with him in which he talks a lot about his newly developing Chinese entertainment company and other aspects of being a Chinese K-pop singer. I feel so bad that people keep asking him if he is going to leave EXO just because all of the other Chinese members have expressed wanting to leave. He already puts so much pressure on himself. He basically said in an interview that he can’t leave EXO for the sake of the other members and any future Chinese artists who want to break into K-pop, which is great, but he isn’t at all considering his own feelings. Obviously, I would be absolutely crushed if Lay left, but I just hope he takes it easy and doesn’t push himself too far in trying to please everyone and sacrifice himself for other Chinese artists.

Thank you all so much for staying with me this month! How did you like my posts? 🙂

I’ll admit, this was much tougher than last year. At least last year, I had a B.A.P concert to give me a morale boost. This year all I got was anxiety over Tao and Lay’s futures with EXO.

Thank you to all of my guest readers from the A to Z challenge! I’m so happy you all chose to expose yourselves to something new this month! Did I convert any of you to K-pop? Hehehe… 😛


What do you think of Lay and his stand on staying in EXO?

#NowPlaying: Baby Don’t Cry by EXO-M. Not only Lay, but all of them sound absolutely beautiful in this song.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z Day 26: Zhang Yixing

  1. My best friend’s EXO bias is Lay, so it’s never been possible for me not to know how great he is. And he really is. I may be a hugely Kai-biased girl, but I can’t deny Lay’s dancing. I find it hard to compare the two though, since their dancing styles when they’re not doing the group’s choreography are so widely different. I really like both their styles, it depends on my mood.

    With the departures of Kris and Luhan and the maybe departure of Tao (NO!), Lay has climbed very high on my EXO bias list. Though I’m not sure I’m allowed to let him climb much higher; my friend might kill me if he does.


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