Blogging from A to Z Day 20: Triplets

T is for Triplets


Last year it was twins and this year it’s triplets.

I have a new obsession. It’s not a group. It’s not an actor. It’s not a drama.

It is three adorable triplets named Daehan, Minguk, and Manse. These are three of the most precious and adorable kids ever. They are the sons of actor Song Ilkook and their family is part of the reality show Return of Superman. I love them so much.


Usually when a new family joins the show it takes me a while to really get into them. This happened with Yakkung and now with Jion. However from Song Ilkook’s very first interview with his cutie triplets, I instantly fell in love.

It is amazing how different each of their personalities are. Interestingly, within the second or third episode of them being on the show, they each reminded me of a K-pop celebrity.

Daehan is the more reserved one, who seems to be the most attached to his dad of the three. He is pretty responsible, often being his dad’s right hand man. When he does open up is when he is really excited or happy about something.

daehanleoHe is the baby version of VIXX’s Leo. Quiet, caring, sometimes awkward, but enthusiastic when it comes to something he enjoys.


Minguk has always been my favorite. I love all three of them so much for different reasons, but from the very beginning Minguk held such a special place in my heart. He is such a cutie with all of his affection. I love how he is always singing to himself. He is growing up the fastest of the three from what I can see, now willing to take on challenges much sooner than his brothers. He seems the most sensible of all of them.


He is the baby version of BTS’s V. He was the hardest for me to personify, and while his personality isn’t as wacky and 4D as V, they both have that natural aegyo. It just takes one smile to light up a room. They both do like to be silly as well and are always in their own worlds.


Finally Manse. At first he was labeled as the troublemaker of the three, but over the months that I have been watching him, I have grown such an affection for Song Manse. He is the least mature of the three, which makes him so adorable at times. He has the craziest personality and is just so enthusiastic about everything.


He was the first one to remind me of someone, and that is GOT7’s Jackson. Crazy. Wild. Says things you would never expect. Always the exception to the rule. Also very loving of those around him.


The following clip of the triplets at taekwondo class showcases  their three different personalities perfectly (and my characterizations. The way Daehan forces the board to break is so Leo).

And another clip of one of my favorite moments in Return of Superman ever. When Ilkook leaves the boys to get something from the car, Minguk and Manse go off to find him. Their little 3 year-old adventure is just the cutest:

I have to take a moment to commend Ilkook’s and his wife’s parenting skills. Through the show we see a lot of how Ilkook disciplines his kids, educates them, expresses his love for them, and fosters their creativity and I am time and time again blown away. He and his wife are doing an amazing job.

Question of the Day:

Are you a fan of the Song Triplets?

#NowPlaying: In the Air by B1A4. A happy song for a happy post. 🙂 I really want B1A4 to make a comeback soon. I miss them.


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