Blogging from A to Z Day 19: Sungmin

S is for Sungmin


With Yesung coming back in just a couple of weeks, Sungmin and Shindong are now our sole military recruits from Super Junior for 2015. Sungmin just enlisted at the end of March and I already miss him like crazy. 😦

I am going to miss him so much while he’s gone. He was never really high on my bias list, but something about this whole Super Junior army thing has made me realize just how much each member means to me once they leave. Heechul was the first to prove that absence makes the heart grow fonder and I’m already feeling that with Sungmin. I watched a video from SS6, and my heart leaped when I saw Sungmin, only to be brought back down when I realized that the video was filmed before he left.

I’m having a real hard time letting Sungmin go. With all of his wedding excitement last year, I grew so fond of him, and now right when I start to love him, he leaves. Of course, I can’t help but feel for Sa Eun. It must be so hard for her to have to bid him goodbye for two years having just gotten married a mere four months ago.

I don’t know why this is affecting me so much. It’s not like he was super active on social media where there is a real presence that I will miss. The other members don’t seem too torn up about him leaving (in fact I remember one of them jokingly saying recently that they are so used to members leaving for the military that they barely say goodbye to each other anymore). I guess it is mostly the thought of Sa Eun being alone now. And also thinking about Super Junior having possibly two comebacks without him. (Which reminds me, Shindong won’t be in those comebacks either! That’s going to be weird. I can’t even imagine a SuJu video without Shindong.)

Being a Super Junior fan is so painful. Every year we get a new stab in the heart as each member leaves to serve in the military. There are rumors floating around that my beloved Donghae will be enlisting before the end of the year and I refuse to believe them. I was supposed to be over Super Junior by the time Donghae enlisted, not totally in love with them. I’m not ready to say goodbye yet… 😥 😥

(If Donghae does leave this year, I actually hope that Eunhyuk goes with him. Even if he is my other bias, I don’t want to see him continue on without Donghae. I know. It’s weird. But they are a set. They have to stay together. And if they don’t synchronize their enlistments then our poor Fishy will have to come back here without his Myeolchi and I can’t handle that.)

No matter how much I talk about VIXX or EXO or whatever new group is trending now, Super Junior will always be Number 1 for me. #WeWillWaitForYouSungmin


Thoughts on Sungmin’s enlistment?

#NowPlaying: Walkin’ by Super Junior. One of their best songs. Shindong particularly shines in this song.

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