Blogging from A to Z Day 18: Rappers

R is for Rappers


I have been wanting to post this list forever. Below are a list of my favorite K-pop rappers! While I may not be into hip hop, I always tend to be drawn to the rappers in K-pop groups. Literally every single K-pop group has at least once designated rapper, and these are the ones who I think shine above all others.

Note: I’m focusing on rappers within K-pop. Obviously K-hip-hop will have better, more experienced rappers, but I personally prefer pop music, so those are the rappers to which I will be referring.

Another note: None of the members of BTS are on this list, because I really can’t pick just one rapper from that group. They are all extremely talented. So let it be known that them as a group is included in my favorite rappers.

Eunhyuk (Super Junior) – How can I not include my second ultimate bias? The raps that he is given in Super Junior songs rarely show the best of his rap skills. His ability really shines when he does covers of other rap songs. The best example I can think of is his rendition of Epik High’s “Fan” where he does all of both Tablo’s and Mithra’s parts. The reason why I like him specifically over Tablo, is that Eunhyuk has a really nice sing-rapping voice.

Super Junior D&E’s Can You Feel It. (Eunhyuk is the first one to rap):

Jucy (EvoL) – Talk about strong female rappers! Jucy can do the fast, tongue-twister raps like it’s nobody’s business. My favorite thing about her is that she represents female power so well. She raps with such confidence. Jucy isn’t a good rapper because she can keep up with the guys; she’s amazing because she can hold her own and rap with such style that can’t be matched by anyone, man or woman.

Universe Mixtape:

JR (NU’EST) – The moment NU’EST debuted and I heard the rap of “Face,” I knew JR would become one of my favorite rappers. While his speaking voice is totally unexpected, and pretty hilarious, I just can’t get enough of his rapping voice. It’s high and rough, which is such an interesting combination. It’s unique, and I think it sounds great.

NU’EST’s Big Deal (one of my favorite raps by him. The different things he does with his voice!)

CL – While I may not be a fan of 2NE1, CL is without a doubt one of the best female rappers out there. She has a way of emphasizing just the right words to get the point of the song across. Even though I don’t understand the lyrics, I can still get a sense of the feeling she is trying to get across just by her rhythm and vocal inflections. The fact that she can flawlessly go from Korean to English just makes her even better.

MTBD (clean version):

Tao (EXO) – Of all the rappers in EXO, Tao has always been my favorite. I’m not sure what the rap lingo is for the ability to really smoothly say such quick verses, but whatever that’s called Tao does it really well. His voice just sounds perfect when he raps, and of course hearing him rap in Chinese adds a whole new layer of ear candy. Seriously, you can’t judge Tao’s rapping or singing skill until you’ve heard him do both in his native language.

This is a weird request, but I really want someone to make a remix of all of Tao’s rap parts.

Tao gets two videos, to showcase his two kinds of rapping, both equally great.

EXO’s Baby Don’t Cry:

EXO’s Two Moons (featuring some Key realness):

Zico (Block B) – I. LOVE. HIM. His speed, style, stage presence. His ability to be completely intimidating one minute, and then a 4D weirdo rapping with an ostrich the next. Whether he is being silly or serious, his rapping is always, and I mean always on point.

Block B’s Jackpot (Any of Block B’s songs will work, but I absolutely love his style of rapping in this song):

G-Dragon – GD doesn’t really need an explanation. He’s not just skilled at performing raps, but at writing and composing his songs as well. I have grown to have so much respect for G-Dragon over the years. I say this all the time: He really is an artist.

Crayon (one of my favorite K-pop songs of all time:

Bora (SISTAR) – Not the first person you would think of as a rapper, but she is one of my favorites. I love how she is in SISTAR, the epitome of pretty and girly, yet she can still deliver her raps with such style. She perfectly embodies both a rapper and a delicate, pretty girl. I had never thought of rap as “pretty” until I heard Bora rap. She doesn’t always get to show off her rap skill due to the songs her company gives her, but here and there we get some nice ones.

She never gets nearly enough lines in SISTAR songs, so here is a mashup of a bunch of Bora’s raps. The first two are the best in my opinion:

Minhyuk (BTOB) – I was seriously debating whether to put Minhyuk or Ilhoon on this list. They are both so talented, but in different ways. Because Minhyuk is my bias of BTOB, I chose him. While most of the time I would say that Ilhoon is a better rapper, Minhyuk has those occasional songs where he absolutely shines. Similar to Tao, I just like the sound of his voice when he raps. It isn’t too harsh, but it suits the rhythm of his raps really well. He makes all of his parts sound effortless.

Minhyuk also gets two videos for two different styles.

BTOB’s Why:

BTOB’s Thriller:

Hyuk (VIXX) – 😛 Hehe, this is somewhat of a joke – somewhat. Hyuk isn’t a rapper. Not at all. I think the only official rap he has done in a VIXX song was in Rock Ur Body, but that was back when his company didn’t really know what to do with him. The reason why Hyuk is on here is because he is probably one of the most hilarious free-style rappers in K-pop. It is hilarious because he doesn’t really rap actual sentences, but he still manages to sound good. You don’t even really need to understand what he is saying to get why it’s funny.

This is literally one of the best pieces of VIXX history in existence. Watch once for Hyuk, but then again for the reaction of the other VIXX members:

I also chose Hyuk as my number 10 because I just couldn’t settle one for my tenth. I was torn between MBLAQ’s Mir, B1A4’s Baro, and BTOB’s Ilhoon.

Question of the Day:

Who are your favorite K-pop rappers?

#NowPlaying: LOL by Block B. More Zico flawlessness in one freakishly catchy song.

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