Blogging from A to Z Day 17: Quiet Night

Q is for Quiet Night


Have any of you heard of Seo Tae Ji?

I hadn’t either until last year’s GDAs. Next to all of the EXO and Taeyang and IU, Seo Tae Ji kept being announced as a nominee for various awards, which really surprised me. I have been involved in K-pop for so long that I rarely ever encounter a name I don’t recognize at all at these award ceremonies. So naturally, I was curious as to who this person was.

And when I watched his performance of at the GDAs, I was captivated. I absolutely loved the creepy, Nightmare-Before-Christmas feel to the song and it is still one of my favorite songs from 2014. I was also impressed at how good of a performer Seo Tae Ji was.

Apparently he has had a long career in the K-pop world, but had taken a break right before I first started getting into K-pop, his 2014 album being his first comeback since 2009.

The album he released last year is called Quiet Night. I love it. It has an electronic pop feel to it, very different from the average K-pop sound. I think it requires a specific mood to enjoy, but when I’m in that mood, I really enjoy this album.

It’s just really different. I have never heard anything in K-pop sound like this.

My favorite is of course, but I also really like Forest Fighter and Sogyeokdong. If you ever want something new to listen to, check them out!

Question of the Day:

Any fans of Seo Tae Ji from before Quiet Night? What else would you recommend by him?

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