Blogging from A to Z Day 15: My OTPs (Round 2!)

O is for OTP

O“OTP” stands for “One True Pairing.” These are the two people whose relationship you love or who you wish would be in a relationship.

My post last year for “O” was also about my OTPs, but those were focused more on my favorite bromances. This post will be dedicated to those co-ed couples who I love seeing together.

BTOB’s Ilhoon and APink’s Bomi


These two are adorable. If you see their interactions on Weekly Idol, you will fall in love with them too. They act like siblings/best friends, and look so cute together. It’s funny because in this situation, it is Ilhoon who is the cute, childish one and Bomi who is more serious and dominant. They are both among my biases in their respective groups and I just love their friendship.

VIXX’s Hongbin and GLAM’s Zinni


The only time these two were even together was on All the K-pop, which was a whole show dedicated to couple challenges. These two basically dominated on every challenge. I like how even though they were technically a couple, they weren’t obnoxious about it like the other couples. They supported each other really well. I also like that they’re both really talented performers.

Either Jimin or J-Hope from BTS with 15&’s Jimin


After watching the BTS of After School Club that Jimin co-hosts, I officially ship Jimin with any of the BTS members, but her and BTS’s Jimin or J-Hope are my favorite. First we have Jimin & Jimin. They are both young (boy Jimin being 19 and girl Jimin 17), and I think looks-wise they suit each other really well. It was fun seeing all of the Jimin jokes that were made during this episode.

There were also a couple of cute moments between girl Jimin and J-Hope. I think he was just really amused by her this whole episode, especially when she forgot his name. 😛

EXO’s Baekhyun and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon


The only officially confirmed couple on this list! I was incredibly shocked to hear that they were together, but at the same time found it so cute. They look great together. The age difference is surprising, considering Taeyeon is 4 years older than Baekhyun (although now with Suzy and Lee Min Ho’s 7 year age difference, nothing surprises me anymore). They both have really carefree and refreshing personalities, so I’m sure they suit each other really well.

VIXX’s Ken and Tiny-G’s Dohee


While I think visually Ken and Kyungri from 9Muses look perfect together, I am totally on the Ken and Dohee ship. They were a love line in Boarding House No. 24 and now are friends in real life and I just love them. Seeing my 3rd UB act in an adorable and quirky relationship was just the best.


Eric Nam & any of his female friends


Ailee, SPICA’s Boa, Miss A’s Min, any one of them. Eric is such a friendly guy and it is always fun to see him interacting with any of his friends. I’m sure none of them are dating, but I’m just saying, they totally could and no one would notice because they are all always together anyway.

This is one of my favorite After School Club moments ever. Min makes a mistake and Eric hilariously covers up for her:

Any of the Super Junior members with almost any female


…because I really want them all to just get married already. Especially my UB Donghae. They have all talked about getting married so often, it’s about time it happened. (I’m still loving Sungmin and Sa Eun! They are so adorable!!) Seriously, someone sweep Donghae off his feet so that he can have his dream life with four kids. I want another Super Junior wedding.

That’s it for my OTPs! I’m sorry this post is a little late. Last few weeks of the semester are killing me!

Before I go, look at this hilarious gif I found. I don’t ship Ilhoon and G.Na, but I accidentally stumbled upon this and I love it. It captures each of their personalities perfectly:



Who is your OTP?

#NowPlaying: Conduct for Zero by BASTARZ. This song is my new jam!! It’s a subgroup of my two Block B biases (plus P.O)! I love it. I love it so much. (The video is not my cup of tea, but omg this song. this song. THIS SONG.)

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