Blogging from A to Z Day 14: NU’EST (Re:BIRTH)

N is for NU’EST (and their album, Re:BIRTH)


NU’EST is one of the few groups of which I have been a strong fan since the day of their debut. I’m not sure exactly how I first heard of them, but I remember when their debut music video came out and I absolutely loved it. From then on they have been one of my favorite groups.

Last year they released their first full album and the moment I listened to all of the songs, I decided to buy the album. I was always a fan of NU’EST’s singles, but this was my first time listening to their non-title tracks and I love them!

Rather than go through every song, I will just highlight my favorites here.


You want some epic Aron and JR rapping? Look no further. This is the intro track to the album, but I am obsessed with this. Aron’s slithery lines in the middle and JR’s all around flawless rapping.

Good Bye Bye

A severely underrated song. The instrumental is really what makes this song great, but the overall composition and lyrics are really good as well. The lyrics flow into each other really nicely. JR’s rap… ❤


I used this song as my #NowPlaying song a few days ago, so now you know when I started writing this post. 😉 In all seriousness, this is one of my favorite NU’EST songs. It is so sweet and nice and happy.

Lend A Shoulder

(raps written by JR & Aron)

I think the lyrics are really meaningful in this song. JR raps about how he never let himself lean on anyone for support and Aron raps about his struggles in coming to Korea and joining NU’EST. Aside from being a good song to listen to, the lyrics just make me smile. This song is basically one big thank you to NU’EST’s fans and everyone who helped them on their way to fame.


The song that started it all. I loved it when it first came out and I still just it now. Great composition, interesting instrumental, perfect singing, and of course what is in my opinion JR’s best rap performance to this day.

Sleep Talking

This is my favorite NU’EST song of all time. You can read my review for my full thoughts, but long story short: I love every single part of the song. From beginning to end. And OMG JR’s raps in this are to die for.

Did I mention JR enough for you? Hehe he is my bias, and one of my favorite rappers ever. This is not the last time you will hear about him this month!

I am really happy that they included all of their singles in this album. It is expensive to buy each one separately!

Individually, each song is really great. I’m not sure if there is one running theme or sound to this one like other albums I have reviewed, but that isn’t totally necessary for me. If the songs are good, I am happy. 🙂


What is your favorite song on this album?

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