Blogging from A to Z Day 11: Kim Hyun Joong

K is for Kim Hyung Joong

KMy post for today is going to be controversial, so here is your warning in advance.

I was debating whether or not to talk about this, but (1) I have some really strong opinions about KHJ’s story, and (2) I couldn’t think of anything else to talk about for K.

For those who don’t know, Kim Hyun Joong is arguably one of Korea’s most famous singers. He began as a member of SS501, one of the most popular groups of its time, co-starred in what I think is the most famous Kdrama, and then continued in an incredibly successful solo singing career.

In recent months however, he has become known for something else. Starting in August last year, he has been involved in an assault case with his girlfriend.

For the full story:

Abridged version: According to reports from his girlfriend, KHJ violently assaulted her multiple times. He admitted to it and apologized, then the two got back together, and now the girlfriend is pregnant with his baby.

The story of abuse was bad enough. I really liked him as both an actor and singer, but after hearing what he did, I was incredibly disappointed. Whether the person is famous or not, abusive behavior, especially if it occurs more than once, should never be tolerated.

I quickly forgot about the situation after the initial case of abuse. Yes, he did wrong, but after he apologized and the girlfriend dropped the case, I let it go. They are out of each other’s lives, and his music would be out of mine.

The news of the baby however made me completely fixated on this case. Then finding out that the baby was conceived after all of this drama… it makes me so upset. Why would she go back to him? I mean, I know why. I have heard the personal stories of multiple women who have been in situations of abuse and I get it. But now with this complication of a baby, this has really turned into a lose-lose scenario.

If she keeps the baby, she is faced with two choices: raise the baby with an abusive husband or be a single mother in Korea. I had also recently learned just how difficult it is to be a single mother in South Korea, and knowing the culture there, I wouldn’t have been surprised if she decided to stay with KHJ.

Honestly, this whole situation just makes me sick. The final straw for me was reading the text messages between him and his girlfriend. If you just pay attention to the kind of language he uses, you can clearly see how manipulative he is:

The way he tries to guilt-trip her into dropping the charges, and then have the nerve to attempt to push his way back into her life once he finds out she is pregnant… I have officially lost all respect for him. I can’t even listen to his songs anymore without feeling disgusted.

However, I am happy to hear her state that she does not plan on marrying him. Who knows if that decision will stay once the baby comes along, but I am really proud of her for making that decision. She needs to kick this guy to the curb and not let him near her baby.

The following comment on one of the Soompi articles sums up my feelings pretty perfectly:


I really hope the girl and baby have a happy ending in this crazy story. I honestly couldn’t care less what happens to KHJ.

My only struggle now: try not to bust a fuse when I read comments from his fans like the one below, which was on the article that basically listed all of the bad things he did to his girlfriend:


Question of the Day:

I’m slightly afraid to ask, but if we can all agree to be respectful to each other: What are your thoughts on KHJ?

#NowPlaying: Cypher Pt.3 by BTS. I never got into this whole Cypher phenomenon, but I just heard this song for the first time yesterday and I.NEED.MORE. Now I understand why everyone is flipping out over the potential Cypher Pt.4 on BTS’s upcoming album.


3 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z Day 11: Kim Hyun Joong

  1. I completely agree with everything you said. I was such a big fan of him and now I’m nothing but mad and disappointed. I feel tricked, almost. If he was such an ass he should have shown it from the start so that I could have ignored him!! I can’t listen to his music anymore, and watching a drama with him after this feels completely impossible.

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