Blogging from A to Z Day 9: Inter-Group Friendships

I is for Inter-group Friendships


It’s one thing to fall in love with all of the brotherly and sisterly relationships that occur in K-pop groups, but I think it’s just the coolest thing when members of different groups are friends with each other. I wasn’t all that aware of Inter-group friendships back when I first got into K-pop (~2010), but nowadays it seems like singers are being public about their friendships all over the place. That actually might be due to the increased use of social media.

I get so excited when I see members of my two favorite groups, Super Junior and VIXX interacting. First we had the eternal friendship of Ryeowook and N, which has developed into a friendship between Ryeowook and all of VIXX:


Then we had Ken working alongside with Sungmin’s then fiance, now wife.


Then I found this beautiful picture of all three ultimate biases (plus N!)  standing together that gave me a feeling I don’t even know how to describe:

supervixxOkay, so it’s not the best picture in the world, but it is literally the only one on the internet that exists with Donghae, Eunhyuk, and Ken.

And now N is actually becoming friends with Eunhyuk and I am dying at how cute it is.


Super Junior aside, because they have been in the industry for so long now that they pretty much know everyone, I get really happy when I see the VIXX members have other friends in other groups. This obviously isn’t a comprehensive list, but these are my favorite friendships:

Leo and U-KISS’s Kiseop:


They were promoting each other’s most recent albums and I believe Kiseop went to VIXX’s recent Utopia concert. 🙂

Ravi and Taemin:


In interviews, Taemin, Kai, and Ravi have said that the three of them are all really close, which is super cute. They are all the same age, so it make sense.

Taemin and Kai alone are probably my favorite set of friends. They are like this new generation’s Eunhae:


Below is Taemin showing us all how to best friend the right way. When your friend is crying, rather than comfort him, record it for later use 😛 :


We also have Hongbin and B1A4’s Gongchan, who make probably the most handsome set of friends in K-pop:


They met for the first time on a radio show about a year or so ago, and now I see them everywhere together.

And of course we have all of the BTOVIXX friendships. I already mentioned N and Minhyuk last year, but I also think Ken and Hyunsik are just precious:


And VIXXO. Like BTOB, everyone in both EXO and VIXX seems to be friends with each other:


D.O in particular seems super friendly with VIXX:

hongkyung2  tumblr_inline_n9ycl3RQta1rs1t6q     kyungvi

And then we have the surprising Leo and Lay! I never would have expected these two to be friends, but I have seen more than one image of them together, which means something must be there. I mean Leo wouldn’t run to hug just any fellow singer like this:


It seems like all of those groups who debuted in 2012 are friends with each other. Back last year, when B.A.P came to Chicago, Youngjae mentioned in their B.A.P Attack episode that their “friend from Chicago” (Peniel of BTOB) told them to try Chicago’s deep dish pizza while they were there.

Another totally random friendship that I had to include because it just amuses me so much: Donghae and Sehun’s instagram relationship:

The caption of both: "I miss you"

The caption of both: “I miss you”

Even though they are both in SM Entertainment, this particular friendship seems so random to me. There is a seven year age difference between the two, but they act like they’re in love online.

kericfriendsThen there is that whole English speaking coven in K-pop. It’s a huge group of friends, including Eric Nam, f(X)’s Amber, Ailee, Peniel, Busker Busker’s Brad, Miss A’s Min, Royal Pirates’ James, Sooyoon, and Moon, and U-KISS’s Kevin. It seems like some way or another, all of the English-speaking K-pop artists end up being friends. 15& and GOT7’s AmeriThaiKong have become friends with them. NU’EST’s Aron, C-Clown’s Rome, Henry Lau… I’m sure there are more. They all have the occasional Twitter conversations, but I see them all mostly on After School Club. Those Keric & Friends episodes are my favorite. (The whole episode below is really fun, but the part that I linked to is probably my favorite segment ever on this show.)

Another of my favorite besties: Ailee and Amber! I absolutely love their season of One Fine Day. They are such cute best friends. Eric also makes some appearances in that show.


Finally, I absolutely cannot leave out one of my favorite inter-group moments ever in K-pop: Big Byung


Consisting of VIXX’s Hyuk and N, GOT7’s Jackson, and BTOB’s Sungjae, these four were part of a variety show in which they created their own boy group under the direction of the hilarious Weekly Idol duo, Doni and Coni. Sungjae and Hyuk (and by extension N) were already friends, but then you get them all together with Jackson who can pretty much make friends with anyone, and you get hours of smiles and laughs. Their show, Hitmaker, was absolutely hilarious, but even after the show, it has been so much fun seeing these four continue to be friends.


While VIXX and GOT7 are two very different groups, N, Hyuk, and Jackson get along together surprisingly well. Together with Sungjae, they have such a great dynamic. I really hope to see them come together and release a third single.

Everyone knows Stress, Come On!, their first single, but I actually like their second single much better. I actually put it on my iPod. 😛 (For those who aren’t familiar with Big Byung, their music video is basically one big joke, not meant to be taken seriously.)

That’s it for today! I’m sorry this post was kind of all over the place. I had a hard time trying to find a logical order for my friendships.


Who are your favorite celebrity friends?

#NowPlaying: I Just Wanna by Amber and Eric Nam. They mentioned one on After School Club that they should do a friends concert, and I think that is an amazing idea! They are all singers after all. They should all have a concert together. I love this collaboration. I would love to see one from Eric and Ailee.


One thought on “Blogging from A to Z Day 9: Inter-Group Friendships

  1. I love Taemin and Kai’s friendship! It’s just so cute. The English line is hilarious as well. As a super duper hardcore shawol my favorite inter-group friendships of course include SHINee members… Taemin and Kai. Key and Woohyun. Minho and any older guy…


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