Blogging from A to Z Day 7: Girl Groups

G is for Girl Groups


I’m not sure if any of you have noticed, but I don’t talk about girl group or female artists on this blog nearly as much as I talk about male artists. If you take all of the ~250 music videos I have ever reviewed, 76 are by female artists, and that is only brought up to 83 if you include co-ed groups. That is only about a third.

Don’t get me wrong. I like girl groups. I fangirl over Ailee and Luna way more than many boy groups I listen to. I think vocally, there are a ton of females who drastically outshine many male artists.

The reason why I don’t talk about female comebacks a lot, or often give their music videos lower ratings than their male counterparts, is quite often because of one factor: the dances.

I have noticed that a majority of female performers (not all), do not put in nearly the amount of effort that male groups do in terms of choreography. They do dance, and it takes work, but in terms of the actual choreographed moves, females often resort to making suggestive movements rather than create a dance piece. Of course, this is almost never the girls’ choice themselves; it is the concept that the company chooses for them or the rule of the choreographer.

I’m not saying girls can’t dance. I have seen some really amazing choreography come from female dancers. When I watch a cutesy, non-dance, dance by one girl group, knowing that there are other dances out there done by females that are infinitely better, it makes me cringe.

Rather than point out the bad, I am here to point out the moments when females truly shine in their dances. These are what I call real dances:

f(X)’s Electric Shock

BoA’s Energetic

Just watch anything by BoA. She is a true dancing queen.

Lee Hi’s Rose

GI’s Beatles

When I was brainstorming who to talk about for this post, SM artists were my immediate first thoughts. This is one of the reasons why almost all of my favorite female artists are under SM Entertainment. SM allows their female artists be more than simply a body and pretty voice. They always showcase their females as dancers.

Another little point about SM that I just love: Even for their male comebacks, they still use female backup dancers. SM seems to be one of the only companies out there who actually understands that females can dance just as well as males and have the talent to keep up with the fast-paced movements. Cases in point:

Taemin’s Danger

Super Junior D&E’s Growing Pains

SM is terrible in a lot of ways, but in this one aspect, in my opinion SM comes out on top. They really give their female dancers the choreography they deserve and utilize their talents beautifully.

A huge reason why I don’t talk about girl groups a lot is because I know my opinion is unpopular. If I really don’t like a comeback from a female artist, I would rather ignore it completely on this blog rather than talk about how much I dislike it. There is a fine line between trying to assert your opinion and being disrespectful and I really hope I didn’t cross it with this post.


What are your thoughts?

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