Blogging from A to Z Day 6: Fanfiction

F is for Fanfiction!


This is a continuation of last year’s fanfiction post. For those who are new:

Fanfiction is brilliant. Simply BRILLIANT.

We all have the books and movies and TV shows that we love, but there are always those moments where we wish something different in the story would have happened, or we wish we could have seen more of a particular relationship in a story. That’s where fanfiction comes in. Fans write their own stories based on existing stories, using the characters or the world of their favorite works of fiction and write their own versions of the story. When it comes to fanfiction of celebrities, fanfiction is simply a person’s own story using existing celebrities as their characters.

Last year I mentioned some of my favorite fanfiction stories, and of course, just a few weeks after posting that I read another one that was again, brilliant. So, I decided that every year, when the day comes for F in the A to Z challenge, I will update my fanfic favorites list with all of the new fanfiction I read in the last year that I loved.

I repeat from last year: Don’t let the term fanfiction fool you. There is bad fanfiction, but then there is good fanfiction. Some of these could seriously be turned into published novels and short stories.

Lately I have been into a lot of fluffy one-shots, a huge reason being that I just don’t have the time or patience anymore to get hooked onto a long, multi-chapter story. Some of these are longer though.

I apologize in advance to a lot of you: This is all EXO and VIXX. I don’t really read fanfiction of other groups. Even Super Junior. They are getting too old and mature for me to still enjoy fanfiction about them.


[Play] With Me: It’s not dirty, I promise. It’s a VIXX Voodoo Doll-inspired story. I have actually been wanting to write something like this for a while myself. It’s chilling, but good.

Baby Steps: This is one of those cute, fluffy oneshots I was talking about. It’s really short, but too cute not to include. Leo being forced by Hyuk to go on a date with his crush.

Babies, Baby Sitting and Everything In-Between: A collection of oneshots of the VIXX members as dads. I love fanfiction stories of singers as parents, but they are always so hard to find! This one is fun.


When the Hour Hand is Up: THIS ONE. If you’re going to read anything from this list, read this one. This definitely goes on the list of the best of the best. I wish I could write like this author. It is about Luhan, who has the power to sense when people are dying. Prepare to cry buckets of tears. I still cry every time I reread it. Lots of EXO-ot12 friendship. (You have to subscribe to the story to read it, but do it! It’s so worth it.)

A Dead Man’s Diary: This one is a really intriguing plotline. A story in which EXO are in the high school world. Chanyeol dies and his crush and best friend find his diary.

When Jongdae Becomes Chen: Similar to the Kyuhyun story I shared last year. It is about Chen’s journey in joining EXO and the difficulties he had as a trainee. It is one of my all time favorites, but the story is currently on hiatus :(.

The New Leader: A oneshot taken from Luhan’s perspective after Kris leaves EXO. All of the characters are written really well in this. (Interestingly, this was written before Luhan himself left EXO. I wonder what the author thought about that when it happened…)

One Line Each: This isn’t anything revolutionary or dramatic, but it’s pretty funny and entertaining. A fun oneshot of the EXO members being stupid. (Beware for rated language.)

It’s not easy to be me: A series of oneshots centered on the life of EXO’s leader, Suho. They are all short and sweet moments between him and the other members (I actually have only read the first couple, but so far I love each one).

cookies and cream is the dream: 🙂 Another funny oneshot, this time in which Luhan’s favorite ice cream is missing.

SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION: I wrote another story! I posted my first VIXX fanfic last year (a Keo friendship oneshot) and now I finally posted another one, this time a two-shot.

Barely Breathing: Told from the perspective of an original character, Nari, Ken’s girlfriend, this is a Titanic-inspired story of VIXX and Nari stuck on a sinking cruise ship. It is random and would never actually happen, but I got the idea in my head and I just had to write about it. For you action fans, with some romance and friendship sprinkled in.

While I have only posted two stories in the past two years, you all should know that I have been writing a ton. I have a VIXX fanfiction story that I am currently in the process of writing, and it is turning into the longest story I have ever written. I’m only on chapter 5 out of 31 and it is already around 30,000 words. (To put that in perspective, that is about 1/3 of the first Harry Potter book.) And I already have an idea for a sequel and a third one, but we’ll see if I get that far. I’m really excited about the sequel though.

I came up with the idea about a year ago and have been writing it since the summer. I am so excited to share it with you all, but I don’t want to post anything until I am completely done. So for now, enjoy the two short stories I have and stay tuned for my next one. I am really going to try to have this finished by the end of the year, but with school and life, things unexpectedly happen, so we’ll see.


What are your favorite fanfiction stories? Anything you would recommend?

#NowPlaying: El Dorado by EXO. Clearly this is an EXO-dominated post. This is my favorite track in EXODUS. It could totally be the music in an action-National-Treasure-esque movie.


One thought on “Blogging from A to Z Day 6: Fanfiction

  1. Thanks for sharing your love of fan-fiction. I’ve read some fan-fiction, but my favorite has to be one that was written by one of my writing students several years ago – it was set in lego-world, but it was intense and really well-written. Unfortunately, I don’t know where the link went.


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