Blogging from A to Z Day 5: EXO

E is for EXO


The members of EXO need to calm down and take a break before they end up permanently hurting themselves.

I originally wasn’t going to talk about EXO for E. I had planned on talking about the songs on my Ear Candy playlist (seriously, check out some of these songs. They are so good in making me feel all sorts of emotions), however after what has happened with EXO’s most recent comeback with Call Me Baby, I can’t take it anymore.

They are hurting themselves. No, it’s not self-harm. However they are pushing themselves so hard in their dance practices and tv shows that they are getting injured, and even worse, they are not properly allowing themselves to heal before going back on stage.

Tao and Kai have both had physical problems for months (for Kai I want to say over a year but I’m not sure so don’t quote me on that). Kai has had ongoing back problems, yet he is still the main dancer of EXO and is almost always front and center, doing more complicated dance moves than anyone else in the group.

Then we have Tao, who finally took a break for this promotional period, only after reinjuring his leg, which he had originally injured late last Summer and had not let properly heal since then.

When I heard the news that Tao was going to participate in Call Me Baby performances DESPITE his leg getting worse and worse, I wasn’t a happy or proud fan at all. I was angry. That isn’t dedication. That’s being stupid.

When you get an injury, you have to let it heal properly, or else it could end up remaining a problem for the rest of your life. Kai and Tao are both dancers by profession. If they don’t care about their health, it is still in their professional interest to properly let their injuries heal before going back out and dancing again, because if they don’t and the injury ends up turning into an even bigger problem, they lose their job and the big reputation they sacrificed so much to maintain.

I know this isn’t unique to EXO. All of the groups under S.M. Entertainment have had members develop health problems due to being overworked. One of Kris’s reasons for leaving EXO was for this exact reason. I have seen this happen with Leeteuk of Super Junior, who has collapsed multiple times due to exhaustion. I don’t want this to happen to EXO too. The company contribution to this problem is something that I can’t even begin to get into.

I am happy that Tao is resting, and I want to hit him over the head every time he apologizes for taking a break. However, the problem isn’t gone. I still can’t get over the video I saw of Chanyeol running offstage to throw up during their Gayo Daejun performance, and then going back on stage to continue his rap.

Then I saw that haunting picture of Lay bleeding during one of the recent Call Me Baby performances. Now, this particular incident could have been something small. His clothes may have scratched him and he probably didn’t even notice he was bleeding until afterwards. What made me crazy though was a tweet I saw about the situation, and this is actually what sparked me to write this post:


People are praising Lay for performing despite bleeding on stage.

This is a problem. We should not be praising them for continuing to perform while hurt. We should show them that it is not them being absent that is disappointing, rather it is when they neglect to take care of themselves.

I have been on a sports team before. I understand how hard it is when a vital member of the team gets injured and needs to take a break. However even in sports, when you have other teammates relying on you, they still make you take a rest if you get injured (at least that is how it is supposed to be). If they are going to apologize to anyone, it should be the other members of the group and maybe the company who is financially supporting them, but not the fans.

That picture of Lay is not what I love about K-pop. It is what I hate about K-pop. This is the stuff that just makes me sick.


Thoughts on this?

#NowPlaying: Hopeless Love by Jimin of 15&. I love this. Unless something more interesting comes out this week, I am definitely reviewing her music video for Sunday.


One thought on “Blogging from A to Z Day 5: EXO

  1. I most certainly agree. How hard kpop idols push themselves is highly impressive, but it’s not something they should have to do. It’s not something they should do. How overworked kpop idols are is legendary, and with the added injuries on that, it’s even more astounding. To be honest, I don’t know how they do it, physically. They must be superhuman or something, because I know that if it was me, my body would just give out.


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