Blogging from A to Z Day 3: Cha Hakyeon

C is for Cha Hakyeon!


Last year my A to Z posts seemed to be dominated by VIXX, but I made a solid attempt to tone it down this year. In fact, I think this is my only one explicitly talking about one member of VIXX.

BYAHbiuCcAEUWr3Ironically, I actually did Hakyeon last year, for “N” (for those who don’t know, Cha Hakyeon and N from VIXX are the same person. His real name is Hakyeon). However, last year I dedicated the post to him as a leader. This time I just want to talk about Cha Hakyeon as a person.

Because I’m starting to grow really fond of him.

Ken and Hongbin are my biases in VIXX. After them, I would even say that N and Hyuk are tied. But in some ways, I have grown to love Hakyeon more than anyone else in VIXX, and even all of K-pop.

For one, he is an exceptional performer. He totally deserves the position of main dancer in VIXX. His blindfold dance and their special performance of Error in the past Gayo Daejuns are two of the best examples of this. He is an amazing and passionate dancer and puts on the perfect facial expressions when performing, no matter what the concept.

Not only that, but he is such a loving and honest person. He just has so much love in his heart, and is so expressive about it: toward his members, his fans, his family, and his friends. He also appears to have immense respect for his seniors in the industry. The emotion he expresses at big milestones in his career, like VIXX’s first win, their first Error win, and their first all-kill, is so precious. You can see just how humble he is and thankful he is to everyone who helped him get to where he is today.

His appreciation towards his fans is what really gets me. The following is something I found on tumblr. It’s hard to explain exactly why I love it so much, but I just do. I saw it and just felt really touched at our Cha Leader’s love.

(Taken from this user’s tumblr. I can’t find the actual post at the moment.)

On variety shows, he takes on the persona of someone who thinks a lot of himself, and is pretty hilarious about it with all of his sass and sarcasm. It makes him all the more likeable to know that he can be really funny and blunt while on the inside remain incredibly loving and humble.

Through seeing him in person at their concert back in November, I have grown such an appreciation for everything that is Cha Hakyeon.

For fun, I made a couple of videos of our Cha. The first is a lot of his violent moments with the members that I mentioned in last year’s post.

The second one I just finished a couple of weeks ago. In addition to all that I mentioned above, Cha Hakyeon is also a real scaredy-cat. So, here is all of the funny moments I have found and compiled of our Cha getting scared.


What is your favorite moment from our Cha leader? Is there anyone else in K-pop you feel this way about?

#NowPlaying: Youth Hurts by VIXX. Watching them sing this live is when I really started to fall for N. (Sidenote: This song is surprisingly hard to find a full version of on Youtube. Jellyfish has really cracked down on their copyright claims.)


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