Blogging from A to Z Day 1: Actors

A is for Actors!


It’s the first day of the A to Z challenge! While yes, this is a K-pop blog, I want to begin the month talking about something I don’t really talk about a lot on this blog: actors.

I’m much more interested in the music aspect of Korean entertainment, but I do watch the occasional drama here and there and I think I’ve finally seen enough to have garnered a list (albeit short) of my favorite actors and actresses.

Choi Jin Hyuk

(It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl; Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog)


I’ve mentioned him a couple of times on this blog. So far I’ve seen him in 2-3 dramas and despite not being that interested in him in the beginning, he inevitably ends up becoming one of my favorite characters by the end. He is just really good at making his character likable. I have noticed as well that he in particular is pretty good at making realistic facial expressions. I really want to watch more dramas that he’s been in because so far I love him.

Gong Hyo Jin

(It’s Okay, That’s Love)


I’ve only seen her in one drama, but of all of the actors in It’s Okay, That’s Love, I think she did the best job. Everything about her was believable. She cried at just the right moments at just the right intensity, got angry in the same way I would, and overall acted in a really realistic way. If I were in any of her situations in the drama, I imagine that I would have acted exactly how she portrayed her character. She is also just beautiful.


(Secret Garden)


I know he is really famous, but I’ve only seen him in one drama. Now, his character was a jerk at the beginning of the show, but he had a way of slowly making you fall in love with him despite his conceited personality while still maintaining his character. You know how a lot of the time the girl ends up falling for the jerk for either stupid reasons or no apparent reasons at all? Well, that was not the case at all for Secret Garden. As Ra Im slowly found reason to love him, so did I.

Kim Sa Eun

(Boarding House No. 24)


I absolutely love her, partly for her acting, but more importantly because she is married to our Sungmin! Of course, she was hilarious and cute and perfect in Boarding House No. 24, which is my only exposure to her as an actress, but my love for her is beyond acting by now. She is part of the SJ family! I couldn’t make a list of actresses without including her. 😉

D.O of EXO

(It’s Okay, That’s Love)


He is my one representative singer on this list. Of all singers/rappers in K-pop who I have seen go into acting, I think Kyungsoo is one of the best. When I watched him on It’s Okay, That’s Love, I totally forgot that he was D.O from EXO. He completely became Kangwoo for me. His acting was really amazing and totally unexpected. I hope to see him in many more acting opportunities in the future because he has real talent.


Who are your favorite actors/actresses? Anything you would recommend based on the ones I listed?

#NowPlaying: We Were In Love by T-ara & Davichi. I know I don’t talk about T-ara a lot, but they are probably one of my favorite girl groups. So many of their songs I instantly love.


5 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z Day 1: Actors

  1. For an American, your blog is going to be a lot of fun to read. I don’t always know who are famous and current American actors. But I too am impressed with an actor’s ability to make me think they are in a moment of terror, passion, anger or whatever emotion they portray.


  2. Well… Favorite actors… Firstly I’d like to second what you said about Choi Jin Hyuk, seeing him in The Heirs and Gu Family Book made me fall madly in love. Another actor that I absolutely adore is Kim Woo Bin, he just blows me away with his superbly intense acting. I recently saw Liar Game, and that really made me develop a fondness for Shin Sung Rok; his musical background makes him a very dramatic actor. Oh and after watching City Hunter I finally fell in love with Lee Min Ho, as I was supposed to after Boys Over Flowers.

    For actresses I really like Han Ji Min, Kim Ji Won, Yoon Eun Hye and Park Se Young.


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