Red Velvet “Ice Cream Cake” Music Video Review

The first Red Velvet music video that I actually really like! It was really hard for me to like them, and while I still wouldn’t call myself a fan, I can’t say I dislike them anymore!


I was slightly uneasy about this song based on the teaser, because frankly, that “lalalalala” sounds a bit creepy, however once I heard the full song I was pleasantly surprised. Of Red Velvet’s four singles, this is easily my favorite. The chorus is extremely catchy. There is no easy transition from the verses to the chorus, but in my opinion, part of the charm of this song is how sudden the chorus comes in.

The English is surprisingly good in this song. It is actually strange for me to hear Korean next to such perfectly pronounced English lyrics. Better yet, grammatically the lyrics make perfect sense. The only part that does not sit right with me is the very end when they say “Gimme that gimme that your lips.”

Sidenote: This won’t affect my score, but I looked up the translation of the lyrics and they don’t make any sense at all. Can anyone pick out one message in this song because I sure can’t.

Score: 4.5/5


icecreamcake5The story of this video is similar to that of Tonight by SPICA. The girls are simply going about their lives, enjoying life and being with each other. It is what those in K-pop would call “great for Springtime” without being too obviously Springy, which I appreciate. The members of Red Velvet look genuinely happy, much more so than in Happiness.

Score: 3.5/5


icecreamcake6I love how many different scenes are in this video and that there is a mix of both outdoor and indoor. It pretty perfectly reflects the carefree feeling of Summer. The special effects of the balls floating around and the giant cat are random, but ultimately really cute. The whole video is pretty light and playful, but as I said before, they do a good job at not being overly cutesy or cheerful. I am also happy that we get to see both day and night.

Score: 4/5


icecreamcake2The wardrobe is interesting in this video. They all look nice, and the clothes look good for the most part. They all look pretty comfortable and natural, which is the most important part, however some of the outfits don’t seem to match the settings. For example, why are they wearing what resembles school uniforms in icecreamcake8a desert? Or cheer-leading-looking outfits in front of a gas station?

On the positive side, I really like the light-up jackets. Wearing those at night gave us something interesting to look at and they look really cute.

icecreamcake4I know there has been some talk online about the girls of Red Velvet looking too “white” in this video. Here is my take on the situation: Living in the United States, surrounded by Caucasian people, seeing the Korean members of Red Velvet all have blonde hair and light eyes does make me a bit uncomfortable. It looks odd, as if they are trying to be something they are not. I haven’t been a icecreamcake3fan of this colored-contacts trend, but regardless of it being a fashion choice, coupling light eyes with blonde hair makes it look like they are wearing a “Caucasian” costume, which just doesn’t seem right. Wearing contacts and dying your hair is okay, but together like this and considering their setting, it looks too much like a costume to me. I would feel the same way if they tanned their skin and wore dreads.

Score: 3.5/5



I love this dance. It is so fun and fast-paced! The ice-cream-cake move is really cute. Other of my favorite moments include the dance during the rap and towards the end when they tap their hips with their hands up. There is so much movement in this dance that keeps it interesting from beginning to end. It has great rhythm and pacing. This is hands down one of the best girl group dances of the year in my opinion.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I am very happy with this video. I would say that it is an SM gem, but lately SM has been stepping up their game with almost all of their artists so I can’t even say that this is unique anymore. I am really happy to see SM stepping it up and putting more effort into making their videos unique. I wish Red Velvet all the best in the future!

Overall Final Score: 4/5


Thoughts on this video? What do you think of the hair and contacts?

#NowPlaying: Moonlight by EXO-K. One of EXO’s best. Definitely my favorite of their slower songs. I’m so excited for their comeback! The powers are coming back!!

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