Super Junior D&E “Growing Pains” Music Video Review

Sorry I’ve been pretty MIA recently. I just got out of two weeks of papers and group projects and getting sick twice and I just didn’t have time or energy to blog. But my boys are back and I had to review their music video!

*clutches heart* I know I got my fangirl post out of the way, but I still can’t watch Growing Pains without keeling over in feels. BUT this post will have no fangirling whatsoever as I review the strengths and weaknesses of Donghae and Eunhyuk’s music video.


This is a beautifully composed song. The acoustic guitar with the piano throughout make for a really nice sound throughout the entire song. The singing is also really nice from beginning to end. It starts soft and slowly adds layers of harmonization leading up to the chorus. I absolutely love the harmonization in the chorus.

Sidenote: Eunhyuk again and again is impressing me to no end with his singing ability. I can’t say it enough just how far he has come since debut. I think between the two, Eunhyuk has the stronger voice in this song.

Score: 5/5


It took me a couple of times watching the video to be able to piece one story together. This is what I got: The video begins with Donghae coming out of the growingpains23memory-erasing place, where he just signed the documents to allow the hypnotist to erase Donghae’s memories of his past lover. As he leaves, he passes by Eunhyuk. Why Eunhyuk is there we are not sure yet. Donghae continues living his life, however as he runs into things from his past, the memories of the girl come back. At the same time, we get flashbacks of Eunhyuk trying to save his failing relationship, but in the end he is rejected and left alone. Since he cannot handle the pain of losing his lover, he also chooses to go get his memories erased, leading him to run into Donghae in the beginning of the video.

Basically, both of them get their memories erased, but for Eunhyuk we see the past events leading up to him going to the hypnotist and for Donghae we see the growingpains11effects of what happens after he gets his memories erased.

I really like how circular this story is. Donghae and Eunhyuk are living mirror lives, one in the process of losing his relationship and the other trying to forget his lost relationship. It is interesting how in the end, while Eunhyuk comes to the conclusion that the only solution is to erase his memories, Donghae realizes that using hypnotism can’t actually erase the pain of losing a lover. It is really nice and meaningful, however the way the story was actually told was very simple. Unless you really look into it like I did it’s easy to see the usual break-up and regret story.

Score: 4/5


This is a nice video. It’s hard to believe this music video was produced by SM Entertainment because it has a quality much higher than most SM videos. It is really nice to be able to see so many different sets for the story. Not only are there a variety of sets, making the story look realistic, but the dance rooms look amazing as well. I especially love he rooftop scene with the epic lights in the background.growingpains12

In general, I noticed that there are some really nice transitions in this, like story-Donghae closing his eyes in the beginning leading into singer-Donghae opening his eyes once the actual song starts. On the flip side, the complicated camerawork in the dance scene is just more distracting more than anything.

Score: 4.5/5


Both Donghae and Eunhyuk look great in this. They both, along with the backup dancers, look very classy in both dance scenes. I love Eunhyuk’s leather look. It goes along really well with the lights and night-life-feel of that scene. The story scenes are nice as well.

growingpains17I only have one real complaint: Why did they make Eunhyuk look so evil in his story scenes? I understand  that he is supposed to look angry and in pain, but his expression combined with his hair hanging in his face and the jean jacket makes him look like a villain.

Score: 4.5/5


As expected from the two main dancers of Super Junior, Donghae & Eunhyuk perform this choreography perfectly. The dance is overall interesting. They make great use of the backup dancers. I love how we get moments where everyone is dancing together as well as times when Eunhyuk and the male dancers break off growingpains21while Donghae and the female dancers do their own dance.

Both Donghae and Eunhyuk really put their all into this dance. Even if it is not the most complicated or visually stimulating dance in the K-pop world, it is full of passion. I just can’t get enough of the moment where Eunhyuk and the male dancers are brought to their knees in the middle of the song.

Score: 4/5

Overall, this is one solid video. I am even venturing to say that it is one of Super Junior’s best. The song is perfect, the dance is interesting, and the video has one completely developed story with a really interesting set up. I’m really proud of Donghae for composing such an amazing song. For all of the times that they goof around, it is so gratifying to see just how well they come together and produce good music when it’s time to be serious.

Overall Final Score: 4.4/5

I hope my description of the story made sense. It makes sense in my head; I just hope I was able to portray my thoughts clearly.

A message to my K-ELFs: Where are you all? Three weeks into promotions and EunHae hasn’t won a single award for this! This is Super Junior we’re talking about! Let’s give this video the love it deserves!


What did you think of the story in this video? Any other interpretations?

#NowPlaying: Can You Feel It? By Donghae & Eunhyuk. Another of my favorites on their album. This is such a typical Super Junior song and I love it.

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