VIXX “Love Equation” Music Video Review

Alright, I got my fangirling out of the way. Time for an actual review. Now that I’ve seen this video multiple times, I conclude that it really was made for Starlights.


“The story of love-ication.”

Hehe, ignoring the cringe-worthy English, this is a fun and sweet song. I love all the raps interspersed throughout. It makes the song much more fun than those in which there is one long rap in the middle. I also really like Ken’s high-pitched note before the second and third chorus.

Objectively though, this is a pretty generic song. The chorus does not pull me in at all and the bridge does not offer a whole lot new to the song. To be totally honest, if this song wasn’t sung by VIXX, I probably wouldn’t be into it at all.

Score: 3.5/5


loveeq16This video depicts each member as he copes with his loss of love: Leo by exercising, Ken by playing games, Hongbin going through the ex’s things, Ravi stress-cleaning, and Hyuk embodying misery-loves-company. When it comes to N’s story, we see the fight, and then how he is picked up by his friends. In the end, loveeq35they all forget their troubles by practicing their dance. It is a very realistic story and I love the happy ending. The overall message of sticking with your friends when love becomes a problem is a comforting one. Having N’s story begin in the middle of the video does interrupt the overall flow however.

Score: 4/5


For the most part, this is an enjoyable video. Watching the members dance and act happy with each other will make anyone smile. The ending is done really well and goes along with the changing melody of the song perfectly.

loveeq32The most noteworthy aspect of this video is how natural it looks. All of the members of VIXX are either great actors or were acting totally themselves because nearly every part of the story was very believable. They appear to be acting how they actually would in each situation, especially with the dance practice in the end.

The main reason why my score is not higher is because the color scheme of the video does not match the sound of the song or feeling of the video. The picture and color is on the gray and duller side, and I still cannot figure out why they did it this way.

Score: 3.5/5


loveeq20I absolutely love the wardrobe in this video. Everything is so natural and realistic in the story scenes. I could actually believe that this is how each of them dress normally. It does not look staged or like a costume at all. I especially like the dance practice scene. The outfits in the dance scene also look pretty good.

Unfortunately, there was one outfit to keep this score from being perfect: N’s outfit in the main loveequationndance scene. Nothing about that baseball turtleneck shirt looks natural or even comfortable. Even Leo’s taekwondo shirt is forgivable, but I cannot ignore N’s outfit.

Personal bias time: KEN’S HAIR! The fluffy look is growing on me, but I just cannot get enough of his hair in the dance scene. Ken’s gelled up hair is the best.

Score: 4.9/5


I know this is supposed to be a tribute to a 90s era, so I understand that the dance is purposely this specific style, but I can’t say that it is up to par with other dances in the K-pop world, especially other VIXX dances. There are some genuinely cute moments, like the members crouching around Leo in the beginning or Ravi pulling Hongbin back during his singing part, but there is not really anything particularly amazing about this dance. Spelling out V-I-X-X in the chorus is creative, but in practice looks a little childish to me.loveeq1

There is one moment that I love, which is not in the actual music video but in the live performances, which is during Ken’s high note before the final chorus. Ken winds his hands back as if he is holding a baseball bat, and then swings it while all of the members and backup dancers jump back as if they were all hit. When watched from afar, it looks really cool.

Score: 3/5

Overall, I did genuinely enjoy this music video, but that is because I am a Starlight. I am a fan of VIXX, so I enjoyed the cute moments here and there and seeing the members act like themselves. However at the same time, because I know what VIXX is capable of, I know that they can do better. I was looking back at their error and eternity performances, and concepts aside, there was just so much thought and creativity and skill in those comebacks that this one just lacks. It’s such a step down for them. However, it is a remake single, so I can forgive this comeback. This was for the fans, both VIXX’s and r.ef’s. My faith in them is not lost at all and I am not the least bit disappointed. I know they will be back to their full potential for the next album.

Overall Final Score: 3.8/5

Favorite Moment:

loveequationgifI can honestly see this happening whenever any of them comes home with a broken heart.

Question of the Day:

What’s your Love Equation? How do you cope with a broken heart?

#NowPlaying: 가지가지해 by ZE:A. I’m not totally sure what the translation of the title is (I’ve seen Variety of Ways, Varied To, and Digger Digger so I have no idea.) but this is a good song. ZE:A is so underrated.

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