VIXX’s “Love Equation” – The Fangirl Version

My VIXX boys are back!! Before posting an official review, I needed to get this out of my system. The following is literally what goes through my head while watching their newest music video for Love Equation. Starlights, I know you feel me.

loveeq1Look at this adorable dance! I can’t wait for the dance practice video 😀

loveeq2I can’t get enough of it! So cute!


loveeq4My bias’s time to shine 🙂

loveeq5Kenbin! This is too cute!

loveeq6This concept screams Hyuk. He suits it the best out of everyone. (Bonus: Look at Ken’s face in this pic 😛 I didn’t even notice it until now)

loveeq7realI loooove this transition.

loveeq8Saddest part of the whole video. 😦 Poor Ken…

loveeq9real*implodes* How does he always have such good hairstyles??

loveeq10The only really cheesy moment for me. Hongbin, put your sparkly fairy hands away.

loveeq11Our Dancing Cha getting into the music.

loveeq12Finally they are putting his athletic ability to use! I just got done watching him play basketball in the Idol Star Athletics Competition and he owned. ❤

loveeq13Adorable little BingBong. My second bias ❤

loveeq14This totally took me by surprise! I finally figured out that it’s Ravi holding him from behind! VIXX seems to really like these grabbing moves lol.

loveeq15I can’t explain why I love this part so much. Hyuk being playful always gets me.

loveeq16Leo being frustrated because of a girl 😦 He would be so precious in a real relationship.

loveeq17This video just gives me so much happiness.

loveeq18Hyukawaii! He looks so adorable in this scene.

loveeq19Omg another smiling Leo! >_<


And now for Hyuk and Ravi’s Bro Talk:

loveeq20“Come on, Bro. Take a seat. Tell me all about it.”

loveeq22“Here Bro, have some ice cream. You’ll feel better, I promise.”

loveeq22.2“Nah Man, I’m good.”

loveeq22.3“EAT. IT.”



Lol I love that scene way too much.

loveeq23Oh my gosh. Look at his face. Please, no one ever break this precious boy’s heart.

loveeq24Even in a music video N looks at Leo with the most loving eyes. ❤ Hehe I love all the fingers 😛

loveeq25Oh God. Ravi. Please. You’re a rapper.

loveeq26*screams along with them* This is my favorite part ^_^

loveeq27Aww Besties. 🙂

loveeq28I love how Leo walks in all cool and just tosses the ball to Ken. I want him in my crew.

loveeq29realTypical Ken. 🙂 So much of this video looks like it wasn’t scripted at all.

loveeq30Leo sipping his soda while the kids play.


loveeq32*clutches heart* This is my other favorite part. Picking their leader up when he’s down. ❤

loveeq33realEVEN LEO COMFORTED HIM! 😥 This scene touches me so much. *sprinkles warm fuzzies all over the place*

loveeq34The cutest! Look at Kenneth’s smile!

loveeq35I love this so much. When life gets you down, do a silly dance with your best friends. ❤ ❤

loveeq36And ending with a Hyukken moment! Adorable right until the very end. ❤

And now let’s watch it all again! Hehe:

Okay. Okay, I’m done. 😛 I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

I’m going to post a review for MYNAME’s new video within the next couple of days and then it’s on to VIXX! Hopefully I’ll have VIXX’s review done by the weekend. Stay tuned!

#NowPlaying: Memory by Ravi and Hyuk. Haha speaking of fangirling. I was just as excited for this song to come out as I was for the Love Equation music video and it did not disappoint! Ravi and Hyuk SLAYED!

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