MYNAME “too very so MUCH” Music Video Review

Well, that is quite a title. I can’t believe these are the same guys from the Baby I’m Sorry music video. That is the last video I saw by them and WOW is this a change of appearance!


Even if I am not a fan, I agree with all of those MYNAME fans saying that MYNAME is underrated. They are all pretty talented, and it shows in this song. The main singer (Light brown hair. Sorry, I don’t know his name 😦 ) does an amazing job with the chorus. Everyone’s parts suit their voice and persona really well in this song. I am obsessed with this chorus.

While I love all of the repetition in this song and how fun it all is, I think they overdo the repetitions. By the end of the song, I am pretty much done hearing “golmeori golmeori-meori-meori-meori” over and over again.

Score: 3.5/5


soverymuch3This video takes a peek into JunQ’s brain as he lies passed out due to his encounter with the Pretty Girl. All of the members run around his brain, trying to get Pretty Girl to fix JunQ before his brain, quite literally, explodes with feels. Right as their time is about to expire, she disappears, leaving the members a dazed and confused mess.

soverymuch4The story is really light hearted and fun, and I really enjoyed it. It is always entertaining watching boy group members run around not knowing what they are doing. I find the ending to be pretty anti-climactic though. After all that panic to fix JunQ, he just wakes up and the Pretty Girl walks away. So…what was the point of what I just watched?

Score: 4/5


soverymuch6This is a classic fun and colorful K-pop video. Even if you’re not into the story, the images of the members running around and making funny faces at the camera is a entertaining in and of itself. I personally loved watching the members follow the girl around while lipsyncing to the song. The selective colors and background in that scene look really cool as well.

The concept of having an entire world as part of JunQ’s brain is really creative, and I appreciate how much effort that took, but sometimes it is easy to forget that we are actually inside his brain and not just a whole separate world. That could make the story slightly confusing at times.

Score: 4/5


soverymuch1For the most part, I love this video’s wardrobe. The funky street style is put together perfectly and the members embody their different looks really well. I particularly like the main singer’s sleeveless look in the dance scene and Seyong’s colorful lab outfit. There are a couple of straight up weird one-piece outfits in this, but other than that, the wardrobe is great.soverymuch2

One question: Why on earth does JunQ have freckles when he is passed out? They are not there for the rest of the video and it looks too unnatural.

Score: 4.5/5


While the “meori” line got old by the end, I did not once get sick of the head-clutching moves in this dance. Everything about this dance is so entertaining. At some points they act silly, and others they seriously dance, creating one really nice and dynamic dance. I love how fast-paced it is. Overall it fits the beat of the song perfectly.

Interestingly, I find that having backup dancers actually takes away from the dance. All of the different people and position changes makes the dance chaotic at times, and I honestly think they would have done great with just the five members.

Score: 4/5

Overall, I really enjoyed this video. It is colorful, with a catchy song and entertaining dance. I know close to nothing about MYNAME’s usual style, but they were definitely made for this concept.

Overall Final Score: 4/5


Any other interpretations of the story? What did you think of this video?

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4 thoughts on “MYNAME “too very so MUCH” Music Video Review

  1. YES! You finally reviewed a MYNAME mv! ❤ As a new MyGirl, I do think they're really underrated. But, after watching Baby I'm Sorry a few weeks ago, I actually went through your site but could not find an mv review for it, because I was kind of confused about it and wanted to see your thoughts about it (your mv interpretations are totally different from mine, as I usually pay more attention to the music rather than the mv itself). You mentioned that you watched Baby I'm Sorry before, so could you do a mv review for it?


    1. I know, I can’t believe this is my first time reviewing them too! I’m so happy you enjoyed it! 🙂 I didn’t get to review Baby I’m Sorry because by the time I watched it, it was months after the video had come out so I figured it was old news. I did write a little paragraph about it in my Top Ten Videos of 2013 Post ( I very briefly explain the story there, but would you really want a full review of the video? I’ve never reviewed an old video before, but if it’s something you’re interested in, I’d totally do it!


      1. Welp, this is extremely late to the party, but since I literally finished watching Baby I’m Sorry and immediately rushed here hoping you would’ve reviewed it… yep! I would love to see a review of it. Welp, that’s embarrassing, heh. (By the way helloooo, I lurked here for a good while now and I love your blog).


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