It’s My 2nd Anniversary! (plus My Favorite Artists UPDATED)

Oh wow. Two years already. That just blows my mind.

Last year flew by. When I think of 2013, I want to say that it was just a year ago, but now it’s already 2015.

2014 was a pretty good year for my blog. I got a bunch of new followers and traffic (A huge thanks to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge!). I also figured out a good system of how to do my reviews, reactions, and end of the month summaries. I guess my mission for this third year of blogging should be to get more of a two-way dialogue going with my readers. A couple of you have started commenting regularly, and I would absolutely love to hear from more of you and get to know you all better. (If twitter is easier, tweet me! I’m @mystification86.)

I would also really like to start another regular segment aside from my weekly reviews and monthly summaries, but we’ll see about that. I’m really going to need to figure out better time management if I’m going to add on something else to this blog. And I’ll have to figure out what that something else will be.

So last year for my anniversary post, I wrote out a list of my top 15 favorite k-pop artists. I thought it would be a little redundant to do the same thing again, but looking back, my preferences have changed quite a bit. A lot of groups are now on the list that were not there before and unfortunately some groups have fallen from the list. To keep things new and interesting, instead of putting just my bias, I’ll include my top two biases in each group.

The following are, in reverse order, my current top 15 favorite K-pop artists. I’m sure this list could change in the next year, but this is what it is for now. Here we go!

#15: b1A4


Oh B1A4. Their songs are either super hits or super misses for me, but I just can’t shake them from this list. They are just too fun and cute. I have been a fan of them since their debut, and it’s been pretty cool seeing them grow, but at the same time stay the same ol’ B1A4 that captivated me back in “OK.”

My Bias: Gongchan.


I chose him as my bias from the very beginning and it hasn’t changed at all. He is the definition of a precious flowerboy.

2nd Bias: Jinyoung.


It took me forever to be able to tell him and Gongchan apart. hehehe. He is a real artist though. He composes almost all of their songs.


#14: MBLAQ


πŸ˜₯ Please, please don’t disband. Of course by the time I add them to my bias list two of the members leave the group. They have such amazing songs. I love literally every one of their singles. They are also hilarious at variety.

My Bias: Lee Joon πŸ˜₯


Sigh…He was really an amazing singer and dancer. Even though he will still be around as an actor, I will really miss seeing him onstage and in MBLAQ’s music videos. I hope he at least stays in the variety show world. His personality is half of his charm.

2nd Bias: Mir


He is adorable. He is one of those people whose mental age will be five no matter how old he gets. He is also one hell of a rapper. Oh wait…I guess now with Joon out of the picture he is technically my new bias…


#13: f(X)


Yessss. They are the first girl group I really got into. Ever since Nu ABO I have been loving their songs and styles. I love that they will probably never do a sexy concept, because they totally kick a** without any of that.

My Bias: Luna

top15fxlunaLovely Luna. She is so beautiful, inside and out. She is one of those really genuine celebrities who is crazy talented, but never let her fame or talent get to her head.

2nd Bias: Amber


This is a recent development. Her look and rap both have always been either hit or miss for me, but lately after watching her on variety shows and After School Club, her personality has totally won me over. She is another really cool and genuine person. I CAN’T WAIT FOR HER SOLO DEBUT!


#12: Big Bang/G-Dragon


Ah yes. Big Bang. One of the Kings of K-pop. I think inside every K-pop person is a Big Bang fan. How can you not love them? They have done all sorts of concepts and produce hit after hit after hit. I can’t wait for their comeback this year. It’s about time.

My Bias: G-Dragon


I am including him as a soloist as my #12 as much as Big Bang as a group. He is my favorite in Big Bang partly because I love him totally on his own as a soloist. He is one of the few people in the K-pop industry who I would call a true artist.

2nd Bias: Seungri

As of last year, he and GD were tied, but unfortunately GD took over the spot of the bias. But I still really like Seungri. I don’t support all parts of him, but for history’s sake, he is still my second bias. I do also think he is physically the best-looking out of all of the members, which is of course how I choose my biases initially.


#11: Girls’ Generation


My girls πŸ™‚ I don’t think I will ever stop loving Girls’ Generation. As far as groups go, they are the Queens of K-pop. The way they dress and their choreography just set them apart from almost all other girl groups.

My Bias: Taeyeon


Ever since I first heard Gee, back when I didn’t even know K-pop existed, I could pick out Taeyeon’s voice as so far above the rest. She is so incredibly talented as a singer and she is just beautiful. Whether or not they are still together, Baekhyun is one lucky guy because Taeyeon is a gem.

2nd Bias: Sooyoung


Oh my God, talk about gorgeous. She literally doesn’t have a bad angle. Plus she can sing and dance and she is so cute and hilarious. Sooyoung is the whole package.

#10: Block B


Don’t even get me started on Block B. It’s like someone picked apart my brain, took every type of music that I like, and put it in a blender to have Block B come out. I don’t really have an opinion about their looks or personalities, but their songs and music videos are everything I love in music.

My Biases: B-Bomb and U-Kwon. Don’t ask me to choose between the two because I just can’t. I used to say B-Bomb was my bias, but that never did U-Kwon any justice.


#9: BoA


Now she is the real queen of K-pop. Or maybe was is the better term, because where has she been for the past three years? I loved so many of BoA’s past songs and music videos. At one point, she was my ultimate female bias. Now we just need her to come back before people start forgetting about her. :/

#8: U-KISS


Poor U-KISS. They went from my #2 to my #3 now down to my #8, all because of these young’ns debuting and stealing the spotlight. I am probably the least loyal KissMe out there, but I am still a KissMe. They have released too many hits for me not to love them.

My Biases: AJ and Jun. It used to be AJ, but hey, I have to cope somehow now that he is studying at Columbia. He and Jun can battle it out once he returns from college. Until then, Jun can keep the bias spot warm. πŸ˜›

top15ukissjunOh wow, I just realized how much they look alike. Maybe that’s why Jun caught my eye…

#7: SHINee


Now here is the definition of loyalty. SHINee is the first K-pop group I ever got into, and even though they have released song after song after song that I don’t like, I still keep them in my heart. I know that it’s just a phase and that they will be back with a song to sweep me off my feet. They are talented enough.

My Bias: Taemin


Interestingly, SHINee is the only group in which every single member has been my bias at one point or another. However I have a feeling that now it will stay at Taemin. I always felt a connection to him, and now that he has matured and gained a huge amount confidence, he is a real force to be reckoned with.

2nd Bias: Jonghyun.

Funfact: He was my first ever bias in K-pop. Of all the members, he was probably my bias for the longest, even if he’s not anymore. I still love him though. No matter how much he changes and grows, Jonghyun will always have a special place in my heart.


#6: EXO


None of you know this, but I really did not want to like EXO when they first debuted. They were copying Super Junior, SM was being ridiculous with all of the teasers and prologues, and I really wanted to hate them just on principle. But then Wolf came out. And then they were all on Weekly Idol. And I fell in love. With each and every one of them.

My Bias: Lay


He is so precious. I just want to put him in my pocket and keep him forever. As I was looking for a picture to use, I made the realization that eventually he could very well end up on my ultimate bias list. He is talented in every way, and is such a pure person.

2nd Bias: Don’t even ask. I can’t choose between Chen, Baekhyun, Tao, and Kyungsoo. I literally love every single member of EXO.


#5: Ailee

sept donttouchme

Ultimate female bias. Hands down. I don’t want to do BoA injustice, but Ailee is a QUEEN. I have never heard anyone with a voice as amazing and powerful as hers. Then when you see how funny and down to earth she is…I can’t comprehend how such a near-perfect person can exist.

#4: BTOB

Another group I have not been very loyal to. I was crazy loyal to them when they debuted, but these past couple of years I haven’t been a huge fan of their comebacks and their best friends kind of stole all of my attention. But, BTOB is still one hilarious group of guys with insane talent.

My Bias: Minhyuk


I really want him to have a solo debut one day. Of all of the members, he would honestly be the best. He can sing (and is amazing at it). He can rap (and is one of my favorite rappers). He can dance. He has the face. He has the personality. He just shines.

2nd Bias: Ilhoon

top15btobilhoon2How is it possible to be able to flawlessly pull off two totally different personas? He is the one who started the gwiyomi trend, yet he can rap like it’s nobody’s business and pull off the intimidating look flawlessly. How???

#3: B.A.P


I’m dying right now. My poor B.A.P πŸ˜₯ I really hope they come back to the music scene. The way they were treated at TS was absolutely horrible, but they are way too talented to be totally out of K-pop. I miss them so much. It hurts to listen to their songs now and be so unsure of what their future holds.

My Bias: Jongup

Who else? He used to be my 3rd ultimate bias but alas…well you’ll see as you continue reading. I still can’t explain it, but somehow the moment I knew Jongup’s name I knew he was one of my ultimate biases. As they say, you don’t choose the bias; the bias chooses you.

2nd Bias: A tie between Daehyun and Youngjae. It used to be Youngjae, but Daehyun totally slayed me at the Chicago concert. I miss them.

#2: VIXX


Look at that. They weren’t on this list at all last year, and in a matter of months they jumped up to number 2. No one will beat my #1, but I swear I don’t obsess over any group these days more than I do with VIXX. They have been one of the most gratifying groups to be a fan of.

My Bias: Ken


Ultimate bias #3 right here. Yup, he took over Jongup’s spot, and I’m not even guilty. If you see me on twitter, this shouldn’t come as a shock at all. He is just everything. Three pictures for his three different personalities.

2nd Bias: Hongbin


Come on. Have you seen anyone more handsome? Looks aside, he is one sassy, sarcastic, hilarious, but also really sweet and cute person. And watching him grow as a performer has been awe-inspiring.


#1: Super Junior


You all knew it. My babies. My loves. My supermen. I love them with all my heart. My love for them is beyond words. My love for them is beyond music. Even when they are 50 years old and I am a mom with K-pop loving kids ( πŸ˜› ), they will always be my favorite. ELF for five years and counting.

I wasn’t sure which era to use for my picture, but I like this one because it includes Henry and Zhoumi πŸ™‚ It doesn’t feel right without Leeteuk there but oh well. I share enough pictures of all of them.

Bias: Donghae


The ultimate bias. He needs no words.

2nd Bias: Eunhyuk


Ultimate Bias #2. Like Minhyuk, he is literally talented at everything.


Yup. Donghae, Eunhyuk, and Ken. That’s pretty much my life right now. (And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Donghae and Eunhyuk had better step up their game because I have no control over what Ken does these days.)

Honorable mentions: GOT7, Eric Nam, T-Ara, BTS and Jung Joon Young. They could very well be on this list next year. (Well, for now I like T-ara and BTS more for the music than the members…)

Yes, this post was very picture-heavy, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words. So I basically gave you around 50 thousand words. πŸ˜› No I just got a little too excited while putting this together. I mostly critique on this blog, so this post is for my stars to shine without me getting in the way.

Question of the Day:

Who are your bias groups and ultimate biases? Do you have a top 15?

#NowPlaying: Burning by PHANTOM. I don’t know anything about them aside from the main singer’s name, but this is one of my all time favorite songs.


One thought on “It’s My 2nd Anniversary! (plus My Favorite Artists UPDATED)

  1. I have very clear lists on my blog about which my favorite groups are, but that was all written over a year ago, so maybe it’s about time I go update my list as well… Very interesting read, it’s always nice to know what groups people are into. It’s not always as obvious as you would think.


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