U-KISS “Playground” Music Video Review

Guys…I think Jun is my new bias. At least until AJ comes back he’s my bias.


This is a really nice song. I love the guitar and Latin sound to it. It has the perfect mix of upbeat and slow. The only part of the instrumental that I feel doesn’t fit is the random electronic sounds. The whole song has somewhat of an acoustic feel, which surprisingly suits U-KISS really well.

I really appreciated how rather than one long rap, Jun and Eli share smaller raps spread throughout the song. The composition of this song is great. I am so happy we got to hear Jun sing! He has such a good singing voice for a rapper.

Score: 4.5/5


playground1Playground is a pretty simple video. For the first half we see the members sitting alone and appearing sad, and then the dance is introduced in front of a blank background. The simplicity of the video is nice, but it also gets boring at times. I like seeing Jun walking around and Kevin sitting outside, but aside from that, I kept waiting for something to happen.

This is a video where flickering lights or black silhouettes could actually have made the video more interesting.

Score: 3/5


Let’s start with the good: All of them look great in their sweaters and polos. The cozy style fit the sound of the song and they pull off the look really well. I also really like everyone’s hair in this. In the “story” scenes, I personally think Hoon and Jun had the best looks.

Now for the bad, and unfortunately I found the bad to be really bad. The black suits are just atrocious. Maybe if the pattern was just on the bottom of the jackets, it have been okay but playground3having a strip of white sticks right in the middle is just too disruptive, and the pattern really should not have been anywhere on the pants. I also personally don’t find the other striped suits fashionable at all.

This is a side point, but in the story scenes, some of the members look like they are actually wearing lipstick, which just looks odd to me.

I feel so sorry about saying these things about one of my favorite groups, but if we are really being honest here, I did not like the wardrobe of the dance scenes at all. 😦 Sorry, U-KISS.

Score: 3/5


playground2Now for something more positive. 🙂 The dance of this video is really nice. The whole thing fits the rhythm and pace of the song perfectly. The movements are so fluid and creative. The handkerchief dance is really unique and they pull it off very smoothly. This is not a dance that will blow anyone’s mind, but it is the perfect accompaniment for this particular song.

Score: 4/5

Overall, I am really happy with this video. It may not seem so based on my review, but I genuinely enjoyed it. After three years of okay songs, with just a couple of exceptions, this song was such a refreshing sound from U-KISS. And after their unfortunate previous video that I want so badly to erase from their past, this video brought me so much relief.

Overall Final Score: 3.7/5

Favorite Moment:


This is more my favorite part of the song than of the video. Jun has a really great voice, both for rapping and singing.


What did you think of Playground?

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One thought on “U-KISS “Playground” Music Video Review

  1. This didn’t do much for me at all. It wasn’t bad, it just gave me nothingness. I’m very happy that we got to hear Jun sing though! He’s really growing on me, even though I still think the age gap is a bit weird.


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