Jung Yong Hwa “One Fine Day” Music Video Review

I’m still busy busy busy but I did not want this video to get left behind! (Regular readers, please scroll to the end and read my question for you!)


I still think Yong Hwa has a beautiful voice, but this particular song is not my cup of tea. The emotions are great, but there does not seem to be a natural flow as other ballads have. It is hard for me to stay interested for the whole thing.

It is a decent song with a passionate chorus for those who like ballads, but for me it’s just okay.

Score: 3/5


onefineday3I absolutely love this story. Yong Hwa is in a club, and his eyes lock on a girl. We are then given the entire development of their relationship, from when they first exchange numbers through the height of their relationship, and to their breakup. The club scene is shown again, and we can assume that this is occurring after the breakup. When Yong Hwa sees her, he think he will finally have a chance with her again, but then sees her dancing with another guy. He realizes that she’s moved on and leaves, however, it turns out that she was not actually with the guy, but the fact that Yong Hwa leaves forces her to really move on. Finally, in the end, when Yong Hwa has gotten in a new relationship, he sees the same girl and realizes that he still may not be totally over her, nor onefinedaythumbshe over him.

The development of the story is great. I am really impressed with how acting is in this video. It has the sweet and satisfying moments of when they were together, and the end leaves you with that little twinge of sadness over what could have happened if certain things had happened differently.

My only complaint is that while we watched the details of how they got together and how the relationship was when it was strong, we were not really given any details at all about why they broke up. That was the only real loose end in the story.

Score: 4.9/5


In addition to the acting, the editing of the video is part of why the story is so good. In most videos like this, the flashback is the main storyline in the video, however with the addition of onefineday2the club scene and the final scene of the two couples on the escalator, we get a longer and deeper plot.

All of the sets look very realistic. Because of that and the relationship scenes the editors chose to add, you could really feel the emotion of every scene – except for the breakup scene. I especially like how the club scene is done. Focusing on his face the entire time gives so much more meaning to that scene than any other type of acting could.

Score: 4.5/5


All of the outfits are pretty natural and realistic. The airport outfits were really cute – actually that whole scene was just adorable. I appreciate that there are a lot of different outfits, showing the progression of time.

Score: 5/5

Overall, I loved this video. Usually I tend to forget the ballad music videos, but the flashbacks in this were just too cute and the way everything came together in the end really makes this video stand out compared to others. This is more than the typical reminiscent story. It’s deeper and more detailed.

Overall Final Score: 4.4/5



It was really hard to pick just one moment, but I can’t get enough of these airport scenes. Pretending not to care, but then actually caring… ❤

Okay, I have a question for you regular readers. Obviously I have a bad habit of posting reviews very late, sometimes two whole weeks after a music video has come out. Sometimes a bunch of new videos will come out at once, and I want to talk about all of them, so I will space them out so that I can review each one, resulting in the later reviews being posted several days after the music video has been released.

My question for you is, would you rather I try getting reviews out closer to the date when the music video came out, resulting in me having to just altogether skip reviewing some videos so that I have time to write up-to-date reviews, or should I just stick with my current system and review all of the videos that I can, pushing some reviews to be posted well after the music video has been released?

Please fill out the poll or comment below! This would really help me in structuring how to make this blog more enjoyable for you guys!


Between this and Mileage, what do you think of Yonghwa’s solo debut? Which video did you like better?

#NowPlaying: Love U by Teen Top. I just discovered this song, and it is beautiful. I didn’t know Teen Top could make such a soft, sensitive song that would touch me so much. (Bonus: Apparently L.Joe wrote and composed it himself!)

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One thought on “Jung Yong Hwa “One Fine Day” Music Video Review

  1. love both ofd & mileage [songs, mv/s]-both satisfy the fangirl feels in me. i was entertained & i enjoyed watching both mv/s [still is tbh]. i’m thankful for this solo for a thousand & one reasons but mainly because yonghwa got to explore & express the many facets of his creative self . for someone as young and as talented as him it’s not good to be boxed in [nothing ventured,nothing gained] or not have outlets to explore & nurture his god-given creativity. so yeah fighting to you jung yonghwa!!! top of the world!!!


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