Can’t Miss Songs and Dances of 2014

Now that you know where I stand on the best music videos of the year, it’s time to get to the heart of K-pop: the songs and dances.

It’s always a shame to find an amazing song that has a …well, terrible music video. It’s even more of a shame when a song actually has an amazing dance, but no one will watch it because the artist is not very popular. I’m here to fix that!

Let’s start with the songs. This was definitely not a good year for songs. There were a few gems, but other than that it was mostly a lot of songs that were pretty good but by no means amazing.Last year was definitely much better.

The first five are in order, starting with “Be A Man” as my favorite. After that I put the rest in alphabetical order. Here is the playlist, and below I have the songs listed out:


  1. MBLAQ – Be a Man
  2. BEAST – Good Luck
  3. Song Ji Eun – Don’t Look At Me Like That
  4. GD & Taeyang – Good Boy
  5. Super Junior – Evanesce

What really makes K-pop different from mainstream Western music is the dances. In K-pop, simply singing doesn’t cut it. To be a real success in K-pop is to be able to perform truly amazing dances. I found a surprisingly low amount of dances worth a 5/5 this year, but there were a few that came close.

Same as with the songs, I’ll have my top five favorites first, and then the rest in alphabetical order:


  1. 100% – Beat
  2. BEAST – 12:30
  3. BTS – Danger
  4. Boyfriend – Witch
  5. INFINITE – Back

And that’s my final post from 2014! Like I said, it wasn’t the best year, but hopefully 2015 will be able to pick up the pieces left by 2014 and give us a much better year full of amazing songs and dances.


What was your Top 5 songs this year?

#NowPlaying: Wherever Together by HA:TFELT. I didn’t include this on the list because it’s not a single, but this is one of the best songs I heard this year. (I try to make all of these #nowplaying songs non-single tracks that I would recommend.)


One thought on “Can’t Miss Songs and Dances of 2014

  1. My top 5 songs of last year are B.A.P’s Lovesick (I honestly like this song more than 1004), Song Ji Eun’s Don’t Look At Me Like That (I like this more than 25), SONAMOO’s EVERLASTING LOVE (I like this song more than Deja Vu), Shannon’s Daybreak Rain and Jeon Minju and Yuna Kim’s Goodbye Rain ft. Hyunkyu of Bromance. 🙂


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