Top 50 Music Videos of 2014: #20-11

It’s Day 4 of the End of the Year Countdown! Click Here to start from Day 1 (#50-41).

160 music videos later, I have compiled a list of what are, in my humble opinion, the best K-pop music video to come out this year. This takes into account the song, story (if applicable), cinematography/appearance of the video, wardrobe, and dance (if applicable). The effectiveness of each factor in keeping a viewer entertained as well as how well the different factors balance each other out all equally contribute to my ranking of them in this list.

Every day, for the next five days, I will share with you ten music videos, in order, that I feel were put together with the best care, starting with #50 and ending with the #1 best music video of 2014 on New Years Eve.

Here are #20-11 of the Top 50 Music Videos of 2014!

#20: K.Will – Day 1


K.Will’s video tells the painfully relatable story of Park Minwoo trying to impress a girl who appears to have no idea he exists. In a surprise ending, we find out that the girl, SoYou, has actually had a similar crush on Minwoo the whole time, making the whole video a sweet and funny incident to watch. The song is a classic K.Will song, very easy on the ears and full of sweetness.

#19: LYn & Leo – Blossom Tears


VIXX’s Leo takes “Always and forever” to the twisted extreme in Blossom Tears. This video involved Leo having some sort of mental disorder, which is very unique in the K-pop world. The story is full of twists, and actually makes you sympathize with the murderer in the end. Because of the scenes that the editors chose to put in and the way that Leo is portrayed, we do actually feel sorry for him and want nothing more than for him to find true love in the end.

#18: Beast – No More


Through interesting images of Junhyung and his girlfriend posting pictures on Beastagram, this video portrays the message that technology ruins romances. In our age of constant access and attention to technology, it’s inevitable that our real-life relationships will suffer, just like that between Junhyung and Lee Yubi. The video as a whole is put together really well and actually conveys a meaning very true to today’s society.

#17: Jung Joon Young & Younha – Just the Way You ARe


The story in this video is just so cute, and also easy to relate to. We all have those things about us that make us unique, but that others will say hinder us from being “normal.” For a lot of us, that might actually be K-pop itself. Jung Joon Young and Younha sing about how we are all fine “Just the way [we] are” and demonstrate that in a cute story about two misunderstood kids.

#16: HI SUHYUN – I’m different


You won’t be able to watch this video without smiling at least once. These two cuties from YG come together with Bobby to sing a fun song and act in a story of two awkward best friends trying to get the attention of the cool older guy.  Lee Hi and Suhyun are just the cutest, and at the same time have beautiful, powerful voices that blow me away. The video is so much fun to watch and overall put together without a single dull moment to be found.

#15: 2ne1 – Come Back Home


I present to you K-pop’s version of The Matrix. I admit, it may take a couple of watches to truly appreciate the deep and meaningful storyline. What I got from it: 2NE1 create this drug that can make a person feel like they are in a “virtual paradise” and Dara’s boyfriend becomes addicted to it, preferring it over reality. 2NE1 see the harm they caused, so they go into the virtual reality and destroy it from the inside. I’m telling you, this is what our future is going to be like.

#14: San E & Raina – A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness


After LYn and Leo, San E and Raina sing probably my next favorite collaboration song of the year. Raina’s singing style sounds perfect next to San E’s smooth rapping. The video uses the split-screen effect really well to show the parallel lives of our two singers meeting and getting to know each other. We get to see the two sides of a relationship all while following the same story.

#13: SoYou & Junggigo – Some


I think everyone in the K-pop world has heard this song at least once. Hey, it was popular for a good reason. SoYou and Junggigo have so much chemistry between their voices in this song. Surprisingly, the video itself was not nearly as well known, but in my opinion it was just as good. We get to see the hilarious story of when text messaging goes wrong. Baro and Dasom perfectly capture what it is like to put so much thought into the texts to and from a crush.

#12: IU – SogyeokDong


If you’re looking for a unique video, look no further. IU and Seo Tae Ji team up to create this interesting song, and produce a dramatic, history-inspired music video. It is about two young lovers in the middle of a war-ridden Korea. I love how their love story is directly affected by the historical happenings in Sogyeokdong, the area in which they live. I not only was entertained, but also learned a bit of Korean history from this video.

For those interested, I found this link to be very helpful in understanding the time period in which this video takes place:

#11: Park Hyo shin – Happy Together


Nostalgia-inducing videos about kids also seemed to be a trend this year. Park Hyo Shin came back with a sweet video about a boy literally living out his dream adventures. The song already has a nostalgic feel, and the video only intensifies that as we watch this little boy follow his imaginary butterflies to see his favorite singer. Watching this video, we feel both the thrill of being a kid as well as the heart-warming appreciation adult-Park Hyo Shin feels at seeing his young fan come to see him.

That’s it for today! Check back in tomorrow for the Top 10! 2014 is almost over!


3 thoughts on “Top 50 Music Videos of 2014: #20-11

  1. I love how passionate you are in Kpop 😀 I can see that you really love Kpop through your words, so I’m so happy that I meet a passionate author like you ❤ I think your website need more attention! Everything about this website is beautiful and thanks to you, now I know good Kpop music videos 🙂 I really love watching those, you know. Sorry for my bad english and I hope you will always write, even for your silent readers. Fighting!

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