Top 50 Music Videos of 2014: #40-31

It’s Day 2 of the 2014 countdown! Click Here to start from Day 1 (#50-41).

160 music videos later, I have compiled a list of what are, in my humble opinion, the best K-pop music video to come out this year. This takes into account the song, story (if applicable), cinematography/appearance of the video, wardrobe, and dance (if applicable). The effectiveness of each factor in keeping a viewer entertained as well as how well the different factors balance each other out all equally contribute to my ranking of them in this list.

Every day, for the next five days, I will share with you ten music videos, in order, that I feel were put together with the best care, starting with #50 and ending with the #1 best music video of 2014 on New Years Eve.

Here are #40-31 of the Top 50 Music Videos of 2014!

#40: AlphaBAT – Ddan Dda La


AlphaBAT opened up 2014 with one of my favorite songs of the year. Similar to BTL’s Too-G, this video is the action movie montage video. It features AlphaBAT dancing in sleek, secret-agent outfits on pretty cool sets. While it is the typical dance video, they really pull off the characters of the action heroes about to attack the enemy. There is just so much charisma and allure to this video. Everything about the concept fits together so perfectly.

#39: Megan Lee – 8dayz


If this was eight years ago and she was blonde and singing about Drew and the teardrops on her guitar, I would have thought I was listening to Taylor Swift. The sound of this song is unique for K-pop, and it was refreshing to hear. I love how happy and springy this video was. The filming in the beginning with everything happening around her while she sings is really entertaining, and I absolutely love the way she introduces Junhyung. Overall, a fun, light video that will make you really feel like “It’s a new day.”

#38: infinite F – My Heart is Beating


As a non-Inspirit, I was surprised at how much I liked this video. It is a light-hearted video paying homage to Spongebob (:P ) with a cute and fun story. The light song matches the feel of the story and from beginning to end the video is just nice to watch. It is such a treat to be able to listen to a song sung by the three members who arguably receive the least amount of parts in INFINITE songs, and they did a great job.

#37: Yoon Mi Rae (with Tiger JK & Bizzy) – Angel


I feel like I just talked about this video since it was the last one I reviewed, but it really was put together so well. It was simple with the three MFBTY rappers doing their thing while flashing to snips of Tiger JK and Bizzy preparing for their battle with each other. It gives one the sense of nostalgia and family, especially with the images of all of the people at the end. As one who is extremely close to her family, this video really touched me. I feel like we got some real, genuine emotions from Yoon Mi Rae, Tiger JK, and Bizzy in this.

#36: 2ne1 – Happy


This song is supposed to be emphasizing the bitter in bittersweet, but I can’t help but feel happy when I watch this video. All of the little animations floating around the members are so cute and fun to watch. They really engage the audience by directly incorporating the song and video together. Even though it is overall happy, they still throw in those solemn scenes like the one above where you can really see the pain in the girls. It’s fun for those who like bright colors and meaningful for those looking for something symbolic.

#35: boyfriend – witch


Boyfriend takes the fantasy theme they used in Obsession and refines it with Witch. This video is put together so nicely. From the sets to the outfits to the dance, everything reflects the mystery of this werewolf/witch story perfectly. The video combines the old werewolf, witch, and red riding hood characters into a new story of its own. Additionally, this video features Boyfriend’s most creative and interesting dance to date with the use of the curtains.

#34: teen top – I’m sorry


This is probably one of the sleekest music videos I have seen all year. Teen Top is here with a classy song, looking all kinds of sharp in those suits, and dancing in perfect synchronization in a the warehouse of all warehouses. The cinematography of this video is near perfect. The wet floor with the symmetrical boxes with the slightly blue filter for some reason It is so hard to pinpoint exactly why I love this video so much. It just looks so good.

#33: Girls’ Day – I Miss You


I had just about had enough with Girls’ Day and their mature concepts, but then this video came out that totally changed my opinion about them. They are all truly talented singers, and that much shows clearly with this song. The story is so easy to relate to. We have all experienced those moments where our ordinary days are interrupted with the intense longing to see someone. Girls’ Day expressed that feeling so well with this video and it completely captivated me.

#32: MBLAQ – Be a Man 4031beaman2

HANDS DOWN my favorite song of the year. The video could have been them staring blankly at a wall and I would have gotten emotional. However the video not only had beautifully solemn shots of the members looking to be in pain, but also featured a serious dance, perfect for this type of song. It conveys the meaning of the song really well with the dramatic lighting. MBLAQ should be extremely proud of this as their last music video with all five members.

#31: C-Clown – Let’s Love


Another one of my personal favorite songs of the year. This is the first music video I had ever seen by C-Clown, and I loved it. A catchy song and intense dance is all you really need to make an entertaining K-pop video; the story and wardrobe is just an added bonus. The boys of C-Clown spend the video impressing some girls with their dance moves, and seeing this dance with the cool rooms, call me impressed.

That’s it for today! Check back into tomorrow for #30-21! Question of the Day: What did you think of these ten videos?


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