Congratulations Sungmin and Sa Eun!

After the tragedy that hit our Super Junior family at the beginning of the year, it is beautiful to be able to close 2014 in celebration. I am just overjoyed.

For those of you who don’t know, a couple of weeks ago, on December 13, Super Junior’s very own Lee Sungmin married his actress girlfriend, Kim Sa Eun. The two had previously been in a musical together last September and have been in a relationship since then.

Our Sungmin. Our prince of aegyo. Our tearless vocal with six hyungs in front of him and six dongsaengs behind him. The boy who once got so caught up in an acting scene where Leeteuk’s character had died that he couldn’t stop crying long after the camera cut.

Our Sungmin is a married man now. A husband. With a wife.

I never would have expected Sungmin to be the first to get married. Of all of the members, I was sure it would either be Shindong or Leeteuk. It almost was Shindong…and to be honest, I was a little worried about whether or not Sungmin and Sa Eun would actually make it to the wedding date because of what happened with Shindong.10430468_830645173659133_7671740453155383328_n

I don’t know what else to say except that I am so immensely happy for him. As an ELF, I want all of our boys to eventually settle down with loving wives. Leeteuk’s recent statement that he may never get married really makes me sad, especially considering how much he talked about wanting to get married before leaving for the military.

Taking the step of marriage is a huge sign of maturity and commitment, and I am so proud of Sungmin for that. He has really come a long way since first becoming a public figure back in 2005.

I had never heard of Kim Sa Eun before the wedding announcement, but once I saw the picture of her, I practically melted. She is the perfect mix of cute and beautiful, absolutely perfect for Sungmin. They look adorable together and are hopefully going to have some beautiful kids.

saeun3Coincidentally, I had been watching Boarding House No. 24 around the time the marriage announcement came out (for VIXX’s Ken of course), and it wasn’t until maybe the third or fourth episode that I realized that the Sa Eun in the show was the same Sa Eun that Sungmin was marrying! After making that realization and then seeing her as an actress, I grew to love her even more. She is a great actress. Her character was one of my favorites on the show, and definitely my favorite of the girls. The fact that she can act in a comedy show somehow makes me believe that she is more than just a pretty face.

I really like her. Just as I think of Super Junior as my brothers, I can definitely accept Sa Eun as my unnie. Good job, Sungmin! I approve. 😉

(In all seriousness though, he doesn’t my approval, nor the approval of any fan, for who he decides to marry or how he gets married. I have very little respect for those so-called EverLasting Friends who criticized Sungmin and demanded he leave Super Junior over this. If we really love them, we should want them to be happy. It’s not our “right” to know any details about his wife or the wedding. We should be thanking him for letting us in on something so personal for him, not criticizing him for being so secretive or acting happy.)

I was going crazy last week imagining all of the wedding jitters going on with the Super Junior members. All of Yesung’s instagram updates of the boys all dressed up and Leeteuk’s, Kangin’s, and Eunhyuk’s pics of their post-wedding sushi run was all just so exciting. I love weddings, regardless of whose it is. 😛 I was so into this one, surprisingly so considering I wasn’t even there.

(It was also really exciting to see some of the Boarding House No. 24 cast there with Sa Eun. I would have flipped if Ken was there. I think he’s on the ultimate bias list now, right after EunHae, and seeing all three of them at the same wedding would have just been too much for me.

So, to Sungmin, 축하합니다 and congratulations on your marriage. I am so proud of you and happy for you. To Sa Eun Unnie, congratulations and welcome to the family. 🙂 You are beautiful and I love you.

I pray and wish that you both have a long, happy, beautiful, and fruitful life together. ❤ 사랑합니다

Pictures from the wedding day~ All officially released pics or from the boys’ and their friends’ instagrams:

Of course, now everyone is going to be predicting who will be next in Super Junior to get married. I’m reluctant to play, but if I were to guess, I think it could maybe be Siwon, Donghae, or Kangin. We can’t really know though. Who do YOU think will be next?

P.S. This is my 200th post! As with my 50th and 100th, I had to make this one about my Super Junior. ❤


What did you think of Sungmin’s marriage?

Also, Can anyone recommend anything else to me that Sa Eun has acted in?

#NowPlaying: Marry U by Super Junior. Hehe, I’m surprised no one has brought this song up yet. I’ve been waiting for years for one of the members to get married so that this song could finally be relevant.


2 thoughts on “Congratulations Sungmin and Sa Eun!

  1. omg MinSa forever! when I heard the news of his marriage, I literally cried. whether it was out of sadness (cuz he’s taken now) or happiness (cuz who doesn’t like a happy Sungmin?) I don’t know. lol
    as for your question of the day, I AM SO HAPPY! MY BB SUNGMIN IS FINALLY GROWING UP *happy tears*
    I will accept sa eun as my unnie too, she is a very lucky girl! I hope they stay happy together, overcome all obstacles, and hopefully the suju members will accept her too as part of the family. I share your feelings. congrats MinSa!


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