Yoon Mi Rae (with Tiger JK & Bizzy) “Angel” Music Video Review

MFBTY is back! Well, sort of.


First, let’s get one thing straight: Yoon Mi Rae is an amazing singer. I have so much respect for people who are talented in both singing and rapping, and she is amazing at both.

That being said, I love her vocals in this song. While I can’t bring myself to really like her spelling out “A-N-G-E-L” (it sounds a bit cheesy to me), her vocals in the chorus sound great, especially in the end when she adds adlibs.

The rapping of course is perfect. Both Bizzy and Tiger JK flawlessly rap their lines. All three parts, Yoon Mi Rae’s singing, Bizzy’s rap, and Tiger JK’s rap all fit together really nicely. While they all do have subtle differences that make them unique to their respective artists, it all sounds like one cohesive song.

Overall, this is a pretty solid song. The guitar at the end is random, but I like it.

Score: 4/5


The story is pretty simple in this video. Tiger JK and Bizzy prepare themselves for a fight, and angel5in the final chorus, they battle each other out in the boxing ring. In the end, Tiger JK loses, but he ends with a smile on his face as he thinks of his family.

What really makes this story is how it relates to the lyrics. By itself, it is just two guys fighting, similar to BTS’s Danger. However, following the lyrics, while they are preparing, Bizzy and Tiger JK rap about how their Angel gives them strength, and later when they are in the ring, the thing that keeps them going, even when they are tired and feel like giving up, is their Angel. In the end, it is the Angel that they sing and rap about, their family, that keeps Tiger JK strong, even in the face of defeat. I was initially angel 8extremely confused as to why they were fighting each other, but now after knowing the lyrics, I find this story really sweet.

Now I actually really like that Tiger JK and Bizzy are fighting each other. It’s better than if they were fighting some random actor. I don’t think the video is trying to make them enemies, but instead two different people who are experiencing their own struggles.

Score: 3.5/5


angel6While there is no elaborate story or sets to this video, I find it entertaining nonetheless. There are a lot of different individual shots of Yoon Mi Rae, Tiger JK and Bizzy, which keeps the video interesting. I love all of the shots of Yoon Mi Rae with her girls and Tiger JK with his boys. This is a really feel-good video. I particularly like the fact that the whole thing is in black and white.

angel7I absolutely love the ending images of the family, especially the final image of MFBTY with Jordan, Yoon Mi Rae’s and Tiger JK’s son. This video is apparently a tribute of sorts to Yoon Mi Rae’s father who passed away in the last year, so I am assuming he is the one in the picture they are holding. If so, it is really nice how they include him.

Score: 4.5/5


angel4Perfect. Everything is perfect. I am in love with all of Yoon Mi Rae’s outfits. She looks stunning in the scene with the flowers in her hair, and her other two outfits give her such a fun personality.

Tiger JK shows off his usual cool self with his unique style. Some of those outfits on others I would criticize, but he pulls them off well.

And then there is Bizzy who is just working those jackets like it’s nobody’s business.

I just love the wardrobe in this video. We get each person’s personality loud and clear.

Score: 5/5

Overall, I really like this video. It had the potential to be really boring, but so many of the small things were done just right to make this video very enjoyable. I may not know much about MFBTY, but from what I’ve seen, I love them.

Overall Final Score: 4.3/5

Favorite Moment:


After a song about the people who make them smile during the tough times, it is beautiful to end with images of MFBTY’s family, whether it be family through blood or love.

Question of the day:

Fans of Yoon Mi Rae, Tiger JK, or Bizzy, what tracks would you recommend from them? I literally only know their three most recent singles.

#NowPlaying: Sweet Dream by MFBTY. Just to remind you all how amazing that song was.


3 thoughts on “Yoon Mi Rae (with Tiger JK & Bizzy) “Angel” Music Video Review

  1. I would Recommend Drunken Tiger’s 8:45, it is lovely and one of my favourites, was my first ever encounter with Korean music (aside from Yiruma, but thats a bit different ^_^). ❤ Tasha shows off her amazing skills in Black Happiness, and Bizzy has a fun song called 그래(춤 못 추는 사람을 위해 만든 노래). something a bit amazing featuring all of them, as well as some AMAZING other hiphop talents is a song called "The Movement 4" by Bizzy & the Movement crew ❤

    But I Loved this post!


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