SunnyHill “Here I Am” Music Video Review

I know, I know. November is long gone. But I really wanted to talk about this video and I only now finally got the chance to write this review. I promise, it’s my last one from November.


When I first clicked on this video, I was expecting to hear some generic ballad, but what I got was, in my opinion, one of the best songs released this year. Here I Am is perfect. The chorus is simply amazing. The singing is beautiful and it has a such an unexpected, yet fitting, fast pace. The chorus definitely took me by surprise, but I love it.

The best part about this song is that it can be appealing to both the fan of slow, emotional songs and the fan of fast dance songs. It offers both sounds, but still is one cohesive song.

Now, I wouldn’t say the song as a whole is amazing, but it definitely couldn’t get more perfect. There is a fine line between a song that is amazing and perfect, and while there is nothing revolutionary in this song to make it amazing, the combination of vocals and melodies makes it flawless. (You probably didn’t need to know all that, but this is just a taste of how my weird mind works.)

Score: 5/5


hereiam3Circular and twisty stories are always the best. In this story, Jubi, the main character, wakes up in a cafe. She leaves and runs into a guy who she thinks she knows, but can’t quite place how she knows him. Later, she realizes that she did in fact know him – and was even in a relationship with him. All of these memories flood back of her time together with him, and a note in her pocket leads her back to a cafe where she previously had gone to ask the women there to hypnotize her to forget the past boyfriend. The girls perform their hypnosis again, and this time burn the picture of the guy so that the possibility of Jubi remembering him again is gone completely.

At first it looks like your typical hereiam6post-break-up sad story with the girl flashing back to her past relationship, but as the story unfolds, we see that it has these magical twists that are not fully realized until the very last scene of the video. I like how they slowly unfold the different aspects of the story. Overall, it is an interesting spin on a classic music video story.

Score: 4.5/5


With a complicated story like this, you need the video to be edited in such a way to allow all of the layers to unfold in a clear way. Towards the end, I think the story came together in a nice hereiamthumbway, especially with the last scene imitating the very first scene of Jubi waking up in the cafe, bringing the story full circle. I also love how all of the members play a different character in this story and that other than the guy, there are not any other actors.

However, I find the story to be slightly confusing in other parts. When she goes to the cafe to find the hypnotists, it is difficult to tell if the scene is supposed to be a flashback or occurring in real time.

I also find that the pace of the video in general does not quite fit the pace of the song. The singing scenes are too dull with the members simply standing and singing.

Score: 3/5


All of the outfits suit the different characters very well. I really like how the cafe girls look the part of workers, but have that sense of beauty that can also play the part of a hereiam2mysterious witch.

In the singing scenes, three of the members have really beautiful jewelry, but I wonder why they don’t all have some kind of accessory. It would have been nice if they each could have had something special on their outfits rather than only three of them.

Score: 4/5

Overall, I was happily surprised with this video. I absolutely love the song and I can appreciate an interesting story like this. The colors did not make this video particularly interesting to watch, but I will definitely continue listening to this song.

Overall Final Score: 4.1/5

Favorite Moment:


This moment, when her hands automatically make two cups of coffee. It adds that subtle but oh so real factor of muscle memory. Her mind might be hypnotized, but her body is still stuck with its same old habits.

Question of the Day:

What did you think of this video?

#NowPlaying: Turn Up The Music by GOT7. My favorite song from their newest album. I literally just discovered it a couple days ago.


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