APink “LUV” Music Video Review

Okay, regardless of their music, the ladies of APink are some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Seriously, this one unbelievably good-looking group.


This song is pretty good. It has a nice melody during the chorus and I particularly like Naeun’s lines at the end of each chorus. They follow a slightly faster beat, making the song interesting. The “L-O-V-E Love” line is a bit cheesy, and in my opinion sounds a bit awkward when Bomi says it, but other than that the song is pretty fun and catchy.

Of course, this doesn’t make this any worse of a song on its own, but I am pretty disappointed at the fact that it is basically like another NoNoNo. It would have been nice to hear a brand new song.

Score: 4/5


I considered making a separate category for the story, but there isn’t really an entire story in this. The video focuses on the girls appearing sad as they reminisce about their past loves. The flashbacks definitely makes it more interesting than a video simply showing the members sitting and looking sad.

luv8The appearance of the different rooms is very nice. I really like both dance scenes. The room and garden are both really pretty and elegant, and fit well with the whole concept of beauty and elegance. This video is very light-colored, pink, and girly, without being too vivid or obnoxious like other girl group videos.

Score: 4/5


luv3How does APink always manage to have the cutest dresses?! I love the dark polka-dot dresses. The style is so cute and the dresses themselves suit APink so well. I have noticed in their recent comeback that they tend to prefer this specific shape of dress, and I think it is the perfect shape for them. (Now if only we could get them to be a little longer…)

luv5As for the white dance scene, I definitely like it more than dislike it. The ruffles could be seen as too ridiculous, but I think the members pull off the look pretty well. There is an elegance to that scene that I appreciate.

The story scenes are all pretty good too. There is one outfit in particular that is probably my favorite from this whole video, but unfortunately I don’t know the name of the member wearing it. I’ll add a picture here.

luvA word on makeup: I am really happy that they are going for a softer style of makeup. They are clearly wearing makeup, but only in a way to enhance what they already have rather than add ridiculous colors and eyeliner marks. It showsluv6 off the members’ natural beauty well. However, I am realizing with this comeback that I am not a fan of the jewels under the eye. To me, it just looks like an easy way to make a girl look like she is crying without actually having to cry, which just seems cheap to me. That might not be the intention, but to me that’s what it looks like. Other than that, I absolutely love the makeup and hair. As I said in the beginning, these are some exceptionally beautiful women.

Score: 4.5/5


Like the cinematography, there is a nice sense of elegance in the choreography of this video, especially with the different hand and arm movements. The main “L-O-V-E Love” move is interesting and fun. I really like Bomi’s watch move in her last chorus line, and I wish more of the dance could have been as creative and interesting! So much of it is just the same old hip movements, which frankly get boring.

To be honest, I am trying really hard to find things I like about this dance, but as a whole, it is too simple and boring. There is nothing particularly bad about it, but simple moving around on a stage is not all it takes to make a good and interesting dance.

And I would hardly call that bit in the middle a “dance break.”

Score: 2.9/5

Overall, the video is okay, I guess. It isn’t my favorite APink video, and I wish it could have been more unique in comparison to their other videos, particularly NoNoNo. Also, I do have one big problem with this video and I wasn’t sure exactly which category to place it, so I’ll just put it here: There was a huge disparity between the sound of the song, the feel of the lyrics, and the emotion of their faces in both the dance and story scenes. While on one hand, the song sounds very happy and cheerful, and the video is pink and happy, the lyrics talk about a past love and the members look sad and depressed throughout the video. Even in the dance scenes, the choreography is happy and bouncy, but at times none of the members were even smiling. I’m not sure why this happened, but it made this video a little confusing and hard to enjoy fully.

Overall Final Score: 3.9/5

Favorite Moment:


I love that move and I love her hair and I love her face. Bomi is seriously creeping up on that list of ultimate female biases.


Did anyone else notice that the song was really happy and the story sad? Or was this done on purpose for some specific reason?

#NowPlaying: Lonely Christmas by Crayon Pop. I am not a fan of Crayon Pop at all, but for some reason I can’t help but love this song. The chorus is just too addicting.

T-3 days until Sungmin’s wedding! 😀


One thought on “APink “LUV” Music Video Review

  1. I agree that the L-O-V-E LUV part sounds a bit awkward when Bomi sings it. The best part of the song is the last chorus, in my opinion. The members have gradually improved their singing voices whiches a good thing. Their acting is also great, too.


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