November 2014 in Review

So…yeah. November. I was barely active on this blog this past month.

In my defense, I had to go through seeing my second favorite group live, so my mind just was not in the right place all month and I am only now possibly recovering.

But anyway, enough excuses. There are so many videos that were released this month, and I wanted to talk about so many, but I just don’t have the time to go through all of them! So I narrowed it down to the seven about which I had the most to say.

(Click the picture to watch the video)

Teen Top “I’m Sorry”


Song: 4/5

Cinematography: 4.5/5

Wardrobe: 4/5

Dance: 4.5/5

Another very classy music video from Teen Top. I know in the future I am going to keep confusing “I’m Sorry” and “Missing” together, because in my opinion the songs sound very similar. I really like this video though, even with the absence of an actual story. The cinematography is amazing. I love the effect of playing a scene from the video within the silhouette of a member (see picture above). They just look so sharp with their suits, dancing on boxes in a very symmetrical room. It had the recipe for dull and boring, but they pull off the video very well. Again I am impressed with how much Teen Top is improving. They have gotten better with literally every single video.

Overall Final Score: 4.3/5

Kyuhyun “At Gwanghwamun”


Song: 4/5

Cinematography: 1.5/5

Wardrobe: 3/5

My Kyu! As you would assume, I am already a huge fan of Kyuhyun and was extremely excited for this. That being said… I’m sorry but this video is so boring. Boring, dull, uninteresting, and everything in between. The song of course is very nice, with beautiful vocals by Kyuhyun, but there is literally nothing to this video. He sits, sits, and walks to a bench so that he can sit some more. As an ELF, I was incredibly disappointed with this video. A story, even the tiniest one, would have made this video so much better and worth watching.

Overall Final Score: 2.8/5

Lovelyz “Candy Jelly Love”


Song: 4/5

Cinematography: 3.5/5

Wardrobe: 3/5

Dance: 3/5

It took me a couple of times before I was able to watch this video all the way through. These uber-happy-aegyo videos are just too overwhelming for me.

However, once I got through the video, I found it to be okay. The song is very APink. The English is a little cheesy, but as a whole it sounds nice. The story is also really cute and fun. I appreciated the girls who weren’t extremely happy, like the one who watches the girls play rock-paper-scissors and then takes the candy. They offered some humor among the happy.

As a whole, however, it takes someone who is really craving some cuteness to enjoy this video. Otherwise, the cuteness overload is just too cheesy.

And seriously, who came up with the line “You’re the best ever come in my life”???

Overall Final Score: 3.4/5

Halo “Come On Now”


Song: 3/5

Cinematography: 3.5/5

Wardrobe: 4.5/5

Dance: 4/5

This video had so much potential! In the beginning, it looks to be a pretty good video with the one-take style and the dance. In the beginning, the members are singing and suddenly and girl passes by, and they incorporate their reactions to her in the dance, three of them slowly falling to the ground while the remaining three continue singing and dancing.

With both the dance and the cinematography, the beginning is great, but they suddenly abandon the great dancing and camerawork halfway through when the scene changes to the members in a club. The video becomes more cliche and the dance is less interesting. I wish we could have seen more of the members dividing up in the dance.

As a side, I really like the wardrobe of this video. It is stylish, but not overly staged.

Overall Final Score: 3.8/5

GD x Taeyang “Good Boy”


Song: 5/5

Cinematography: 4/5

Wardrobe: 4/5

Dance: 3.5/5

Song of the year right here. The song is absolutely amazing. The singing by both G-Dragon and Taeyang, particularly Taeyang’s fast part before the chorus is perfect. The rest of the video fits the feel of the song very well. I am not a fan of the clubbing scene, but I really like the dance scene under what looks like a giant cage. I also really like the computer scene. For some reason, that is my favorite scene, possibly because it is the most Big Bang out of all of the scenes.

The wardrobe of course is on the stranger side, but in general it fits G-Dragon’s and Taeyang’s style. I am in love with G-Dragon’s whole look in that main dance scene with the rainbow jacket.

That had with the fake braids needs to go though. Like far away. And never come back.

Overall Final Score: 4.1/5

BIGFLO “Bad Mama Jama”


Song: 3.5/5

Cinematography: 4/5

Wardrobe: 3/5

Dance: 3/5

There is nothing super special about this video, but I included it because I just love BIGFLO. This is only their second music video, but I still can’t get enough of their debut song, and Boarding House No. 24 has made me absolutely love HighTop, the main rapper.

However as I said, this video does not offer a whole lot new. The rap and singing in the chorus are great, but I am not a fan of the instrumental of this song. That one instrument in the beginning (I think it’s a saxophone?) just does not fit with the feel of the rest of the song.

There are some really nice moments in the video and dance. I really like the scene where the members are posing in front of picture frames, and the timing of the scene transitions fits really well with the pace of the song, however there is nothing super special or unique to make me want to watch this video again.

And what’s with all the Vitamin Water?

I really hope they become successful because I can totally see myself becoming a huge fan of them.

Overall final Score: 3.4/5

Infinite F “My Heart Is Beating”heartisbeating

Song: 4/5

Story: 4/5

Cinematography: 4/5

Wardrobe: 4.9/5

This video brings me back to my good ol’ days as a budding K-pop fan, watching Super Junior M’s Me or Girls’ Generation’s Kissing You, where things were always smiles and sunshine. Please tell me I’m not the only one getting a nostalgic feel from this video.

In this video, L, Sungyeol, and Sungjon find a marker that allows them to draw things and make them come to life. Aside from giving me flashbacks of DoodleBob, I find this video refreshingly light and fun. While it may have not been the deepest of storylines or most intense of songs, but it is definitely one to put a smile on your face, which is definitely something to be appreciated. I definitely like this more than a lot of other INFINITE songs.

Overall Final Score: 4.3/5

That’s it for November! I may post one or two more full reviews of videos that came out in November, but we’ll see. I’m about to take my finals next week and the week after, so I might be busy studying. But then I’ll be on Winter Break and will have time to wrap up the year with lots of posts! I’m so excited for my end of the year countdown. I may also post a little something about Sungmin’s wedding (which is in just a week!) and the end of the year awards.

Question of the Day:

What were your favorite comebacks from November?

Another Question: Can someone explain to me what exactly INFINITE F is supposed to be?

#NowPlaying: by Seo Tae Ji. I’m watching the MAMA awards as I type this up and this is my first time hearing of Seo Tae Ji. This is a pretty good song! Very Nightmare Before Christmas. Definitely not a type of performer you come across often in K-pop.


One thought on “November 2014 in Review

  1. My favorite November song was Piano Man from Mamamoo, you should give it a listen 🙂
    I’m also not a fan of too cutesy aegyo groups but I was looking forward to Lovelyz a lot since I loved Baby Soul’s solo, her voice is great ^__^
    Infinite F – I think this subgroup consists of the members that many people called talentless in the past. It shows their improvement vocally and highlights the members who usually doesn’t get many lines. Well, at least that’s what I think.


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