Zhoumi “Rewind” Music Video Review

Our Gentleman Mimi! I’m so excited for him to have this opportunity!

Real talk though, I’m a bit disappointed. Read on to find out why.


I’m happy that this song is able to showcase Zhoumi’s strong voice even though it is not a ballad. His voice sounds really smooth in this.

However, for the most part, I get a bit bored when listening to this song. There is not a whole lot special about it. I find the background instrumental to be too monotonous for the loud singing in the chorus.

The rap is actually my favorite part of the song. I think it is placed very well within the song and adds some spice to an otherwise dull song.

Score: 3.5/5


rewind1This video shows the typical story of the boy regretting his careless actions with his female lover and flashing back to both the happy and bad times of their relationship. In the beginning, we see the girl attempting to have fun with him, but in trying to shoo her away, he ends up knocking her mug out of her hand, beginning the feeling of regret throughout the story. However, other than that initial scene, we never again see exactly what Zhoumi does to make the girl so angry. It would have been nice to see more of those scenes. We only see him repeatedly rewind and play back their love story.

As a whole, it is told well enough to be understandable, but I find it too cliché to give it a higher score.

Score: 3/5


All of the rooms in this video are very clean and chic, like most SM videos. I actually really like the set up of the bedroom. With the bed and a wall in the middle, it makes the room unique, and I just really like the overall design of it.rewind3

As for the other scenes, they are okay. Singing and rapping in front of a sports car is a bit too cliché for me, and the darker dance scene looks suspiciously like SHINee’s Dream Girl dance set, but other than that, the video looks great.

I really like the use concept of the voice recorder, bringing the rewind and play theme in the story. I was expecting a remote or VCR, so seeing a voice recorder was a nice surprise.

Score: 3.5/5


rewind2There are some really great outfits in this video. As I said in my reaction, the leather outfits suits Zhoumi’s style perfectly. I also really like the blue suit. He looks really sharp in that scene.

Both the hooded outfit and the black and white dance outfit I’m not sure how to feel about. For both of them, I really like the look, but I’m not sure if Zhoumi quite suits either look.

The one outfit I cannot stand is the open sweater showing off his body. It is so obvious that the only reason he is wearing that is so that his body can be shown off while still technically be wearing clothes, and that type of wardrobe choice is just so cheap and not classy in my opinion.

Score: 3.9/5


This dance is pretty good. I really like that finger thing that Zhoumi does in the chorus. There rewind4are also a lot of other really nice moments in the choreography. It is difficult to perform an interesting dance as a soloist, but Zhoumi copes with it well.

There are a couple of moments that I don’t like: The whole fist-chest bumping in the chorus and the very end when he touches the ground when that low voice chants “Stop-Rewind-Rewind.” Both moments do not really fit the pace of the song.

Score: 4/5

Overall, I just wasn’t really feeling this video. They didn’t really experiment at all with this, which made it too boring for me. Typical song, typical story, typical sets, typical dance. Again, none of that is necessarily bad, but it’s not interesting or memorable.

Overall Final Score: 3.6/5

And I think that’s a generous score. I’m sorry, Zhoumi. But I really blame SM on this one. They didn’t give him as much as they could have.

Favorite Moment:

Smiling Zhoumi is the best kind of Zhoumi

Smiling Zhoumi is the best kind of Zhoumi

Question of the Day:

What do you think of Zhoumi’s debut as a soloist?

#NowPlaying: You Do by G-Dragon. One of my favorites by him. I really like the lyrics.


5 thoughts on “Zhoumi “Rewind” Music Video Review

  1. I honestly had forgotten about this song until I saw this…The teasers had me really hyped up for this song and MV. The “stop, rewind” part of the song is still fantastic (insert Henry here). I really could not stand the hoodie/sweater thing and the leather jacket outfit, and the shirtless sweater thing was slightly ridiculous. I was SO interested in the story and wished they had developed it into a clear storyline. In fact more story and less dancing would have been excellent. Most of the dancing was ok but it wasn’t necessary at all. Of everything that SM has released this year Rewind was sadly one of their more forgettable tracks, I liked Chanyeol and Tao’s features on the song and thought they both brought a nice change to the song. Overall it definitely wasn’t bad but not as strong as I would have liked it to be.
    side note: can we keep Zhoumi in suits until the end of time?


    1. I totally agree with Rewind being one of the more forgettable SM tracks. They had been doing really well with their solos lately, but unfortunately Zhoumi (and in my opinion Kyuhyun too) got stuck with same-old sounding songs.

      Thanks for your comment!


  2. I agree 100% –
    Also the female actress did NOT fit the music video at all. Sorry but it’s like the casting was like “well she’s blonde and white so that should work.”
    They needed a girl with a much prettier appearance, sorry. We can say “looks don’t matter” but in the pop industry it’s a big deal and her face just disrupted the flow of the whole MV and standing next to ZhouMi made her look 10x worse >> eugh…


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