VIXX “Error” Music Video Review

Wow, this is one of my longer reviews, but I can’t help it. The feels are just too strong with this one. With literally every single comeback, VIXX improves, and this one is no different.


The composition of this song is just amazing. It begins soft with Leo’s voice, and the buildup to the chorus is done beautifully. Adding the bass with N’s first lines is perfect, because not only does it build the excitement, but it incorporates the concept of robots coming to life by imitating the sound of a heartbeat. Hongbin’s deep, robotic lines following that are probably my favorite part of this song. It is unexpected, but fits perfectly.

Even though it is an upbeat song, “Error” has a dramatic and tragic feel to it. I particularly like the background repetitions of “Set me free” and “Let me breathe.” Also, the melody of the chorus itself suits Leo’s and Ken’s voices really well and sound great on top of the dramatic violins.

Hongbin’s low vocals after each chorus are such great additions to this song. VIXX’s songwriters are really utilizing Hongbin’s voice better and better with each comeback.

Score: 5/5


error8Summary: Hongbin and Youngji are together, but Youngji dies. To take away his pain, Hongbin turns himself into a cyborg and then works to turn Youngji into a cyborg as well and bring her back to life. She comes to life, but there is an “error” because she doesn’t recognize him, so he inserts his memories into her. They are finally happy together, but government agents deem her illegally made, so they attempt to take her away. Hongbin fights them off, but realizeserror2 that their time together is over and lays Youngji down next to him and the two of them gaze into each other’s eyes as the machines deconstruct them.

The story is sweet, but also really sad. I can almost hear Hongbin trying to convince himself that he can bring her back as he works painstakingly to fix her and try to make her as she was before she died. His facial acting is great in this.

This broke my heart

This broke my heart

It really is a complete story with a beginning and end, with depth to all of Hongbin’s feelings and how his feelings are conflicted in the end with wanting to be together with Youngji but also realizing that death is inevitable.

Score: 5/5


error11Everything, and I mean everything, is composed together really well in this video. Every single scene relates somehow to either the story or the cyborg concept. I am especially impressed with just how well the CGI of the robots and the technology in Hongbin’s lab look. The difference between an okay sci-fi music video and an amazing one is how well the special effects look, and every part of this video looks realistic. I am especially impressed with the cyborgs of each member.errorhead

In terms of keeping the story clear, I am glad they include the scene in the beginning with Hongbin looking at the VIXX cyborgs. It both introduces the members and the concept as well as establishes Hongbin’s character as a scientist. Little touches like an extra scene here and there really makes this music video look like a movie.

I also would like to point out how spectacular the camerawork is in the dance scenes. Spinning at N’s entrance and zooming in to Hongbin when he goes all robotic…I love it.

I’m taking off .1 from the score because the whole “illegal” thing is so dumb. I’m sorry, but all of that trouble and technology mumbo-jumbo just for the screen to read in big red letters “illegal” is too cheesy.

Score: 4.9/5


I know in my reaction I really rag on the wardrobe, but that is honestly the only real disappointing part of this comeback for me.error1

A lot of the wardrobe is actually really good. Both dance scenes are great. I’m not a fan of the actual design on the black and white outfits, but in general it’s a nice concept. I absolutely love the red dance scene. N’s red jacket with the strips of cheetah print fits him so perfectly. I also really like how each member has a distinct style in that scene. They reflect the members’ distinct personalities and individuality particularly well.

error7Those outfits in the solo shots though. It was honestly hard for me to find one that I like. They are way too strange. Ravi and Ken’s shirts that are cut like blinds shouldn’t even be shirts. N’s and Hyuk’s jackets with the strings could look okay, but they do not fit this concept in my opinion.

A word on hair and makeup: I am actually really happy to see them all have the same hair color. It gives the group a sense of unity, and I think this dark red color suits them particularly well, especially Ken, Hongbin, and Hyuk. Also, the cyborg makeup is perfect. I love how they always go all out when taking on their new characters.

Score: 3.5/5


error4I was waiting to post this review so that I could watch the dance practice, and I’m glad that I did. There are some really amazing moments in this dance. N’s first lines where the members pump the life into him, Hongbin first lines where he takes on his character of a robot, and the complex group formations during Leo’s error9introduction and Ravi’s rap.

I love how even within the dance itself, we get a story. It begins with the members – or cyborgs – slowly coming to life, dancing with energy and passion, and then unplugging themselves in the end. I love Ken opening his arms to introduce the big finale chorus.

Unfortunately, I just can’t bring myself to like the main running move in the chorus. Maybe it’s because I know how capable the VIXX members are at doing complicated, skillful dance moves, but I find this one just too simple and boring. Anyone can run in place, and seeing all six members do it in a line doesn’t give me a whole lot to look at. It doesn’t even reflect the meaning of the lyrics at that point.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I am incredibly impressed with this comeback. The song is so much better than anticipated, and the video and dance are amazing, as VIXX has proven before that they are capable of. They went for another new concept, and did very well with it. VIXX consistently puts their all into their concepts, and I love them for it. I love that they abandon the typical “idol” makeup and poses to fully immerse themselves in their characters. It is precisely this that made me love VIXX in the first place. I can’t wait to see what concept they do next.

I for one completely fell in love with Hongbin’s character. It’s one thing to be good-looking, and another to be sensitive, but his attraction level went through the roof once he took on the character of a smarty scientist… sorry, fangirl moment.

Overall Final Score: 4.6/5

Favorite Moment:


No words. Just watch and take it in.


What did you think of this video? What has been your favorite VIXX concept so far?

#NowPlaying: What U Waiting For by VIXX. This is without a doubt my favorite song on the album and one of my favorite VIXX songs ever. Ravi composed it. Ken’s long high notes slay!

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10 thoughts on “VIXX “Error” Music Video Review

  1. This was great. Way better than “Eternity”, which I actuslly found pretty disappointing. This is a good song, and since I’m a huge fan of VIXX’s deep, dark and advanced concepts, this was perfect for me. Plus, how great doesn’t Leo look? Damn.


    1. OMG you’re right, I didn’t! I think because I mentioned it in my reaction I forgot to also put it in the review. I was considering including that in the pictures, but I’m kind of starting to feel bad that basically EVERYONE is hating on his hat and hair.
      But yes I agree, it’s hideous.


      1. Well, that hat deserves it. I mean, as kpop fans we’re used to some really ugly stuff, but that was just way too much.
        Oh, and wait… Was this the first time you responded to one of my comments? In that case, yay! 😀


  2. There’s probably a misunderstanding in the plot that made you think the ‘illegal’ part was cheesy. Basically, cyborgs and humanoids and things like that aren’t supposed to have memories and emotions because that would bring harm to people if they were not guided properly (if you know what I mean), that’s why it was illegal. Just pointing out 😛


    1. Oh yeah that totally makes sense. I just meant that having a big screen flashing the word “illegal” looked cheesy.

      But I never thought to relate it to the memories. I guess that would be bad if people started putting human memories into cyborgs. I figured it was the fact that he built a cyborg at all that was illegal.

      Thanks for your comment!


  3. I loved your review very much. I completely agree with you that their dance during the chorus was a little “meh” the hand motions were just really awkward for me and I didn’t LOVE their outfits either. But, overall I really did enjoy the actual song and the plot. Hongbin looked so different from when he had his hair swept up during the dance practice and when it’s natural. I had a huge panic attack because I totally didn’t see that coming. Anyway, great review and I hope to see more!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The music video for Vixx error was beyond amazing! The story line is very well done and artsy. The dance also conveys the theme of the song.오모이 헐 ! 빅스 오빠가 우아 이게 대박 ㅋㅋㅋ. 캔,앤,래오 우아 종말리오 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ .여자 노구아 요로본ㅋㅋ 화이팅 오빠는!!!


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