Song Ji Eun “Don’t Look At Me Like That” Music Video Review

If she releases one more music video like this, I may just have to add her to my list of female ultimate biases.


This song is just beautiful. It has the vocals of a ballad, but the instrumental of an alternative rock song. Song Ji Eun’s voice is amazing in this. It fits the sound of the song so well. The way she simply lets it all out in the chorus is done perfectly, but it is the “wae geurae” part that really pulls me in.

It is filled with passion and angst and I love it.

It is the mark of a truly good song if it can bring you to tears without knowing the meaning of the lyrics, and this song does just that.

Score: 5/5


In this video, Song Ji Eun is the showpiece on display, however the video shows just how dontlookatme2imprisoning her position can be. She is literally the public’s show animal, being trapped in chains and held against her will. Everyone is in awe of her, but they treat her as if she isn’t human, touching her and throwing money at her. However, once there is a fire and the room is about to be destroyed, they completely abandon her.

I really love the whole paradox of the public’s feelings towards Song Ji Eun. They have a “love” of her, but it is only a false love. Once it is tested, they abandon her without a second thought.

To give the story more depth, even though she should feel hurt in the end, being abandoned actually liberates Song Ji Eun, because she is finally free of them and can escape.

dontlookatme9This video tells a story of layers, which in and of itself is impressive for a 3-4 minute video. I also find it symbolic of Song Ji Eun’s actual position, and the position of other singers, in the entertainment industry. They are our showpieces, and we say that we love them, however it seems as though once something goes wrong, some fans are so quick to turn away from them. (I think this is especially applicable in light of recent events with Kris, Jessica, and Luhan. We love them to death, but once they leave the group, they are hated.)

Score: 5/5


The cinematography is really well done in this video. The whole video has a darker tone, which is very representative of the symbolic tone of the story, but it isn’t too dark where the scenes are hard to see (which is unfortunately the case with quite a few videos).

dontlookatme4I love that the story is told generally from Song Ji Eun’s perspective. The video focuses a lot on her face, allowing us to feel just how awkward and humiliated she is. The fire scene is done perfectly in showing us just how alone and abandoned she is in the end.

While there isn’t anything particularly wrong with the cinematography, I am not giving it a 5 because I wouldn’t say that it is amazing per say. One more story scene would have been nice to give it slightly more depth and make it truly amazing.

Score: 4.5/5


dontlookatme7I really love Song Ji Eun’s black dress in the main story scenes. It looks beautiful on her, but also looks like a costume, clearly something she is forced to wear by her owners.

The rest of the outfits are pretty good. I’m not a particular fan of the black and white one that she wears when she is chained in what looks like a boiler room. The white ruffle is too strange for me.

dontlookatme5I like how the people watching her are wearing masks. Some of them resemble animals while others wear pharaoh masks, both representations of just how sick and controlling their attitudes toward Song Ji Eun are. It is interesting how even though they treat her like an animal, they are the ones wearing the animal masks, displaying how they are the ones who truly are the animals.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I was just blown away with this video. The song is amazing and the story is perfect. Song Ji Eun seriously is so talented. It’s rare that a song will bring me to tears. It happened with MBLAQ’s Be a Man and Super Junior’s In My Dream, and now with this song. I’m not a fan of SECRET, but Song Ji Eun is giving nothing but the best in her solo promotions. Like I said before, she is close to getting on my ultimate biases list.

Overall Final Score: 4.8/5

Favorite Moment:

Her facial acting on ON POINT.

Her facial acting on ON POINT.

question of the day:

Song ji eun fans, what other songs of hers should I check out? I only know this one and hope torture.”

#NowPlaying: In My Dream by Super Junior. One of the other few songs that can bring me to tears. You don’t even have to know the lyrics. Yesung’s voice says it all.


4 thoughts on “Song Ji Eun “Don’t Look At Me Like That” Music Video Review

  1. Maybe you can listen to her new single album, 25? She does a little rap and the song is so catchy. And you should review her MV too!


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