John Park “U” Music Video Review

My first ever video by John Park! I’ve never heard any of his songs before, but O-M-G does he have an amazing voice! I absolutely love this video.


Hearing this was such an odd experience for me because this song sounds so much like an American song. I can totally imagine hearing this on my American radio. It just has that feel.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t an amazing song. The piano in the beginning grabs my attention right away, and the voice that follows makes me realize how lucky I was to have clicked on this video. John Park has such a strong voice and this song showcases it nicely. From beginning to end, I could just lose myself in this song. There isn’t a single weak moment.

Is it just me or does this song sound a lot like “Counting Stars” by One Republic?

Score: 5/5


The best way to describe this story is chilling. Chilling, creepy, and perfect.

While John Park sings about his love for a girl, we see the psychotic person inside him literally jpu4stalk this girl, videotape her, break into her room, lie down next to her while she is sleeping, and then finally kill himself. In nearly every scene, John Park is in the room with this man, watching him and conveying that this man is somehow part of him.

It is unclear exactly who the other man is. Is he John Park’s inner self? The man John Park wants to be? Or the crazy man inside of him that scares him?

Rather than take away from the story, I think the mystery enhances it. It’s thought-provoking, jpucreepy, and just excellent.

Minor point: I really enjoyed John Park’s facial expressions in this video. It is creepy, but not in a overdone way.

Score: 5/5


Part of the reason why this video is so captivating is because the editing does an extremely good job at conveying the creepy, twisted feeling of the story. The minimal colors keep the focus on John Park and what he does to the girl he loves. Everything is a muted blue and black, but once jpu5we begin to realize just how crazy he is, we start to see red in the images.

The sets and the editing of specific scenes are done perfectly as well. I love that the room he is singing in looks like an insane asylum. Also, the quick scenes of John Park dragging the girl are just the epitome of creepy. I get goose bumps watching those scenes.

Score: 4.5/5


John Park’s wardrobe lends himself perfectly to this character. He wears a handsome, clean cut suit, making him look on the outside as a Mr. Perfect, Man of Every Girl’s Dream. However, once we see his personality and realize that in reality, he isn’t a romantic guy but a stalker, his perfect appearance suddenly seems taunting. It just makes the video all the more creepy.

Score: 5/5

Overall, this is an amazing video. I’m always happy when my first exposure to an artist is a good one. This video is so different from the average K-pop music video, from the style of the song to the story. It is unique in every good way.

Amazing song. Chilling video.

Overall Final Score: 4.9/5

Sidenote: Can you imagine a duet between John Park and Ailee? Talk about ear candy. Their voices would sound amazing together! SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Another sidenote: I remodeled my blog! What do you guys think? It’s not perfect, but it fixes a lot of the problems I had with my old theme, and there are some new features on this theme that I just love.


The moment that rope shows up I get chills.

            The moment that rope shows up I get chills.


Who do you think the other man represents?

#NowPlaying: Far Away…Young Love by C-Clown (A couple years old, but I still love this song. It’s one of the two only songs I know by C-Clown and I love it. Thank you, Pandora 🙂 )


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