Orange Caramel “Gangnam Avenue” Music Video Review

Not one of the more popular videos, but it’s been a while since I did a female artist. Quite frankly, this is the first girl group video in a while that I’ve seen that didn’t make me want to close my laptop.


The first word to come to my mind when I heard this song: Japanese. It has that fast Japanese Anime feel, which for me is just fun to listen to. The chorus has a nice melody that is easy to sing along to. The intense beat can get to be a little much at times, but overall I love the song.

It reminds me a lot of Cascada (one of my favorite singers when I was little).

Score: 4.5/5


This is like Cinderella meets 2NE1’s “Happy.” The girls of Orange Caramel are street cleaners, but once midnight hits, gangnamavenue2they tear off their worker clothes and become Gangnam girls ready for a night on the town. At night, they are the queens of Gangnam Avenue. (If I’m correct, the status of Gangnam is similar to the glamour of New York or LA for us in the U.S.)

The Cinderella comes in when one night, Seho and Nana spend the night together, Nana tearfully leaves Seho as it is time for her to leave the city gangnamavenue4and go back to being a street cleaner. She leaves and the next day Seho finds her shoe and realizes that his Cinderella is Nana the street cleaner.

I had originally tried relating the story to the lyrics of the song, but after a few times watching it, I realized that the story is really just a recreation of the Cinderella story rather than relating to the lyrics. It is nice though. I like that we got to see Seho come to the realization right at the very end of the video.

My one complaint that really got in the way of my fully enjoying this video: Nana’s acting. I’m sorry, but it is so cringe-worthy in this.

Question: If you’re night starts at midnight and you have to be at work at 6, when does one have time to sleep?

Score: 4/5


The video is simple, but in a nice way. The “Gangnam” scenes are very clearly green screened, but rathergangnam avenue1 than take away from the experience, it reflects how all day Orange Caramel daydream about their nights on Gangnam Avenue. However once the fire comes in, the effects go from useful to cheesy for me.

I am glad they include the presence of the time throughout the video, reinforcing the concept that their Gangnam adventures are always bound by time.

All in all though, this isn’t exactly the most sophisticated or professional-looking video out there.

Score: 2/5


Considering the complete change in character the girls have in this video, the wardrobe is pretty important. They do a good job at making their clothes as street cleaners totally different from their Gangnam outfits. Raina and Nana look nice, but Lizzy’s outfit just makes me shake my head in shame. It literally looks like a toddler’s swimsuit.

For nearly every Orange Caramel video I’ve seen, they always have one outfit that just crosses the line from being cute to being inappropriately childish. Cute is one thing, but that dress literally looks like something a baby would wear, in both style and size.

Score: 3/5

Overall, the video as a whole is nothing impressive. I really like the song, and can appreciate the good aspects to the video, but it definitely isn’t up to par with the quality of other Orange Caramel videos. I did really enjoy Nana’s and Seho’s romance. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud the first time I watched this. (You’ll understand if you’ve watched Roommate.)

When Orange Caramel first came around, I did not like them at all, but slowly and slowly I’m starting to appreciate them. Their cutesy music takes some getting used to, but they really do go against the current norm of female artists and add something a little different to their videos.

Overall Final Score: 3.4/5

 Favorite moment:

A nice dramatic end to the video

A nice dramatic end to the video


What did YOU think of Gangnam Avenue? What has been your favorite Orange Caramel video so far?

#NowPlaying: Jung Joon Young – From Me to Me (This is the complete opposite of Orange Caramel, but it’s literally my favorite song right now)



One thought on “Orange Caramel “Gangnam Avenue” Music Video Review

  1. My favorite Orange Caramel video ever would have to be “Catallena”, though it isn’t my favorite song. They’re sushi, for gods sakes! This video and song didn’t do it for me though, it was more boring than I expected, and boring’s not what I want from Orange Caramel.


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