Guest Post – Upcoming Artist from YG Entertainment: Tokki

I welcome you all to my first guest post on this blog!

Based on my past posts, you can all probably guess that I don’t dabble very much in K-Hip Hop or Korean rappers. I personally prefer pop music, but I can appreciate rap where I find it. This post written by Sangwoo Kim is about a new rapper from YG Entertainment. I listened to some of his songs, and I have to admit, he’s pretty good.

Hip Hop has risen to become one of the hottest scenes in Korea. Ever since the dissing war between Gaeko of Dynamic Duo and E-Sens of Supreme Team (Not only them, but also YDG, Swings, Simon Dominic and couple others), Hip Hop has become one of the most controversial but loved genres in the music scene of Korea. Not only that, MNET of Korea currently broadcasts a famous Hip Hop competition show (similar to America’s Got Talent but a Hip Hop version) which stages famous Korean Hip Hop artists like Dok2 and The Quiett (Illionare Records), Tablo and Masta Wu (YG Entertainment), Swings and San-E (Brand New Music) and YDG.

While the atmosphere for the Hip Hop scene is very hot in Korea, there is a new ambitious project being prepared by YG Entertainment to promote one of their own Hip Hop artists. In fact this is the reason for writing this guest post. He is the most notorious, the hottest, the baddest (as CL would call it) and the most Infamous, one and only Tokki a.k.a. 토끼. Tokki is known to have written lyrics for Taeyang’s Ringa Linga and his unique style of writing lyrics definitely got lots of love and attention. Tokki has just recently released his 1st mixtape on (An online Korean Hip Hop community) and it is getting much love. GD even tweeted about it!

MixTape I find that Tokki has a very unique style of flow and writing lyrics, but you can all be the judges after checking out his mixtape. Among his track lists, I personally find #11, 너아니면 안돼 and #9, 그렇게 말하지 to be the best, but I know that track #8, 바닥에서 시작해서 has been a huge hit within YG Entertainment.

So definitely check his mixtape out! He is the ‘NEXT BIG THING.’

Sangwoo Kim is a K Pop lover from Boston.  Currently he is working for a legal consulting firm in Beacon Hill over the summer. 


What are your thoughts?

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