BTS “Danger” Music Video Review

This comeback in particular made me realize just how hard-working and talented BTS is. They really deserve every single success and win they receive.


My first thought: This song would make a really good OST.

The song is pretty good. The raps in particular are done really well, in both composition and performance, as is usual for BTS. Each rap has its own unique style while both fitting with the rest of the song and offering something interesting to listen to, which is among what I love most about BTS. The raps flow into the singing parts really nicely as well.

The only part that I think interrupts the flow of the song would be V’s shouting after each chorus. Am I the only one that thinks it sounds immature rather than intimidating?

Score: 4/5


btsdanger1There isn’t much to this story and I was actually considering taking this section out completely in my review. However, after a couple times watching the video, I did manage to find a plot in there, albeit a small one.

It shows each member of BTS doing their normal hobbies, such as dancing or working out, and eventually as the song goes on they get angrier and more violent in their actions. The song is about them expressing their anger, and I like the slow buildup of anger in the story scenes. For some obtsdanger7f them, Rap Monster in particular, what he is doing seems innocent at first, but as we see more, we realize that he isn’t just drawing; he’s making a tattoo for himself. It is short and simple, but there is a dynamic storyline in there. I appreciate the fact that they aren’t hitting us over the head with the storyline.

Score: 4/5


Just like “Boy in Luv,” this video is done really well. Every scene looks like it’s part of the same video – which should be the case for all videos, but sadly it’s not.

btsdanger8My favorite room in this video is definitely the subway dance scene. I’m not sure exactly why they decided to use a subway as their set, but it’s definitely unique and looks pretty cool. Old warehouses are a thing of the past. It’s all about the subways now!

I also find that the climaxes of the story scenes are timed really nicely to match the rhythm of the song.

Score: 4/5


Long story short: I love the wardrobe. Every single outfit. I love that each member has his own unique style. The accessories add flavor and personalization to each outfit. I particularly like the hats and btsdanger5accessories they use in this video compared to their past music videos. It’s stylish, but not overly “gangster.”

I personally think Suga and Jimin look the best in this video.

Score: 5/5


This has to be BTS’s best dance yet. The beginning sequence is amazing and extremely attention-grabbing. Again and again I am blown away at their perfect synchronization and sharp moves.

My favorite moments are the shuffling before the chorus and the shoulder shrugs during the chorus. Those moves in particular match the beat of the song the best. The ducking of each member right before J-Hope’s rap is also timed perfectly.

Score: 5/5

Overall, this is a pretty good video. It isn’t my favorite by them, but there are aspects, particularly the wardrobe and dance, that impress me in ways BTS has never done before. Seriously, I think this may be the best dance of the year so far.

If you haven’t, I highly recommend watching their live performances of this song. BTS’s talent and consistency in performing live puts them on another level from other K-pop artists.

Overall Final Score: 4.4/5

Sorry this is late and on the shorter side. I’ve been in Super Junior world for the past week. *_* I’m listening to their new album as I type this and I’m crying with happiness. You can probably guess what MV review will be next! 😉

My favorite moment from this MV:



What is your favorite BTS video so far?

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