Taemin “Danger” Music Video Review

I feel like his entire career has been leading up to this point. No one has earned this more than Taemin.


I can’t get enough of this song. Since it’s come out, I’ve probably listened to it at least once a day – probably more. All of the repeated phrases in it make this song absolutely addicting.

I love the slow, taunting lines in the beginning, but it is the “bam bam bam” that really draws me into the song. It has a lot of unique aspects with a beat that is completely on point. The vocal styles used in this song fit Taemin’s voice really well.

My only complaint is that I feel the bridge doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the song.

Score: 4.9/5


danger7Yes, another classic SM dance-in-a-box video. Fortunately for Taemin, he is such a charismatic and skilled dancer that the dance is all we need. It would have been nice if there was more to the story than Taemin looking at a motorcycle and then walkingdanger9 around a parking lot holding a gun while someone else rides the motorcycle around him (Taemin, you tried…), but with the constant change of sets and interesting dance, I am entertained.

Score: 3.5/5


When it comes to the wardrobe, I adore some of it, and I wish some of it didn’t exist. His main black and red suit is perfect for him. It is both classy and edgy, representing Taemin perfectly. I also personally like the other main dance scene with the black and white track suit. The headband in particular brings out the real dancer image in him. The intense eye makeup throughout the video, while in some scenes seems unnecessarily excessive, gives Taemin the “dangerous” feel he portrays with the song.

danger3 danger6

That girth around his leg though…I’m not sure what it’s supposed to mean, but that is literally the only thing keeping some of these outfits from being perfect.

Then there is the nose piercing. While I personally am not a fan of the look, it does suit this concept a little too perfectly.

Score: 3/5


It’s hard as a soloist to make a really visually appealing dance, since they don’t have the numbers to work with, but for what it is, this is a pretty darn good dance. It is very active, dynamic, fits the beat, and shows off Taemin’s utterly perfect dance skills. The shoulder shrugs and thumb-waiving are my personal favorite moments, but really the whole dance is en event to watch.

Only he can make a move as random as this look good

Only he can make a move as random as this look good

The only reason why I wouldn’t give this dance a perfect score is because the dance wasn’t particularly mind-blowing. 5s are reserved for truly amazing dance pieces.

Taemin is a dance, and no matter what choreography he is given, he can make it look good. He dances with such passion and crispness that I always find it impossible to look away. I honestly see him as quite possibly the best dancer in SM.

Now I just need Eunhyuk, Lay, and Taemin to perform a dance together to see who the real king is.

Score: 4.9/5

Overall, I am very happy with this video. Sure, it may have those random scenes that make you embarrassed to show this video to friends, but all together it is perfect for Taemin’s solo debut. The concept suits him perfectly. We got a glimpse of this new Taemin in “Why So Serious” and I’m so glad we have been given the full version. I love it. I can’t wait for them to release the dance version.

Overall Final Score: 4.1/5

I know this review is on the shorter side, but I couldn’t post-pone it any longer. I’m so behind on comebacks! I just started school this week, so I’m going to be a bit sporadic with posts in the next coming weeks (well, more sporadic than usual).

On a totally different note, have you seen Super Junior’s new teasers?! GO WATCH THEM NOW. IF YOU’RE A FAN OF ME, YOU’RE A FAN OF THEM.

Teaser 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bt5M3DdUXzA

Teaser 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxYjoCD5mDA

Jk, you don’t have to be a fan of them. Just let me have my excitement.

Before I leave, my favorite scene from the video:


I’m thinking maybe I’ll start ending all of my reviews with a “favorite moment gif.” What do you think?


What is your favorite outfit from this video? Least favorite?


3 thoughts on “Taemin “Danger” Music Video Review

  1. Ops. Just found your post this late. i honestly fell in love with Taemin. i am in love with his smoky eye makeup, his bouncing hair when he dance.. Perfect! TBH, I am not SM ENT fan. But lately I’ve been attracted to SM ENT, omg!!! I’m such a betrayer to YG. Because I love dancing and I found that YG push BIGBANG 2NE1 more to fashion & songs rather than cool dance. Anyway, my favorite outfit of Taemin’s Danger mv is at 1:13 to 1:14. But I admit SM loves to insert the “motorcycle” & dance-in-a-box scenes. I found that too common (>_>)

    p/s: I am hardcore fan of BIGBANG. ㅋㅋㅋ


  2. I find your reviews and writing style very interesting, so i was trying to find your input on my fav band CNBLUE and gasp! I did not find anything. I guess that they do not suit your tastes but what about yonghwa’s “near to be released” solo, I would love your input on it once it is out.


    1. Aw I’m sorry! I promise, I have nothing against CNBlue! I’ve just never been that into them, so I haven’t gotten around to looking up their music videos. I will definitely keep an eye out for Yonghwa’s solo!

      Thank you for the comment! 🙂


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