LYn x Leo “Blossom Tears” Music Video Review

It’s been so long since I wrote up one of these reviews! I almost forgot how I did them!

For those of you wondering: Yes, this is the same actress from BTS’s “Boy in Luv” a.k.a. the Ilhoon look-alike. 😛


I already knew Leo as a singer before listening to this, but this is the first time I have heard LYn sing and her voice is beautiful! Together, LYn and Leo sound amazing together. My favorite parts of the song are the moments when they sing at the same time, and I wish we could have heard more of those. The song itself isn’t particularly special in my opinion, but these two have strong enough voices to make it sound beautiful.

Score: 4/5

Video – Story

blossomtears5This story definitely will take you by surprise. Leo is a dress-maker, and he lives with his lover, Soo Hyun. Throughout the video we see them together, in love, but Leo seems to be holding back in the relationship. At one point he accidentally loses control and pushes her to the ground, and through more flashbacks and images, we get the idea that Leo has some sort of mental disorder. One day, Soo Hyun is nowhere to be found and Leo goes crazy thinking that she left him, flashing back to memories of a past girlfriend who left him. When he does find her, in his twisted mind, he decides to kill her and preserve her heart, so that she can blossomtears9never leave him.

The story is scary, heart-breaking, and full of twists. I love how unique it is. As a psychology student, I was super excited to see a video involving a mental disorder. Even though it is twisted, the ending is a bit poetic. Because of past trauma, the only way that Leo can feel safe in his relationship is if he can physically hold Soo Hyun’s heart in his hand and never let it go.

Score: 5/5

Video – Cinematography

One of the reasons why the story of this video is so enthralling is the use of flashbacks. In the beginning, the relationship between Leo and Soo Hyun looks completely normal. However, as different scenes are revealed of Leo’s life, we see just how far from “normal” he is.

The colors reflect the tone of each scene perfectly and are great in setting the mood. I love the presence of the pills in the blossomtears7video, making it clear that there is actually something wrong with Leo and the story isn’t meant to be figurative. It is a bit unclear however if the pills are helping or hurting him.

Interestingly, even though Leo is revealed to be a murderer in the end, I found myself sympathizing with him. Because of the scenes that the editors chose to put in and the way that Leo is portrayed, we do actually feel sorry for him and want nothing more than for him to find true love in the end. I just love the way they reveal the twist in the end, with the image of him kissing the jar with her heart and him admiring her lifeless body wearing his dress.

Score: 4.5/5



This is definitely a style I would love to see Leo wearing again. He looks so sharp in all of his outfits and makes a very handsome dress designer. Both he and Soo Hyun have a simple, yet nice wardrobe in this video that looks very natural in this particular story. I am not personally fan of some of Go Soo Hyun’s dresses, but overall, the wardrobe is done very nicely.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, this video was just unexpected. When I saw it in my subscription box, I wasn’t planning on mentioning it on this blog, but once I saw that story, I had to write a review. Ballads are not my thing, but the video as a whole made this one pretty enthralling.

Overall Final Score: 4.5/5

Starlight moment: I’m so happy to see a video featuring Leo! He is so often absent on camera, and it was nice to see him shine for once. Now I’m just waiting for them to give him a drama deal.


What did you think of the video? Do you have another interpretation of the story?

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8 thoughts on “LYn x Leo “Blossom Tears” Music Video Review

  1. I have a question,do you reckon leo loved his ex much more then he loves his current girlfriend that why he always lets his past get the better of him or do you think leo loves his current girlfriend more so he thought he could not handle it if she left him since it would be more painful then the previous error so he decided to kill her.


    1. I’m not sure who he loved more (although I’m inclined to say it’s the current girlfriend), but I think with the current girlfriend, he was so scarred from his past girlfriend leaving that he went crazy worrying about his current girlfriend leaving him too. His problem was that he was afraid of the past repeating itself with the current girlfriend. At least that’s my take on it.


  2. At first i thought.
    Leo is just imagining the girl..

    But when i read the story behind that video
    i understand the whole scene.

    I am not a fan of VIXX
    Couz i am an A.R.M.Y means BTS fan.
    when 1 of my co-A.R.M.Y spread the message that the girl in music video BOY IN LOVE and BLOSSOM TEARS are the same. I search in the google.. and its true.
    I envy the girl b’couz of that. I want to be on her position.


  3. I thing the dress is the point of this MV
    The MV started with Leo making a sketch of dress for her and he’s like happy to make her a dress and he’s playing with his current girlfriend while they are looking the sketch but then he gets out of control and phushes her (that moment we can see a flashback or kind of clue that says he has a mental problem) He looks nervous because he knows that he shouldn’t be like that with her (as if it had happened before) So, he looks kind of nervous too when she’s playing around with the dress (the point of the story) In the bed he was going to touch her but he stopped when he remember her playing with the dress. Then he was like anxious looking her photos on his desk like “What am i doing? I can’t do this (I think the losing control and kill her)” She come and hug him and he doesn’t reject her so i think he was trying to calm down bcause he loves her. But then he falls asleep and dreams when he was with his ex and he wake up after she left him (Just after he finished the dress for her). When he cant see her in the room he suddenly gets out of control thinking she left him. He destroy everything showing us all his angry and pain. But then she appears and hug him but Leo doesnt look better. He just has in mind the pain of those few minutes thinking he lost her. Then Leo is finished the dress when he grabs de pils, Then we can see him grabing his head like convincing him that its the only way (to be with her forever). A little flashback of Leo and his gf hugging, we can see Leo without energy like “I can not endure the pain of losing her” and then he sees the unfinished dress: “This is the only way to not suffer”. The think i dont know is how did he make to convince to eat those pils. But we can understand he killed her because of love (A creepy love)

    The first time i saw it i thought every dress represented all the relation he had and ended like that (with the girl dead) But when i saw well the pictures in the jars its the same girl (his current-dead-gf) so i think those jars contain thing that means a lot for him (like photos of her, a letter, and other stuff from her like her heart) I think he put it into jars to preserve those things). And we know what happens after that 😛


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