July 2014 in Review Pt.1

I’m back! You guys have no idea how much I’ve been missing blogging.

Before I start, happy Eid to all of my Muslim followers! I hope you all had a nice Ramadan. I sure did. Fasting from K-pop really helped me a lot in finding clarity in my life. However now I am back and excited as ever to continue talking to you guys about the newest videos.

July was an amazing month for comebacks. I didn’t watch any new videos all month, but I just caught myself up last week and boy, I missed a lot. I’m going to be splitting this post into two parts. This first half will cover the comebacks from Jung Joon Young, f(x), NU’EST, B.I.G, and Kim Hyun Joong. Let’s get started!

(Click the picture to watch the music video)

Jung Joon Young “Teenager”


Song: 4.9/5

Video – Story: 5/5

Video – Cinematography: 4.9/5

Wardrobe: 4.9/5

I know, this video came out in June, but I just watched it a couple of days ago and had to talk about it. I nearly cried when I first heard this song. This is the type of music I would listen to before I got into K-pop (and my favorite type of music outside of K-pop). It is an amazing song. Jung Joon Young’s voice fits the sound perfectly and has so much bitter passion that is so addicting. The background instrumental is perfect. I can’t believe he produced and composed this himself. The story is also great. He is an adult working in a stuffy office, but his heart is back with his teenage dream of being a rock star, so he quits his job and goes back to rock. It is nostalgic and inspiring and very satisfying. The editing of the video really gave us his perspective with the flashbacks in the beginning and the fast scene shifts during his concert. It’s hard not to get caught up in the moment with him. I just wish we could have seen some kind of smile from him at the very end.

Every time the chorus came around, I kept expecting to hear Rise Against’s “I Don’t Wanna Be Here Anymore.” I can see the two songs going together, or is that just me?

Overall Final Score: 4.9/5

f(x) “Red Light”


Song: 4.5/5

Video – Cinematography: 3.5/5

Wardrobe: 4.5/5

Dance: 3.9/5

This is definitely going down as one of my favorite f(x) music videos. The song is great. I love the mysterious echo-filled beginning. My favorite part of the song is Luna’s and Amber’s harmonizing. Similar to SNSD’s “I Got A Boy,” all of the different parts of the song sound really nice, but the way they are arranged is a bit chaotic. The dance is creative and entertaining, although I would say it is one of their weaker dances. As for the video itself, all I really get is chaos and mystery, but it is entertaining. It is like f(x)’s way of inviting us into their secret world. The colors are all done really nicely in this. I love all of the wardrobe, hairstyles, and makeup as well. Luna, Amber, and Sulli look particularly beautiful in this.

I have been noticing in this comeback that Amber and Victoria are looking scarily thin. I really hope they aren’t sacrificing their health for this comeback.

Overall Final Score: 4.1/5

NU’EST “Good Bye Bye”


Song: 4.5/5

Video – Story: 4/5

Video – Cinematography: 4/5

Wardrobe: 3/5

Dance: 3/5

First thing first: Now that I’ve seen Shut Up Flower Boy Band, every time I look at JR, I see Byunghee and want to cry. Someone help me.

This video is on the more cliché-angsty side, but I enjoy it. I see each member representing each point of a breakup: JR trying to swallow the beautiful fish, forcing a love that is only harmful to him; the harmful love backfiring on Ren as he quite literally becomes love “sick;” Baekho trying to destroy the love, and Minhyun finally realizing how alone he is without the love. The end confuses me slightly, but I just love how artistic this video is. The song is great too. I am in love with this instrumental, and the vocals sound really nice, although as a whole, the song sounds a bit too generic to me. The song is also not very eye-catching. Regarding the wardrobe, the hair for the most part is perfect. Ren looks amazing in this video. I have found for this particular group that they all look best with their natural hair color. Going along that note, Baekho’s orange hair does not fit this concept at all.

As much as I love Ren’s new look, I am really disappointed in his bathroom outfit. It’s as if the stylists were thinking that now that he is a “man,” they can shove his abs in front of our faces. Being a man doesn’t mean you have to take your shirt off at every opportunity you get. His classy hair and sweater in his entrance is perfect as it is.

Overall Final Score: 3.7/5

B.I.G “Hello”


Song: 4/5

Video – Cinematography: 3.5/5

Wardrobe: 3.9/5

Dance: 4/5

“Hello” is one of the most perfect debut videos I have ever seen. It introduces the members as not only a new K-pop group, but as the mascots to represent South Korea to the rest of the world. I absolutely love the multilingual greetings in the chorus. (The included Salaam, which is the Arabic/Islamic greeting!) This song is perfect as the K-pop anthem of the year. It would have been nice if they had repeated “annyeong” instead of “hello” though. The video complements the song nicely, with them starting off with the Korean flag. It is simple, yet fitting and entertaining. I like how they show every possibly gesture of “hello” as the choreography for the chorus. As a video, it isn’t anything super special, but the meaning behind it is perfect.

I am honored that they include the Arabic greeting in this, but I have to point out that while they do pronounce it perfectly, the way they spell it is just too obviously wrong. Arabic is supposed to be read from right to left, and the letters are supposed to connect to each other, so that it looks like سلام, not م ا ل س. The mistake they make is essentially like writing “hello” as “o l l e h.”

Overall Final Score: 3.9/5

Kim Hyun Joong “Beauty Beauty”

beauty beauty

Song: 4/5

Video – Story: 4/5

Video – Cinematography: 4.9/5

Wardrobe: 3/5

This is a really unique video. I was very surprised to hear a song like this from Kim Hyun Joong, but he sings it really well. It hard not to love this chorus. I love the repetition of “beauty” at the end of each chorus. The video follows Kim Hyun Joong as he admires his “Beauty,” and we get to see his cool, suave side. The single-take illusion is done really well, and that along with the colorful animation makes a usually cliche story fun to watch. The very end with him rising up is a little random, and I’m not a fan of the girl’s outfit or acting, but other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed this video.

Overall Final Score: 4/5

That’s it for now! Click here to read Part 2!


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