An Important Announcement~ (Personal Update #3)

Hello lovely followers! I come with some news for you, in some ways bad news, in other ways good news.

I am actually going to be taking a hiatus from this blog for a little bit. I am Muslim, and one of the most important months in our calendar is starting soon: Ramadan! During this month we don’t eat or drink from dawn until sunset every day. The month is about self-discipline and becoming closer to God and one’s own self.

I always spend this month trying to make myself the absolute best person and Muslim I can be. During this month, I try to do a lot more religious rituals such as praying and reading the Qur’an, and I try to fast from other things as well besides food. Things that normally distract me from religious activity.

One of those things being K-pop.

So, for the entire month, I won’t be watching any new comebacks or variety shows. I also won’t be posting anything on this blog.

My life often becomes so focused on K-pop and the lives of these singers that I really need this annual month as a sort of cleanse, to become less focused on the K-pop life and more focused on, well, my actual life.

BUT, I will not be far from the blogesphere! Last year I started a new blog just for Ramadan where I blog every day (kind of like the April challenge I did), just sort of logging how fasting and Ramadan is going for me. So, if you are interested in learning a little bit about what Ramadan really means in the daily life of yours truly, an American, K-pop-loving Muslim, or need that minnimonmon fix in your diet, or are just curious about getting to know another side of me, check out my Ramadan blog!

My blog is called Islam On My Mind. (Yeah, I’m not very creative when it comes to titles) You can read the posts that I wrote last year, or keep an eye out for my daily posts that I will be starting tomorrow!

Also, even though I won’t be watching any videos this month, I will still be reading K-pop news and tweeting! If you don’t already, follow me on twitter! I have fangirling parties. It’s fun.

So, this is the last post you will see on this blog until around August 15th. Ramadan is supposed to end around the end of July, but I’m going to be going to a religious retreat (totally unrelated) a couple of weeks afterwards, and I’m going to be super busy because of that, so I’ll just wait until after I come back to get back on the K-pop wagon. I know, I’m going to be missing f(x)’s and NU’EST’s comebacks! 😦 But don’t worry, after Ramadan is over I’m going to go back and look up the big comebacks that I missed and write a quick post about them.

So I bid ye all farewell for now! To all my Muslim followers, Ramadan Mubarak! Happy fasting! πŸ™‚ See you all in August!






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