ZE:A “Breathe” Music Video Review

I never give ZE:A enough credit. Their comebacks have always been incredible and this one just proved that even more.


This is a really good song. The chorus in particular is amazing. It is so smooth, soothing, and really nice to listen to. I love how the lyrics start a bit fast, but then the “moksori” and “sumsori” are elongated. Throughout the song are a lot of really nice harmonies. If you watch a live version, you can really hear the simply stunning harmony of Dongjun, Kevin, and Hyungsik in the last chorus.

I’m not crazy about the “eh eh eh” in the beginning and end. It doesn’t quite fit the sound of the rest of the song.

Score: 4.5/5


The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where Earth has become so destroyed that humanity has moved to another planet. Dongjun finds a girl left on Earth and saves her, taking her to the spaceship where the members of ZE:A breathe5nurse her back to health as they head to their new planet. While she is sleeping and dreaming, they try to remind her of when Earth was a happier and greener place. She finally wakes up in Dongjun’s arms under the new planet’s tree, their new home.

I love the idea of this story. It’s like watching a movie, but I wish they included more of it! This is a message more to the editor of the video, but there is a potentially really good story that could have been portrayed that was completely overshadowed. What we are given is great, but it makes me want more.

A happy bonus: The lyrics actually directly relate to the story!

Score: 4.5/5


The appearance of the video is really very nice. The new planet is simply beautiful. It has a simple elegance to it that looks really nice, especially in comparison to the dirty, deteriorating Earth in the scenes of Dongjun and the girl escaping. It is a really nice touch to have one of the dance scenes on the new planet set itself.

breathe7I also appreciate how realistic the spaceship scene looks. I feel like I am watching an actual movie in the story scenes, like Star Wars or After Earth.

The other dance rooms with the balloons and curtains also look really nice, but I find them to be too bright and happy compared to the story scenes. I wouldn’t say the story is “dark” exactly, but it does have a sadness to it that contradict too much with the bright colors of the dance scene. By themselves, all of the scenes look really nice, but there is just too much contrast between the story scenes and the bright dance scene.

Yes, the video begins exactly like Beast’s “Breath.” The planet looks eerily like the planet in VIXX’s “On and On.” The scenes of the members watching the girl remind me of Dara watching her boyfriend in 2NE1’s “Come Back Home.” There are a lot of similarities to other videos, but as a video by itself, I think ZE:A’s “Breathe” is put together very nicely. When you watch the whole thing without comparing it to other videos, it all makes sense, and the similarities could very well be coincidences.

Score: 4/5


The wardrobe of this video is pretty good. The outfits in that main white dancing scene all look really nice together. The colors go nicely with each other and the background. I’m not so crazy about some of the individual outfits in that scene, but together it all looks good. I like the style of the black and white suits more. They also make a nicer contrast to each other.

breathehcThere are a couple of outfits that I just cannot bring myself to like in the white dance scene. Poor Heechul just got screwed over in the wardrobe department in my opinion. While nearly everyone else looks chic and cool, he looks like he just walked out of his grandpa’s closet. For some reason, the stylists decided to give him, Dongjun, and Kwanghee all tops that I can only imagine old men wearing. Dull brown plaid blazers are not a good look for ZE:A. Aside from them though, I don’t have a problem with any of the outfits.

I noticed that nearly all of the members have the exact same light brown colored hair, which I found to look slightly odd. It makes sense for everyone to have the same hair color if it is their natural black hair, but with an artificial color, it just looks strangebreathe2 to me. It’s too artificial.

Speaking of hairstyles, I am in love with Kwanghee’s hair in this. Most of the time I really do not like the hair styles Kwanghee is given, but he looks amazing with this style. I don’t know how they did it, but he just looks so perfect and youthful in this particular video – he almost looks like an animation.

Yeah, I’m a huge sucker for good hair.

Score: 4/5


breathe4This is a really nice dance. It starts out incredibly strong with half of the members dancing around the members in the middle of the stage. I really love the main dance in the chorus. My favorite part of the whole thing is when they all extend their arms forward and slide backwards. (I am so sad that they changed that part for their live performances!) I also really like the move they do right before that where they have their hands in front of them moving up and down (the one shown in the thumbnail of the video).

They divide the members into groups a lot with this dance which makes it really interesting to watch. I like this one a lot.

Score: 4/5

Overall, I love this comeback. It isn’t my favorite ZE:A video, but it definitely did not disappoint at all. ZE:A is so talented, and they just proved it even more with this video. Seriously, watch a live performance of this song and pay attention to the vocalizing and harmonization in the end. My jaw literally dropped.

I really hope they release a dance version with the choreography from the MV! I’ll add it to this post if I find it.

Overall Final Score: 4.2/5

Question of the Day:

Any other interpretations of the story? What did you think of the video in general?


One thought on “ZE:A “Breathe” Music Video Review

  1. wahhhh.. I didn’t even think much about the story of the MV..
    Thank you for made me realizing the meaning of the MV! ❤
    And I wanna see them dance the chorus part like in the mv.. 😦 though I like the live version too


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