Jung Joon Young & Younha “Just The Way You Are” Music Video Review

Okay, these are two really cute kids.


This is a pretty good song. Both Jung Joon Young and Younha sing very nicely, especially in the chorus. I really like the accompanying instruments in this song, like the piano in the beginning and the guitar in the chorus. Joon Young’s voice in particular goes along with the sound of the guitar perfectly. The chorus definitely has a passionate and somewhat epic feel to it, but in comparison, the rest of the lyrics sound a bit boring in my opinion.

Score: 4/5

Video – Story

The story in this video is very cute and also inspirational. It tells the story of two misfit kids, who I will be calling Carrot Boy and Space Girl. They each have their own unique hobbies, Carrot Boy being obsessed with rabbits (and even justthewayyouare2pretending to be a rabbit) and Space Girl being obsessed with outer space and stars. Their parents don’t understand them and reprimand them for their odd behaviors. The two kids meet and become friends, sharing their hobbies with each other, but one day, in searching for them, the moms destroy their little hideout and then separate Carrot Boy and Space Girl. Years later, they are both successful, “normal” adults, but they still indulge in their childhood hobbies together.

It gives the message that it’s okay to be different. Having hobbies or obsessions that others deem weird or unhealthy does not mean we won’t be able to live successful, healthy lives. I really like how realistic everything is in this. Even though the parents were the “villains” of the story, they did not act in an exaggeratedly evil way. They acted like how any normal mother would act if she saw her son picking the carrots from her garden or her daughter spending all of her time on odd projects. It highlights just how easily misunderstandings can happen between parents and children.

Score: 4.5/5

Video – Cinematography

justthewayyouare3The cinematography is really nice. When I watch this, I feel like I’m watching a short film with the color filters and extended story scenes. The story is told from the kids’ perspectives very nicely. Even though most of us in the audience are not little kids, the camera angles in the scenes and the way the story is told makes it easy for us to understand the perspective of this kids.

I really love how the video ends with adult Carrot Boy putting his rabbit mask on and then watching Space Girl transform from an adult back to a kid. It makes the end so satisfying.

This is a small point, but I just want to say that I really like how the lyrics to the song are shown on the screen at certain parts.

Score: 4.5/5


The wardrobe is used really nicely to show exactly where the kids are in their lives. justthewayyouare4As little kids, they look very innocent in the way they dress, and later as adults, they both look like professional, working people. It is easy to tell how far Space Girl has come when we see her with a nice, expensive telescope, but the wardrobe of the adult Carrot Boy lets us know that he too is successful. He wears a suit and looks like a businessman.

My only complaint in the wardrobe of this video is actually with Younha. I am not a fan of her eye makeup. The glitter on the bottom of the eye does not look good in my opinion. It looks like she is crying, even though we all know that she is not.

This is also a super side point, but I really wish Joon Young would cut his hair. He looks so much better with short hair.

Score: 4.9/5

Overall, I am very happy I found this video. The story is just so cute, and also easy to relate to. We all have those things about us that make us unique, but that others will say hinder us from being “normal.” For a lot of us, that might actually be K-pop itself. However, just because we don’t live life the conventional way does not mean we can’t live life at all. I always love getting music videos with real messages in them like this.

Overall Final Score: 4.5/5

Wooow, I did not plan on posting this so late! And now a bunch of new MVs just came out in the past couple of days! I’m actually going to be going on vacation in a week, so hopefully I can get caught up by then.

Question of the Day:

What did you think of the video? What message stood out to you the most?


What are your thoughts?

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