VIXX “Eternity” Music Video Review

I can’t count the number of times it took before I could watch this video without fangirling, falling out of my chair, or wanting to cry. Turns out I like VIXX a lot more than I thought I did.


This is an amazing song to listen to with headphones. The upbeat background instrumental gives it a very Eurodance feel. It does stray a bit from the VIXX and K-pop sound, especially with the “whoooooah” part after the second and third chorus (am I the only one who thought I was listening to a song by The Wanted?), but as its own song, regardless of the genre, I really like it. My favorite parts include Hyuk’s and Hongbin’s delicate lines leading up to the first chorus, Ken’s adlibs at the end, and the echoing repetition of Ken’s line before the second chorus.

Most songs follow the same formula: lines, chorus, maybe some instrumental, lines, chorus, bridge, chorus. While this song also follows the formula, it is not so cut and dry. For example, I really like how after the first chorus, Hyuk’s lines start right away, almost before the chorus even ends, but later in the song, the chorus is followed by instrumental. I also like that the lines leading up to each chorus follow a different rhythm and style each time. It all sounds good and it makes the song interesting and less predictable.

I also particularly like how the rap is set up in this song. Usually, Ravi comes in with a loud “Rrrrrravi!” followed by an overly energetic set of lines, but this time he starts out quieter, his voice almost blending into the instrumental, but as he keeps going, his voice and speed pick up momentum, giving the listener a different kind of rush from his usual raps. It is definitely an improvement for VIXX.

Sidenote: I really like the lyrics to this song. They are heartfelt and actually tell a story.

Score: 4.9/5


On the outside, this seems like an extremely cliché storyline, but the lyrics do add a littleternity8e depth to the ending. All of the members are doing things with their significant other, like playing the piano, sharing a morning coffee, or drawing a portrait of her, but then the clock turns back and she disappears, leaving the VIXX members confused and sad.

Based on the lyrics, the story seems to be about the members sharing moments with their lovers, but then they remember their nightmares of her disappearing and begin to confuse their dreams with reality, unsure if she is actually there with them or not, eternitynthus the confused faces. It is sad and heartbreaking, and I really like how it relates to the lyrics. I particularly like N’s acting in this. He conveys both the initial confusion and then subsequent sadness really well.

I just wish the story could have been a little more unique. This video doesn’t really offer anything new in terms of a story, and the activities they are doing are so painfully cliché.

Score: 4/5


eternity5I can see some really good choices that were made in the cinematography. The color tone is perfect, reflecting the melancholy feel of the story and the dark mysteriousness of the clock. I love the presence of all of the clocks and gears, and the fact that they appear to be dancing in an actual clock tower. The floating gears in one of the dance scenes are so creative and really make this video stand out among others. I just wish the clock, specifically the image of time turning backwards, was emphasized a bit more.

For the story, it is a nice touch to have all eternity6of the stories take place in the same room. Having the members disappear and reappear in the dance scenes ties the dance to the story really well and gives us something more interesting to look at than just them dancing in a room.

The cinematography of this video isn’t amazing, but there are definitely aspects to it that can be appreciated.

Score: 4.5/5


eternity3I absolutely love the black and white suits. That style looks amazing on them and they just look really classy. I also really like the outfits in their solo shots. They all had different styled outfits and I love the pattern.

The outfits in the story scene are all pretty good. The blue suits are also okay. I do like the fact that they are wearing suits, and that the color matches the room, but I’m not digging the uniform blue from head to toe.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t stand the lighter dancing suits. The color just makes them look washed out and blah. (I don’t know any better way to describe this.)

Score: 4/5


eternityAs usual, VIXX impresses with this dance. The beginning is so expressive and creative. Lifting N up and then Ken is a really nice touch. I like that even during the simple parts, like Hyuk’s and Hongbin’s first lines leading up to the first chorus, the two of them weave in and out of the other members, still giving us something interesting to watch. I love how the positions of the members constantly change in this dance, so that even when moves are repeated, they look slightly different each time.

eternity9One of my favorite parts in the dance is in Ken’s line before the second chorus; how he first does the dance move, and then the rest of the members do the exact same move. My absolute favorite part however is the very final moment in the dance, when the members chillingly lower Ken down to the ground. It is so creative and final and a perfect way to end a dance.

If that was it for the dance, I would have given VIXX a perfect score. I will not however, when they include something as tasteless as a body roll. Come on, VIXX, you are so much better than that. All I see in body rolls is forced sexiness and a cheap shot at attention. Sorry.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I absolutely loved this video. Sure, there are complaints, but when it comes down to my completely Starlight-biased opinion, the video was perfect. I’m not disappointed at all. I’m sure a lot of people would be disappointed in the song, since it is pretty different from their other songs, but I loved it. They improved so much with this song, especially Hongbin and Hyuk.

Overall Final Score: 4.4/5

I can’t end without including this:


                                                     I. LOVE. THIS. SHOT.

Question of the Day:

Any other Starlights out there? What did you think of Eternity?


4 thoughts on “VIXX “Eternity” Music Video Review

  1. Great review! I agree 99%! There is no way I could do an unbiased review so I’m not even going to try! lol. I think it is a fantastic song! The dance is great, the song is great, they look great! (See what I mean)

    My 1% where I disagree with you is the body rolls. Ravi is my bias so that might explain it somewhat. He is far too attractive – as they all are – doing those…. 😉


  2. Great review, really really good. This music video was definitely different in a lot of ways. I mean it’s Vixx and they’ve basically have no bounds with which to contain them however I liked it because 1)Hyuk had significant screen time as compared to the rest of their MVs and that made me feel good. Not because I have any particular special affection for him–not like I do Leo or Ravi–but because I felt bad that he always seemed to be in the back. I was also glad that Leo–even though I love him–wasn’t specifically singled out during his solo part. I felt like they focused on the whole group this time rather than just the main members like N, Ravi, Leo and Ken. They released their dance version, have you seen it yet?


    1. Yes I just saw it this morning! I’m still hoping for a dance practice video though hehe. I like watching the raw dance without any special effects or zooming in.

      I agree about Hyuk. I love how much attention he got in this, especially after getting so little attention in their previous videos. They definitely did try to make it more even among the members.

      Thanks for your comment!


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