INFINITE “Last Romeo” Music Video Review

I finally know the names of all of the members of INFINITE! I actually fangirled a bit while watching this video. I’ve never done that with INFINITE before.


I am surprised at how well everything fits together in this song. It is a dark, upbeat pop song, yet the trumpets in the background support the rest of the sounds flawlessly. I love all of the different tunes in this. I can’t even pick out one favorite part because the whole thing is just a really solid song. The bridge that Sungyeol sings is really well done. The composition and the way the vocals are arranged make this the type of song that tells a story, simply by the melody. SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” is another one example of one of those songs.

Personal bias time: I think L and Woohyun sound amazing in this!

Score: 5/5


This is your typical mysterious-girl-haunts-boy story. Woohyun is walking around this library and notices a ribbon that the girl, “Juliette,” left there. He realizes that she is somewhere in the library and searches for her, but every time he finlastromeo2ds her, she is just out of his reach. Finally, in the end, he can’t take it anymore and screams in frustration as books and papers explode around him. What I get from this: Juliette was never actually there. She is just a figment of his imagination, which is why he can never reach her. It is a sad story, but it is also incredibly overused in the K-pop industry. Also, there is no real ending to this. He screams, and then the story is over, leaving the video slightly unsatisfied.

Score: 3.5/5


lastromeo4Regardless of the unimaginative story, this is an incredibly entertaining video to watch. All of the scenes look so mysterious, and the dancing scenes had a glamour aspect that makes the video captivating. I absolutely love the dance scenes. The black scene looks like another room in Woohyun’s mysterious library, but it also has that antique ballroom, “Romeo and Juliette” feel to it. The scene with the castle looks incredible. Having only half of the castle showing is very creative. The library itself where Woohyun is trapped is put together nicely. The scene where Woohyun screams and the paper flies everywhere is done really well. Overall, it is a very clean and polished video and a joy to watch. Those scenes at the end though with the members falling through smoke are completely random.

Score: 4.9/5


lastromeo5The wardrobe is really good in this video. They all look incredible and play the characters of Romeo perfectly. I absolutely love the black dance scene. L, Dongwoo, and Woohyun look the best in my opinion. The black looks mysterious, and they all look like princes ready to sweep their Juliette’s away into the night, but they each pull of the look in their own unique ways. Woohyun’s library outfit is also very fitting. The decoration on his jacket looks like something the Romeo of Shakespearian times would wear. The white dance outfits are good too, but the lacy design seems a bit too feminine in my lastromeo7personal opinion.

Now can we all just take a moment to appreciate how CUTE Juliette’s shoes are? I want them.

Score: 4.9/5


lastromeo8This dance is really good, and it has the potential to be amazing, but there are a couple of things holding it back. Let’s focus on the good first: The beginning and end are both perfect. The members spread out and create really nice images to both pull the audience in and give them something beautiful to leave with. I love how active it is with all of the long arm movements. I especially like the part in the chorus where they wave their hands over their head and then the hip-shaking movement. Another of my favorite moments is in the beginning of the last chorus when they reach their arms out to the camera. It is so easy to make a move like that look boring, but INFINITE has a way of making it look so passionate and special.

While the dance is pretty good, it doesn’t particularly impress me as other dances do. I don’t find it particularly interesting when all of the members are doing the exact same movement. I would have liked to see more of what was done during Sungjong’s part when the members divided in half and each half moved in a different direction. They also could have moved around more instead of focusing on a lot of hand movements while standing generally in the same spot.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, I really liked this video. It was entertaining and put together really well. The song and dance both particularly impressed me. After a slow couple of months, it was really nice to see such a strong comeback.

Overall Final Score: 4.6/5

Question of the Day:

What do you think of INFINITE’s comeback?


2 thoughts on “INFINITE “Last Romeo” Music Video Review

  1. I loved this comeback!
    When I came out with my review I was okay with the song, but it’s grown on me by a ton. This might seem strange, but I love listening to this song when riding my bike for exercise since it has a booming chorus that feels amazing while peddling really fast.
    Weird anecdote aside, great review (and reaction)!


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